[Vinesauce] Vinny – Skate 3 Glitches (Episode 3)

[Vinesauce] Vinny – Skate 3 Glitches (Episode 3)

[Vinesauce intro] [shopping cart rattling] Welcome… to Skate 3. A magical realm where anything is possible. It’s been a few years– Skater in background: HELP MEEEEE! Vinny: So this is my new character. He’s the brother of my previous character. What the fuck is happening here? [snarkily] As you can see the game… is very glitchy. This is what’s possible with Skate 3, my friends. Some might say anything is possible. There you go. There you go. [loud banging] [laughing] Flying gracefully through the sky [metal clanging] I’m in! Skater: Yo, whaddup dude? Vinny: [mocking] Yo, whaddup dude? Oh no… nooo! Okay, there’s– I’ve managed to get this thing to blast– [loud banging] OH! [more loud metal clanging] [slowed-down clanging] [loud clanging] What the fuck? Whoa. Wha– [loud clang] Skater: THAT was SICK! Vinny: No it wasn’t! [urban mandolin montage music] Uh– Ohh! [music continues] [flesh scraping] Skater: Pretty sick!!! [music continues] Vinny: What? [music cuts out] This is the inside-out rock Nope! This is the Skate 3 Space Program. Let’s investigate, right? What could go wrong? [hysterically] What could go wrong? [fleshy slapping] Is that his brain? Oh, no, that’s his hair [spazzy collision noises] [Vinny giggles] The Bone Machine™ That’s gotta feel great. …And I’m under the map. I want to see the moment of release CHUNKY ASS! The moment of release is upon us… YES! I’ve been freed from this mortal realm Dr. Pepper? The object is locked? What? Do I have to buy the Dr. Pepper Vending Machine DLC? Fuck off! [indescribable collision noises] A pleasure machine… better than the Sybian! [rumbling] [clang] [fleshy impact] Oh no, my dumpster. Oh no, my dumpster! [goofy music] What if this was the promo shot on the front of the cover of Skate 3? Would you guys buy this game if this is what it looked like? [goofy music] Okay! [breathlessly] Majestic… If anyone here has children and they ask how babies are created, just show them this. What?! WHAT?! A mess of limbs …And his head is somewhere in his own ass He’s happy with himself, though, look. He’s pleased. This will be a Pokémon in Nintendo’s next game There are so many ligaments– and if there’s someone here who is a surgeon you’re probably getting a heart attack from looking at this Everything is wrong [music cuts out] [shopping cart rattling] He can’t figure it out! He cannot figure out how to get his arms out of the shopping cart His whole life he’s been trying to get out of this fucking shopping cart And he can’t do it. And then he just gives up. Why is the game’s first reaction to do this? When I input a very simple– …What is that poster? “Foothead”? Why am I just now noticing “Foothead”? Asian pedestrian: Are you okay? Vinny: No, I’m not okay, and I’m seeing “Foothead” Starring fucking Michael Richards Asian pedestrian: Aww, I did not expect that! [jazz shuffle music] Vinny: [singing] I believe I can fly! [jazzy music continues] [bones breaking, music fades out] You can see the moment where he becomes a spirit… And it’s wonderful. Hm. [clanging as trash can speeds up] [Vinny chuckles] Black guy: Thirsty and miserable! How do ya like that? Vinny: This fucking game! [clanging] [Vinny laughs] [laughing] I love this game. And not for any of its intended purposes [wood clanging] [wood clanging] [wood clanging]

61 thoughts on “[Vinesauce] Vinny – Skate 3 Glitches (Episode 3)

  1. I believe I can fly , soaring gracefully through the sky , I do it everyday , glitch my way into outer space.

  2. I honestly think this is the funniest video I've ever watched. I was laughing during the entire video. Best 8:15 minutes of my life

  3. 0:51 "ACTIVATE V SPEED!!!"
    Me: what's V speed
    (Character starts glitching)
    Me: What tha Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu….
    Vinesauce: flying gracfully
    (Sees character flies at screen at the speed of light)
    Me: (is dying from laughter)

  4. This game is the reason why I think Helixsnake might be my favourite gaming channel. I haven't even played it…

  5. He needs to stream more of these. Even though we've been stuck with the same Skate 3 for almost a decade and the "alternative" Skater XL just came out, the Skate community is beginning to come back to life in my opinion.

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