VANCOUVER TRAVEL GUIDE Vlog | Hiking, Food, Nightlife and a Nude Beach

VANCOUVER TRAVEL GUIDE Vlog | Hiking, Food, Nightlife and a Nude Beach

we’re here in Vancouver British Columbia, it is absolutely beautiful here. Vancouver is a really good place to go for nature,
but the city is also really cool. there’s nightlife, there’s parks, there’s
hikes, lots of beaches too. Oh look a boat!
– cool! we spent four days here and here’s a
list of everything we did. time to pack! hiking shoes, jacket, and like way too
many pairs of socks. We’re here! lots of pretty places to walk around at.
– so this is the area we’re staying in. here’s a tour of our Airbnb! bed here, kitchen, we’ll survive. we are now headed to Granville Island! boat
rentals what? let’s consider it. so we’re going to Gastown
to get some drinks and go on a little adventure. do you like this part of town?
Oh, is this a video? okay, umm it’s cute.
– ok so that clock goes off every 15 minutes, so we have 10 minutes to go grab a drink,
come back to catch it. we got 10 minutes it is now day two in Vancouver we’re
gonna go try to rent some bikes. you get ticketed if you don’t wear a helmet
this area is Kitsilano, very trendy, lots of brunch places, some really good coffee
– and cool shops! Do you guys want some Kind bars?
– Oh, yeah sure!
– I love this stuff! Bounce ball? bounce on the net ball.
-They’re playing bounce on the net ball. according to Mika
that’s what it’s called. trampoline volleyball,
– just everyone’s doing their own thing it’s pretty cool we’re at wreck Beach which is the most
popular nude beach in Canada lots of boobs and balls. it’s all over that way
but we can’t really point the camera that way. I’ve never seen anything like
this I’m gonna go now. right after that shot I put my clothes right back on I was
really nervous and felt uncomfortable. lots of people there lots of kids and
families which was interesting and unexpected. there’s like people selling Jamaican patties, barbecue, a massage station, it’s just it’s a popin nude beach.
– there’s so many guys wearing shirts and nothing below and that’s just, that’s just weird.
why would you-
– you either go completely naked or you have top and bottom.
– yeah! exactly, it wasn’t as weird as I thought it was gonna be. everyone seemed pretty
normal for the most part and everyone was just doing their own activities but
naked like playing volleyball, naked paddle boarders-
– there yoga guy on a log, he was on a log just doing yoga poses naked. so we totally missed it yesterday so we’re back here again. it was so worth it! what a bitch. okay there’s our bus right
there. that one only comes every 30 minutes, so we got to make sure we catch
that one. oh my god why is it going so fast? we’re in North Vancouver took us about an hour and a half to get here by buses
and sea bus. so there’s the giant suspension bridge that everyone goes to
but we heard it’s touristy and really crowded. we’re at Lynn canyon park
because there’s another bridge here that’s supposed to be a lot less
touristy and less crowded and hopefully just as cool and free. it’s so cool we
can hear the rain but we’re not really getting wet because we’re being
sheltered by all these trees. making our way to the suspension bridge, i think
we’re almost there. this log is not stable at all! I’m getting soaked! I should probably put
this camera away before it gets too wet. we’ve got away from the rain now we’re
about to take an hour bus ride back to get ramen! yeah that’s the plan,
some nice warm ramen.
– time to eat again! we’re at Richmond night market they have pork belly next-door!
– the benefit of coming right before they close is that everyone has specials they’re just
trying to get rid of their food so all the food is super cheap.
– I’m distracted by the food, I can’t talk to you right now sorry. at 1:00 a.m. on a Monday does
Vancouver’s still have a nightlife? uhh…yeah it does
the public transportation here is great I’ve been using Google Maps to get me
around and it tells you to the minute exactly what time the bus is gonna pick
you up, where and it’s been very accurate The bus I’m waiting for right now it’s
telling me that it’s coming 1 minute early, like it knows! it’s supposed to,
it’s supposed to be here right now I was kind of hoping it would appear right
when I said “it’s coming”, but it hasn’t yet. the other day we met a girl at a bar
who recommended we go to Quarry Rock for a hike and go to Honey’s Donuts so we
are on our way to get on another bus. we have our coffees and now we’re gonna
hike up the Quarry Rock. yeah wear shoes not sandals. so many trees!
-Hi! Vancouver really seems to promote a
healthy lifestyle. being around so many people that are so physically active
made me realize I need to get into better shape and you start working out
again and get rid of this double chin that
I’ve had for basically I was born with this double chin. so in two months in my
videos if this double chin hasn’t shaved off a little bit then you guys should
call me out on it. Oh they’re honey glazed, cinnamon! This is seriously the best donut I’ve ever had.
-Yeah I don’t really care that much for donuts, but this is like insanely good! like it doesn’t even look like a doughnut. this is Yaletown, it’s pretty cool a fireplace! we have to get poutine!
-How many fingers am I holding up?
-Two. One. thanks for watching
guys! as usual I’ll be posting a video next week about how much this whole
entire trip cost and everything in case you guys are planning on visiting and
trying to budget out your trip also if you guys have been here before
post any suggestions in the comments I’m sure all the other viewers would love to
see it we’ve only spent four days here so there’s obviously a lot left to see.

