We’re following that cop right here as you know
that PZ4 just got arrested the whole situation feels extremely fishy
and I think project zorgo is actually behind all this
that’s why I think that cop right there might be a PZ member so we need to follow him and figure out if he actually is because
pz 4 is innocent where’s he going? wait a minute he just went into that
donut shop maybe he is a real cop after all all right guys I’m gonna try and go
inside Dunkin Donuts to convince the cop that pz4 is innocent plus I think today
they have a buy one get one free special of my favorite doughnut the bavarian
cream so either way I’m going in I think that’s hacker it just came out its back
on I don’t know if that cop is trustworthy anymore did he go in there
and change in the bathroom or something okay let’s just go inside and see if
that cop is still in there because if the hacker just went out the cop is not
in the donut shop we know that the hacker and a cop like
the same person let’s go find out guys we’re in here not you I knew it I knew the cop it’s
the hacker not in here right now yeah where wait a minute let me gosh that was
the cop right there he just came out of the men’s restroom and he brought a drink
in there and that’s kind of gross but anyways he’s not the hacker so let’s get
back to following that cop because I still need to convince him that pz4 is
innocent I mean what’s he doing here is he going for a walk
exercising probably after eating all those doughnuts he needs that exercise
wait who is that without the dog the tree the trees
moving really weirdly okay yes maybe I’m being a little too paranoid right now
but it might just be the wind cuz like the wind is kind of blowing my hair a
little bit right now but anyway let’s get it back to the cop wait a minute
where did you go where did you go my gosh do you guys see where that complet
I don’t know where you want no a dog the cop uses no maybe not I’m just gonna go
in a different direction here wait a minute what is this? I this a note? that
definitely looks like a project zorgo language to me does this look like
a clue to you guys maybe I’ll ask Chad and Daniel if they know anything about
this Chad I just found this clue at the park yeah Chad you know what this is these are pz4 clues oh my gosh okay all
right so how do I solve this what you gotta do is you gotta shine a flashlight
on here all right I do have my black light with me of course okay well I’ll
see you later then let’s not what pz4 his name is okay let’s see how do we
find this out my black light right here okay what do you guys see what do you
see oh look blip and has an arrow pointing down to
the you I wonder if that’s the key that’s actually really smart because
project zogo also always uses the simple key equals blank but I think easy for is
using a different key so her key is probably lips equals you
so I flip equals you hammer hammer must equals hammer equals P okay P P wait is that
does our name start with the letter P is it like petunia
Penelope Phoebe what is it it’s cut off I need more piece of these papers hey you man check it out on this camera
we got the footage of us framing pz4 don’t let it get in the wrong hands or
else we might be the ones going to jail all guarded I’ll make sure no one gets a
hand on it especially be also do you have a dollar I’m quite hungry and I’m
sorry I ain’t got no dollars well let’s
commence our plan oh my gosh you guys do you hear that they have the camera with
all the evidence that’s gonna frame pz4 so we need to get those camera you guys
okay guys there were two hackers I believe one went this way and one went
that way I’m just gonna go this way all right guys wherever whoa right there
two of them there’s one here and there was one there okay wait which one out
the camera I can’t tell sit this one or is it that one
alright guys comment below which hacker at the camera hacker at left or hacker
right I’m not quite sure which one it was nothing on that one hand I don’t
think you right now okay it’s not that guy
ain’t gonna follow this kind of here okay he’s definitely walking gotta be
quiet guys wait a minute look at a hacker he’s in the tree he’s actually in
the trees he’s vlogging in the tree okay I’m gonna have to go there we’re guys since he’s the vlogging right
there I’m gonna try and distract him I’m just gonna write a note a PZ note so he
can like put the camera down somewhere so I can take it and get the evidence to
save pz4 I’m gonna get my spy notebook out she’s gonna write a random note just
to distract him heart anger symbol yeah okay guys I have no idea what this means
doesn’t matter because it’s just a distraction this wit hacker sorry guys I put the note right there
I’m gonna distract him with this so I can see you He’s falling for it! He got the note!
