Video Karate Lessons : Karate Horse Stance for Beginners

Video Karate Lessons : Karate Horse Stance for Beginners

How are you doing? My name is Qaeem and on
behalf of Expert Village, I’m going to be demonstrating Shorin-Ryu Karate. In Shorin-Ryu
Karate, we’re going to be having many different stances. One of the stances I am going to
be demonstrating right now is the horse stance. The horse stance is a stance that you are
going to be fighting opponents that are going to be on your either side. They could be in
front of you; however, generally with the horse stance you are going to be guarding
yourself from the sides. The horse stance, you are going to start out with a ready position.
Your feet are going to be together and you are going to come up. You’re going to X-block
and you are going to step out and down. This right here is to guard your groin; to guard
yourself in front of you. Once again, you are going to start off in a ready position.
Ready. You’re going to step out with your left foot, always step out with your left
foot. Come up X and down. Now the horse stance, once you are in that position you’re going
to bend your knees and you are going to stay centered. You don’t want to be bouncing
up and down. You do not want to get too low where it is hard for you to move. You want
to be comfortable; however, you want your gravity to be centered okay. So generally,
like I said, this is for people that are fighting you from both sides. It’s going to be here
or here, and you’re going to be in center. This is horse stance and on behalf of Expert
Village, my name is Qaeem, thank you for watching.

48 thoughts on “Video Karate Lessons : Karate Horse Stance for Beginners

  1. You're a fat pig. I would put you down so incredibly fast. You have no idea how to fight. Sloppy ass dumpy punk. Lose some weight. I recommend jumprope for you because you're off balance and stiff. Better yet, I recommend not eating.

  2. no horse stance at all!
    bring the thighs paralell to te ground, knees straight above the feet, get your muscles tensed > then you're in a horse stance

  3. This seems to have a value when it comes to looking pretty and drawing in customers to join a class, but I cant see any practical combat value coming out of learning how to stand in a certain way. Or that you need to bring your arms up in a X over your face before you step into it. Squats, deadlifts, and power cleans all train the legs in a way specific for martial arts. Standing in a horse stance does not.

  4. This does not even have value for looking good, I can't imagine anyone not walking straight back out of this guys club, what is really worying is this guy is not even doing this for comedy value, I actually believe he thinks he is good, all of the red belts in my club would put this guy to shame!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Thanks for this awesome video, my friend does Karate and he told me about this stance. I do it everyday now. When i begun i couldnt even hold on for 30 seconds, now I can hold on to this position for 5 mins and increasing. I am also about to join karate 😀

  6. well i prefer to grap the neck of the other person and start hitting him to his face and rather doing this shit

  7. If you guys were ever going to learn a martial arts, either learn Shotokan, or this, Shorin Ryu. Never take karate lessons from videos. =/

  8. i think this video is mistitled, it reads "horse stance for beginners" when it should read "horse stance by beginners"

  9. Actually Karate has become less popular with the emergence of MMA, which usually is any combination of Wrestling, Boxing, Mauy Thai and Jui Jitsu. For some reason, Karate started to become looked at as a martial art which doesn't work.

    That's true as it's true with any Martial…when it's used by itself. But as Lyoto Machida and his flawless MMA record show, Karate is a great base to have. Elusive, unorthodox, great striking. Overall, very effective stand-up. Got a bad wrap for no reason.

  10. I'm two belts away from getting my black belt in youshukai karate international this may be some kind of karate I've never heard from but by what I saw I'm not at all in anyway impressed and thats not a horse stance its a pitiful shikodachi and the x block into it was useless its rarely ever called for it uses too much energy and isn't effective enough to really be worth doing nice try but you need alot of practice

  11. isn't the horse stance just used from training your leg muscles, and improving stability…can't really fight in a horse stance lol, it's hard to move

  12. true or probably move on the side and do a sidekick or jump backward lots of times and keep doing sidekicks when your jumping backwards

  13. You can't hear it. He's way out of shape. Karate martial arts it's about mine conditioning body conditioning self discipline how much discipline do you have when you're that much out of shape

  14. Bruce Lee NEVER got what you term a 9th dahn in anything. He took less than 2 years training in Wing Chun wushu and that was all. He cannot be given a 9th dahn in an art form that does not grant them.

  15. Karate is not usually practiced by slender men. Japanese men are usually built like this guy. And another tidbit: Jackie Chan is a Chinese person who studied wushu, not karate-do.

  16. Try telling that to Rudy Timmerman KJN. Or Tak Kubota. Or Fumio Demura. And many others that are built like this guy.

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