Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Student of the week | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Student of the week | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Bunty, why are you throwing paper rockets on us? When did I throw paper rocket? What evidence do you have? Friends, did any one of you see me hiting Vir and Imli with paper rocket? Haha! No, we didn’t see. I didn’t hit you. Did anyone see? No, we didn’t. Ok Kid, now what will happen to you, won’t be seen by anybody else except Vir and Imli. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ,ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. Gintu, what have you done? Call him back. He was harassing you and I can’t tolerate this. Now you go and bring him back, I won’t bring him back. Robo boy suit on. What is happening? Mummy!! Help!! Vir, where has Robo boy gone, and how come you are here? Students, this week which ever student will do good deeds will be given Student of the week’s trophy. Good deeds means, helping others, not doing anything wrong. Understood? Yes sir!! Hehe!! I will win the student of the week trophy. Listen to my plan now. I will throw banana peel in the corridor and you both come and slip over it. You have to act like as if you are slipping away, and then I will come and save you both. For this good deed, I will get the student of the week trophy. Haha!! We are ready. But sir, Mr. Kakkad you will make sure everything is well organised. What’s wrong with them? They all are skidding and there are stairs at the end of the corridor. I need to stop them. Vir, take this. Vir, I can’t believe that you could save us like this.Thank you Vir, Thank you very much. Thank you Vir. If you would have not stopped us then we would have fallen. Bunty, won’t you say thanks to Vir? Oh yes, thank you. You are welcome. Today I have made such a plan that everybody will praise me. Listen, yesterday I had a talk with a dog trainer, he will bring his dog here and leave him inside the gate. That dog will start barking on all the student’s and will run to bite them. Then what will you do Bunty? Whatever we speak in English is understood by that dog. If I will say, stop barking, he will stop barking. When I’ll tell him to run away from here, he will run away and I will start chasing him. He will run out of the gate and go back to his owner. Then, I will get the student of the week trophy for saving the students. I have got a cell phone to talk to the dog trainer. Hello, Bunty here. Hello Bunty, I am bringing the dog there, I will leave him inside the gate, he will start barking and run to bite. Don’t be scared, he won’t bite, but see to it that whatever you tell him should be in English. Then only he will listen to you. He understands only English. Ok. Send him fast. I am in the school playground itself. Oh! This car isn’t starting. I need to call some mechanic. You take him to school right now. Hussh!! Run away from here. What will happen to the kids? Is he your dog? Why have you got him here? Hey go away, hushh!! Look, there comes my rented trained dog. It’s good that all the teachers and the principal are present here. Now I will show them my bravery. Hey dog, stop barking. Why are you screaming stop stop ? Now listen to me. Stop!! Run!! Look, that dog is running behind someone. Hey, I say leave him. I can understand what he is saying, but let’s play with him too. Hey doggy, spit your anger. Anger is the enemy of not only humans but also dogs. Wait I’ll just show him whose enemy is anger. Anger might be human’s enemy. Leave it, I got the bone, now why fight with them. I make the plan and Vir takes away the credit. But this time my plan will be successful. I will go in Principal’s office and shut the door. You both have to inform Principal that a thief has come in the office and Bunty is fighting with him. You will lock the door from inside and act as if you are fighting with the thief and make noises. Then I will open the door and say that the thief ran out of the window. Come on, everybody pick up your bags. This plan is perfect. Come one, assembly is about to get over. Sir, a thief has stolen everybody’s bag and now he is in your office to steal something. Bunty has caught him and now they are fighting inside your office. The door is locked from inside. Now what should we do? Thief!! Catch him!! Did you see Sir? How Bravely Bunty is fighting with the thief inside. Save me, there is a real thief inside, help!! What happened Sir? Vir, a thief is inside and he has caught Bunty. How can a kid do this? I am not a kid. I am a robot and i can do anything. Don’t come ahead. I say don’t come ahead. Haha!! How is this possible? His hands are long! He is a ghost! Such a long leg! Ghost! Stay away from me. Stay away from me. How long will you run? Surrender now. Ghost, he is a ghost! Hello police, open the gates of the jail, I am coming. Vir, I have no idea how you scared him off. But today you done a big thing by saving the school money, and you even saved Bunty from the thief. Come on, let’s go to the office, I want to give you the student of the week trophy.

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