great he is distracted he’s really not right now but where’s the camera the tree I think I have to climb this tree to get
the camera we can’t hurry up wait a minute meeting up with another
hacker? There’s two fo them now I’m moving you’re on the move
what are they going I can see that that guy still has the camera all right guys
that did not work unfortunately he got the camera he put the camera up super
high but you guys let’s move to plan B because we need to get that camera
somehow I heard one of them saying that they were hungry
right there okay and they were looking for some snacks or some drinks there is
actually a concession stand down there that way since they’re walking all the
way over there I’m actually going to clamp the dollar bill here she’s gonna
plan it around the concession stand would they have to go there because
Project Zorgo can’t resist money right you know they got just gonna take it
hopefully the PZ member is gonna go to the concession stand buy something and
that’s gonna be my chance to take the camera back and save PZ4 if you like
that idea make sure to give this video a big
thumbs up right now hopefully that works okay I think that one was saying thirsty
or taking it I’m gonna hide over here hey there’s the
water fountain. There he is. concession stand it’s right there
there’s the hacker oh that’s where I put the dollar you guys he’s doing it he’s
gonna take a drink oh he’s using the short one though use the tall one you’re
taller man use the tall one oh yeah it’s not the time he’s looking around
what’s he gonna do with it is he gonna keep it or is he gonna what’s it gonna
do it’s gonna return it no of course PZ member he’s actually
yep he’s gonna take it and he’s gonna spend it already
oh my gosh he’s going to the concession stand
oh it’s just waiting for order this is my chance that’s the camera in his pocket! OK I’m gonna go get it. okay it’s right there it’s waiting first
drink stop easy give me the camera, give me the camera, stop you’re hacking skills yuck, up your walls got
to stop wait what my vlogs? yes your vlog they’re yuck too you
don’t want to post on project zorgo YouTube page anymore you see this I see
you I see you well how about this for vlog footage this camera has all the footage that
proof that pz4 is innocent cuz I think I should go deliver this to the
authorities speaking of authorities I think that cop
that we were falling earlier I think he is trustworthy I don’t mean he’s part a
project zorgo I don’t leave a PZ member from the restroom so maybe he is
just a regular cop and I’m just being a little paranoid because projects are go
made me that way he’s got to be around this park somewhere you guys because
that’s the last time we saw him I need you to spy ninjas and just keep an eye out
let me know in the comments if you see him anywhere that’s someone in black just kind of approach slowly now just to
make sure that not a PZ member okay okay here’s the camera I think that is the
officer excuse me officer yes ma’am okay my name is Vy qwaint I have some
evidence here that you’re looking for a girl in a mask and this is evidence that
she is actually innocent um I want to present these evidence to you okay what
did you say your name was again the Queen you have a Vy qwaint here last seen
with our suspect known as girl in the mask I’m gonna take her in for
questioning no no yeah the girl and the master name
is pz4 oh that’s her aliases and there’s evidence on this camera right here that
prove that she’s completely innocent alright miss Qwaint let’s go ahead and see
what you got there no one’s home is the perfect time to
just wait wait no no no no see I was helping easy for and there so the person
that we’re actually trying to the laptop it’s the problem I saw a bad person we
were I was helping PZ4 this is not what it looks like this is not what it
looks like that does actually look like you’re aiding and abetting this girl and
amass breaking and entering no we’re being framed right now she’s
it’s a she’s a hacker house and she’s we’re trying to stop this hacker from
releasing this virus to the world miss qwaint this looks like some pretty
compelling evidence against yourself here I took them the hacker and they
completely tricked me they tricked me to break it isn’t presenting this fake
evidence to you guys they wanted me to take the camera I’m being tricked right
now I’m gonna have to take you in for some questioning no I’m completely
innocent this camera belongs to project zorgo I gonna
have to ask you to put down the camera now I’m okay I’m putting it down
putting it down no but I I’m innocent what are you doing okay okay I’m putting
the camera down I’m innocent I’m totally cooporating but I’m
letting you know I’m innocent I don’t think it should be stop resisting
miss Qwaint I’m not be session it was your process I just want to let you know
I’m innocent

100 thoughts on “VY QWAINT ARRESTED and FRAMED by PROJECT ZORGO While Trying to Rescue HACKER GIRL PZ4!

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