Visiting An Active Volcano (Mount Bromo, Indonesia) – Rozz Recommends: EP13

Visiting An Active Volcano (Mount Bromo, Indonesia) – Rozz Recommends: EP13

I just arrived in Surabaya, Indonesia and
I’m gonna be visiting an active volcano called Mount Bromo.
I first heard of Mount Bromo from a friend. He told me that, hey, you can kind
of get to the peak of this mountain with hardly any climbing and I was like, my god – keywords – because I hate climbing. You get to reap all the benefits of the experience and the view, minus the hard work.
It’s exactly my type of holiday. I’ve been before, this is my second time back.
So many people have asked me what my trip details are so I thought, hey, it was
such an amazing experience so I thought of coming back here and then taking guys
through the entire itinerary we’re now going to drive to Mount Bromo. Our hotel
is about 4 hours away so it’s a pretty long journey, let’s go! Okay so I finally arrived at my resort this is the Jiwa Jawa Bromo and I chose this resort for
obvious reasons – it is beautiful. And when I searched online this is by far the
most gorgeous. Actually there’s no fight this is the only gorgeous one. Of course
if you want to go on a budget there are rooms available at home stays down the
hill for about $10 a room but this though feels like a proper holiday. So after the 4-hour drive from the Surabaya Airport it’s about 5 p.m. right here. There’s really nothing to do because we’re in the middle of nowhere so I’m just gonna get some tea enjoy the cool mountain air and then rest early
because the Jeep that comes to pick us up for the sunrise arrives at 3 a.m. Morning, it’s 3 a.m.
Waiting for our Jeep to take us to the view point to check
out Mount Bromo at sunrise. It’s about 10 degrees right now, pretty cold considering that it’s only like 2 hours away from Singapore. I’ve got two layers
of leggings, thermal socks – it’s quite embarrassing lah it’s a Christmas sock
so I’ve kept it hidden. No street cred. From here to the sunrise point it would be
about 45 minutes by Jeep and we’re gonna be riding in the darkness. This driver will navigate through the mountain roads, dark, winding and steep, with no
lights. So this is like a ride that feels like you’re gonna die at any point but… it’s okay, you won’t. Yup, this is it. Hold on tight. As you can see the mountain roads are like pitch dark. We’re on a super bumpy ride so if you have a bony ass, good luck to you. and he’s going at like, it feels like 80,
100 kilometres an hour in a small car on a bumpy road… it’s too fast. So we’re on our way up, it’s a really steep incline and this Jeep
feels like it’s really struggling and I’m really hoping it doesn’t break down
because now’s really not a good time for it to break down. Okay so now at Love Hill,
we’re trying to get to the top. It’s really windy, air is really thin, I’m not
really tired but I’m really breathless. I’m just someone who just has zero
fitness. We’re climbing up the stairs, there’s a clear path forged for us but I can’t see how
much more stairs we have. This as far as I can see, we still have a few more flights. So I just reached the top of Love Hill. I’m guessing that the cluster
of volcanoes is behind me so now we’re just waiting for the sun to rise. Also a little tip from our driver, he said to come here during the weekdays because
there’s a long flight of steps up here. If you come here during the weekend
it’ll be like a stop start on the stairs itself so today is considered to be a
pretty uncrowded day. but yet, still quite a lot of people.
It is, after all, Bromo. Just caught the sunrise, it’s about 5.30 a.m.
