Welcome to a new VLOG here I am having an andalusian breakfast: bread olive oil and tomato, ham it’s 9:50 quite early for Andalusia we drove and we’re about half an hour from Seville and I have an appointment with Charlotte, a French girls who came here to improve horse riding. Why is she here ? Because this region is very famous in the horses world So Charlotte will teach me how to ride a horse I’m scared because I have not done too much horse in my life but I think it will be fun. Let’s go Hi Charlotte how are you ? Good ! So are we going to do ? Today we will do a little bit of training. Ok so how’s it going? first you are going to get change and then we’ll prepare the horse finally we’ll come here to see what you can do. ok let’s go ! you got changed! he’s ready? You have to put this Obliged? OK ! I don’t need the sunglasses ? No. Ok Humbert, can you hold them ? thank you. You look like a pro! Like a spanish jinete! but I can’t ride a horse. Where are we going then Charlotte? we’ll go at the career follow me so you are going to show me first? yes I’ll do a warm up and then it’ll be your turn. ok I look at you what are you going to teach me ? I’ll teach you the walk, trot, gallop and if it goes well we will make lateral movements. yeah we can also try backwards and you can also try a half-pirouette you show me first ? Yes I show you there is something I don’t really understand : how do I I tight my legs? from which part of my legs ? From here to there you have to tight from everywhere really like if you embrace the horse with strengh you embraced the horse from here to there. At the same time I have to think of staying straight, I have to think at my foot I have to think at my hands like that … That’s not so easy ! I’ll try again a little trot now gallop it makes me a little scared! I try the gallop Very good ! I’m starting to feel him. It’s the end of the session but I really feel good Now we put him in his box? yeah we’ll give him a little shower right before and after we leave him at the box. ok this is the first time that I shower a horse and it’s pretty cool he likes it too. Look like he’s going to smile See you next tuesday for another VLOG! I stop riding horse!

3 thoughts on “VLOG 19 – HORSE RIDING WITH CHARLOTTE – Antoine Auriol – 4K

  1. J'adore!!!!! Charlotte top top, merci Antoine ❤️❤️❤️❤️,par contre… 9h50 encore trop tôt pour l'Andalousie???😳

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