VLOG_4 Hiking and Celebrating the Norwegian Constitution Day!

hehe aah!
it works I just had a nap
And yeah, thats.. Why am I saying that as an intro to this video? It’s the 16th of May, which means tomorrow
is the 17th of May which means it’s the Norwegian Constitution Day. That’s what it means. But before tomorrow me and Karen, we’re
going to go hiking. We’re going to go into
the woods outside of Oslo and
sleep in a hengekøye. Hang… Hengekøye? I don’t know what that is in english. Hangcook? *giggles* What is it? Hammock! Yeah, it’s gonna be a fun day and I’m gonna
bring you guys to, I don’t know, spend the day with me. Whoa. We are going to Tryvannstua, but we can’t
find it on the sign. I don’t know.. We’re walking. I think we’re actually supposed to go that
way. Astrid Trondsdottir *singing national anthem* You have never been in the woods before.. Or, you’ve been in the woods, but never been
in these woods? I’ve never been in these woods. Wow, what do you think? It’s very nice. Mhmm… Really like it. Yes….? So beautiful. Here you se a frog in it’s natural habitat. It moves around. Maybe we can kiss the frogs and maybe we’ll
meet a prince? That would be amazing. We made it! Every 17th of May i would play in the marching
band so it’s so exciting for me to be able to watch them now and don’t play. I’m not that musically talented. More of that! This is perfect! This is what we brought. Wow! We have facemasks,
we have some food, we have cards,
toothbrush and we have each other! Most important. and cups. And plastic cups that we’re going to recycle
after we’ve used them. No, but seriously, we do that. *Karen gives hammock instructions* It’s quite comfy! it’s so good! I’m looking forward to sleeping here tonight Do you want to see how i fastened it? This will be great! *discussing bonfire techniques* So it’s.. What time is it? It’s 23:30 and we’ve entered our cocoons. And tomorrow it’s the 17th of May so we’re
gonna get up early to make it to the Champagne breakfast because that’s a thing we do. We have Champagne for breakfast. What else do we do on the 17th of May? We eat ice cream we eat hot dogs. And we actually bought 90 hot dogs. Umm, yeah because we’re going to have a 17th
of May celebration at Karen’s place. With 90 hot dogs. Yeah, good night! See you in the morning! Good morning! Good morning! What time is it, Karen? I don’t know, my phone is dead. I think it’s 5 AM actually. Yeah, we’re waiting for the sun to come and
warm us, but it’s taking a long time, because we’re in a… *signals valley with hands* So we were thinking of taking our food with
us, and going up to the ski…? Oh my god. I think it’s to cold for a swim. We would probably die. *laughs nervously* We’re going to go up there to have breakfast. And to be quick. Russ. We are at the end of our journey. I just got back home, i just had a shower,
I’m trying to get ready to make some breakfast or brunch for my guests coming in about two
hours. It’s 8 AM. Hello. I tried to do like a hairdo, I don’t know
what it looks like because I can’t really tell from the mirror in my bathroom. I don’t know. Kind of cool though? I’m going to put on my bunad. Start with the stockings. Red ones. Just like Pippi. That is fine. I didn’t iron it, cause i never done it before. Or, I’ve ironed, but I’ve never ironed this
kind of shirt. It’s made of a special.. I can’t speak english today. Anyway.. I kind of feel like Elsa in Frozen when i
wear this dress which isn’t a bad thing because I love Elsa. This
is a purse. In the end, the last step is to put on silverware. And I have it in this bag. One I got from my great grandmother, one is
from my grandmother, another one is from my other grandmother so it’s a very nice tradition
to be able to pass it down generations. *growls* This is hard! I made it! Yeah! Last step are my shoes. Yeeeeeee I made so much. What is on the menu? Talk in english. Oh, english. The carrotcake muffins with cream cheese glaze. Or is it cream cheese glaze with carrot muffin? It kind of is. I actually made way to much, so this is only
like one third of what I made. And it’s so much. The glaze is the best part, isn’t it? It is! Hello, pretty boys in suits. Hello! Okey, whatever. Whooo! Good job! Watch out! No one here is very fond of Champagne. Where are all your glasses? *sings national anthem* Hipp hipp, hurra! In english please! Hipp hipp, hurrah! Again again! *more national anthem* Hello, this is Astrid S and her friends and
this is our 17th of May vlog! Emma, you’re finally on the vlog! Hello, what’s it called, world? Internet! The internet! Cheers! I just changed clothes, I just had a nap,
I just had some water, and now I’m going to Stratos, because me and Karen have a table
there and we invited a bunch of our friends! Oh my god. Do I look drunk? And we invited a bunch of our friends. I’m a bit jet lagged. Oh! I almost forgot! Oh! I almost forgot! Jesus. Morning! It’s the 18th of May. I just got into my apartment, I lost my keys
yesterday, I walked around in the city with my dress from yesterday, because i crashed
at a friends house. And then I’ve just been trying to get a new
pair of keys. So I just got in, had a shower, changed clothes. I don’t know what the last thing i filmed
was.Maybe it was from the roof? But, thank you so much for watching, it’s
been so much fun and yeah! I can’t wait to start editing this! And for the next video! Because I’m going to try to post more videos. Bye, guys!

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