right now. We’re gonna head down Love Hill to the Jeep and go to the foot of Mount
Bromo. The origin of the smoke that’s where we’re gonna be headed. There’s not much
people left as you can see. They know where the good stuff is
and we need to head there. Okay so we’re going back down now. Definitely not as daunting or
torturous as the uphill climb. Our poor driver had to climb up. He had to climb up because he had to tell us to hurry because we need to get to the crater,
I feel so bad for him. Sorry, Nandak! Looks like death, he wants to kill me. Back in the Jeep, we’re heading to
the base of Mount Bromo right now. Sun’s up so it’s getting a bit warmer. I think
it should be about like 15 degrees right now and it will get warmer because we’re gonna be climbing up a whole lot of steps. We just got here and we’re just
surrounded by horses. We’re gonna cross a sea of sand – this is a surrounding area of the crater You could choose to walk if you want but if you could flag a horse down, why not right? It’s about 200,000 rupiah. What’s that, like 20 bucks? It’s totally worth it – return. The horses aren’t just gonna take us across the plain it’s gonna take us up as well
to the foot of the crater. Hell yeah, the horse over walking. What I got was a
card with “Eto” on it. Apparently that’s his name. Right, Eto? So I’m gonna try to mount this horse right now. Oh my god I am so scared
getting up the horse. Okay okay, hang on hang on hang on, don’t move. Don’t move, don’t move! It’s really sandy so I got to get this up. I don’t know why my butt feels crammed
already, like a bit tired. I don’t know how people in the medieval times travel by horse. So right about now I feel really bad for the people who are on foot. Can you see how much sand we’re kicking in their faces? We’re at the foot of the steps to the
crater and we need to climb all those stairs. Some people have said it’s 250,
270 but trust me after 10 steps you stop counting. Already I feel like breathless, it was I’m not tired because the even though I’m not tired because the air is pretty thin up here. So let’s start – we only have 45 minutes to do this because the horse guy didn’t want to
wait too long. Okay, rest stop. We’re at the halfway point right now, resting. This is the first time I’m climbing up with a bag. Before I was kind of like free hand. It’s hurting my chest right now. Bear in mind, I have…my stamina is shit. I can’t even climb a flight of stairs without going breathless so if I can do this, so can you. And you know most people who hike mountains, they hike for hours, and
days even. This is chicken shit compared to that. And when I say no climbing this
is what I mean. With just a little bit of endurance, a bit of push, you can complete
this flight of stairs I think in about 20 minutes? That’s all right. It’s not so much the dust that’s
irritating me up here, it’s just that the sulphur vapours can burn your eyes and
I’m feeling a bit of that right now. So we’re gonna head back down now to our
horse because our driver did give us a time of 45 minutes, I think we’ve maxed
that, lets go. It’s really slippery going down so be really careful We’re heading back to the hotel
right now – ah, can’t look at you! Oh he just peed, your horse is peeing! So we’re back at the Jeep right now. One final tip I have for you if
you’re planning to come to Bromo is to be over-prepared because this is my
second time here and the weather conditions are so different from when I
was here the first. It’s super windy today resulting in a lot of sand flying
around, it’s a bit of a mini sandstorm. Don’t play hero.
Just bring a scarf or a mask, wrap up bring gloves because you never know. When
the wind hits it gets pretty damn cold and bring water. I hate drinking water
but I consumed so much on this trip. better be safe than sorry lah. Okay so we’re back in Surabaya and oh my god after a whole morning of climbing with sand in our hair, I need to feel human again so I’m in a hair salon right now and I’m
about to embark on a journey known as the cream bath. This is available in most
hair salons across Indonesia. It’s where they give you a cream treatment, they
apply cream all over your head and then they massage your head. That was amazing. She really dug into my scalp. I feel reborn. Now it’s time for
dinner and this is one place I dream about, I would totally fly back to
Surabaya for this. It’s President Ayam, the best fried chicken ever. End of the day, I like to have dinner here
at Ayam Goreng President. As you see the entire menu is
in Indonesian. I don’t know how to read this so I’m just gonna wait for someone who can speak English to tell me what to order. But essentially this place is
just known for its fried chicken. I don’t even eat breast meat but the breast meat here,
oh my god it’s to die for. Says a lot. So this setting is very local, as you can
see a lot of locals here, you hardly see any tourists. It’s not really a restaurant, it’s
kind of by the roadside and if you come during the day you probably see flies
buzzing around the food. Do not let that deter you. I looked past that, went in and
got treated. I don’t know what’s so good about this I think it’s just the secret spices that they marinate in. On the way in you see all the raw chicken sitting
in some dubious looking marinade paste and it’s only deep-fried upon order. And it’s just deep-fried to perfection. Wah it’s damn hot! Never mind, I’ll just wait. Gotta eat with your hands. The star is definitely the chicken. So tender it falls apart. So this is actually kampong chicken. They’re allowed to run free, they’re
smaller in size and they really really taste like chicken –
none of that antibiotics shit you get in the market. This one you can really taste the
game. So I’ve come to the end of the trip. This is my final night in Surabaya
before we fly back to Singapore the next morning. The reason why I was so inclined
to come on this trip is because it’s a whole new experience so far removed from
what you’re used to in Singapore and it’s only two hours away,
just think: desert, horses, active volcano, very little climbing, winter wear, why
not? and you’re gonna get great photos whether you’re there for Instagram or
for the whole experience because you wanna be closer to nature, it ticks all the boxes. Of course I’ve shot a lot of photos, if you want to check them out you can go to
my hashtag on Instagram, it’s #rozzinsurabaya. Of course my Instagram account
is at @heyrozz and don’t forget to follow clicknetwork, download the app to
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