43 thoughts on “VANCOUVER TRAVEL GUIDE Vlog | Hiking, Food, Nightlife and a Nude Beach

  1. Right on. Glad you made it here. Next time you should come to Vancouver Island, you where so close just a boat ride away. It's like Van just more laid back. Wait, no it's not. It's a completely different world.

  2. Is there a particular reason you chose the Shure over the Rode Videomic Pro?  Trying to decide myself, and really liking your content!

  3. My Dad has a place on Coal Harbor – brings back a lot of great memories!  Next time you need to do the Grouse Grind!!!

  4. lovely video, i used to live in vancouver and got nostalic today so i googled vancouver vlogs – you went to all my favourite places!

  5. I have lived in Deep Cove my entire life and you are the first person I’ve ever heard pronounce Quarry Rock Qwairy Rock.🤣

  6. Which lens did you use on low light videos? Was it 10-18? or Sigma? Im about to buy 10-18 but its slow aperture is holding me back..

  7. By the way your videos are such a great entertainment to me, gone through all of your videos all night. Your vlogs gave me happy feelings, Thank you

  8. Sick city and sick people time to move !
    Metro Vancouver is the Crimes, Drugs and " Mental illnesses " Capital of Canada .

    All B.S. over hype and exaggerated – lies . Vancouver is a classic third world shit-hole overpriced city to visit and live . Everywhere in the city you see homeless and drug addicts in every city corner of downtown , its a serious " epidemic "

    Most people born in Vancouver are all in "denial" and brainwashed . Pollution filthy air in the city and lower mainland . The beaches are contaminated with raw sewer , shit , virus , bacteria a very sick place to live or visit.
    The air is so polluted ,smog from fires burning every year , it will not get better .

    You can get a disease just by sitting on the grass in any park in Vancouver , urine , shit from dogs in all parks . The grass contaminated with bacteria , parasites, pathogens , viruses .

    The truth is Vancouver its a paradise and Gods country for people who come from a poor country, third world country ..yes its " Paradise " and HEAVEN ! .

    If you immigrated here you won the Lottery! Vote for Trudeau and write him a letter to thank him!

    If you love junk food culture , the drug culture , the Hyspster culture , The gay culture , Vancouver is right place for you to visit and live found paradise .

    Hypocrisy is one of Vancouver real values plus the system of government is there to "rape" you ! and rip you off"and enslave you with parking tickets , praking fees .They have highest car insurance in North America , Highest rents, The highest property Tax , The highest fire and earthquake house insurance in Canada .

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    The East Indians shootings each other in Surrey seven days a week just turn the eveing news and watch !its call multicultural enrichment …and lets not forget the drug overdoses of people dying every day and No one cares !

    Wait till the interest rates get jacked up by big banks and the recession hit in , it will be a war zone !
    The Traffic jams in Vaancouver are 24-7, The worst driver in the world are in Vancouver , anyone can get a drivers licence no need to speak English .The city bad air pollution all summer long never ends .,,,Next year same shit again !

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    The bicycle theft in the lower mainland is over 20,000 bicycles per year .

    How sick is that ? you want to live in Canada move to the East coast GOD's Country !.no pakies ! , no Chinese! at least they have fresh Atlantic air and future free zone earthquakes in the East Coast .

    Vancouver best place on Earth ! yes Pollution filthy air in the city and all B.C. ; you will die from lung Cancer or being poor or a " debt slave" going no where in life lost and going around in circles until you fall and drop dead .

    do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

  9. Loved that you used public transit to get around. We don't have Uber or Lift yet but that should be coming by the end of the year.

  10. POtato you came to my city and did not say hello? Well this is 2017 so maybe it is time for an update. When you come here next time I would love to help.

  11. Most ALL the idiot tourists who come too and go hiking in North Vancouver wearing flip flops always end up on our local newscasts. That dumb broad dodged a bullet and got lucky it wasn't her.

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