VLOGMAS: Horseback Riding in Denmark //圣诞节: 去丹麦骑马场

VLOGMAS: Horseback Riding in Denmark //圣诞节: 去丹麦骑马场

Hey friends, good morning Today is December 29th, omg the time is so fast I’m still at home Today I am going to ride a horse But because I made such a nice video last year about me riding a horse, to show my Chinese friends where I went horseback riding when I was young So now I’m just making the introduction And then I’ll let you guys watch the video I made last year Is that okay? Before starting the video, I’m just going to show you guys the clothing I use when riding The long boots And my warm jacket And what else? And my horseback riding pants Hey friends Today we are at the horse club Because when I was young, I was always really excited to go horseback riding when it was Christmas I didn’t have my own horse, so I went here to borrow one and then ride with my friends Look, there’s also a little cat here So cute And today I met my old friend and then we are just at the horse club riding her horse Isn’t her horse really beautiful? Lingling is so excited I just came back from the horse club Lingling is so happy Really love riding horses I only ride the horses once or twice a year Because I haven’t found any horses in China yet and the horse club So I just ride the horses when I come back home Thank you guys for watching my video

9 thoughts on “VLOGMAS: Horseback Riding in Denmark //圣诞节: 去丹麦骑马场

  1. Yuck you kissed the horse. And double thumbs up for your green nail Polish. Idk but Arabic horses are more taller and very real species. Some worth in Millions of USD. Do your horses like to eat Carrots?

  2. 一定是在中国待久了不化妆了哈哈,我碰到的所有欧美女性都是浓妆艳抹,连淡妆我都没见过。

  3. Looks like you are having just the best time in Denmark when seeing the last videos. I have not ridden a horse in years. Happy New Year!

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