VLOG: Visit Florida-Horseback Riding & Farmers Markets | AKA 국제커플 말 타기 체험 & 딸기피자?!를 먹다!

VLOG: Visit Florida-Horseback Riding & Farmers Markets | AKA 국제커플 말 타기 체험 & 딸기피자?!를 먹다!

[Music] goodbye did you guys ever notice that we always start these videos in my car because we got going somewhere right so [Music] today we are going today is like a farm day will describe it that way like a farm like a country kind of day like Florida everybody knows Florida for oranges but Florida is also second biggest strawberry yeah only strawberries yeah they’re huge they’re really good we have tons of local farms so we’re gonna go to one of those farms and they have tons of they make like strawberry desserts and house my house and goat it’s chilly I hope you get a good horse [Music] you know we made it to our horse stable the name of a space is called Turkey Creek stables I used to come here quite often when I was younger actually yeah interested to see how it goes I haven’t been here maybe in like five years so this one they do let you ride alone and they do let you ride with like somebody as well so we’ll see what we choose the weather is great today [Music] already making friends so it’s $20 for one person for one hour I decided that we should ride with a guide because we don’t really know the area so we’re gonna go get on our horses right [Music] really next week horses are best friends yeah this whole there like this liquid suspected [Music] Just Breathe good to [Music] they have a mind of their own my host has Paul like so we started off with a guide and then we actually just actually you know what they said goodbye to us yeah right because like makeup thing do you want us do you want us that I was like no if you wanna stay just me and Lindsay pretty good she’s pretty cute too her name is Keeley like fruits and I forgot my sunglasses today and I’m getting a sunburn and [Music] oh if you’re gonna ask about the helmet they literally did not ask if we wanted one didn’t say we had to get one didn’t offer us one so if you’re wondering why we’re not wearing helmets that’s why as I don’t think they had them so it wasn’t our choice she’s texting on the hoax don’t text and horse y’all anyone with their life not air pollution fresh air like at will we’re free oxygen ladies force second forest [Music] let’s go back [Music] that’s fun right you ready for some strawberries okay good let’s go it was really fun yeah I know it was such a nice really nature and just wow yeah they just walk the whole time but it was really nice I mean great feeling so hard to describe it just this place is nice yeah the woods the south wind sound the wind when it like goes through the leaves so now we’re gonna go continue this fresh feeling of a day and go to Goodson farm hmm it’s true we eat strawberry have some of Florida’s best stories because really we are love story to want to [Music] Jack [Music] are you ready buy something they’re always lobbie older so excited i got a strawberry pizza which is like a sugar cookie I was like cream cheese stuff and strawberries and he got a very melty strawberry something um the list is right best afford strawberry of this ice cream is so good stewey no work no quickly so amazing it’s like if you guys remember when we did the green tea in Jeju [Music] my strawberries so bright red yeah Florida you really can’t pick them until end of the season because in Florida they all go to like grocery stores so these ones will end up in like Walmart Publix and like real grocery stores so when the season is over and the strawberries are like gonna go bad I hope you guys enjoy our strawberry farm horse adventure day thank you for watching sorry you can eat any of our amazing strawberry desserts farms you

10 thoughts on “VLOG: Visit Florida-Horseback Riding & Farmers Markets | AKA 국제커플 말 타기 체험 & 딸기피자?!를 먹다!

  1. Hello and Annyoneghasyeo Lindsey and Juo! What is the best experience horseback riding and enjoying strawbery treats at Strawberry farm in Flotida? Thanks you both about telling me about florida, my family and I might come back again one day and eat the strawberries( But we get it in Walmart or farmer's market)! Hugs to you both and have a beauitful week! annyeong

  2. Annyeonghaseyo Jun & Lindsey nice video. I will like if you can provide me with the address of that farm PLEASE. God bless you both. Love from this ajumma. Annyeong!

  3. Goes to ranch to ride horses. Pets cat instead. Lindsey's logic. Seems legit. thumbs up XD I miss horseback riding when I was a kid. I used to do it a lot more. 🙁 I'm surprised and a bit glad you guys were brave enough to film while on the horse. I'd never let go of the reins for dear life. 😀 Strawberries… OMG must… not… make… a… "That's what she said"… joke…

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