WALTZ JUMP – Land Your First Figure Skating Jump!

WALTZ JUMP – Land Your First Figure Skating Jump!

hey guys today I’m sharing my biggest
passion with you figure skating we are going to nail our first jump
today the waltz jump alright guys we are going to be landing at first jump today first we are going to practice at the
wall hold on to one of both arms reach up for that toe pick and land remember
to always hold your landing for a few seconds to get comfortable once you’re
ready we’re just gonna have a hair bit more speed we’re gonna push on a nice
forward outside edge starting off in the T foot position same exact thing once we
are graduated from standstill exercises we are going to practice our preparation
edge make sure you have a nice solid back outside edge when we take off we’re
going to push forward on the Left forward outside edge arms back knees
back shoulders and chest up right a common mistake on your takeoff make sure
you don’t have any crazy arms to knock you off balance remember we are jumping
outside the circle your left foot is following the curve of the circle while
the right foot is jumping outside towards a different direction than your
left foot now that we mastered the standstill waltz
jump let’s try a three turn remember nice big push solid edge don’t be afraid
to add a little bit of speed to get momentum to land that jump and that
alternative is to do the wall jump look crossovers seemed a nice solid edge jump
outside of the circle make sure you need gets nice and high you’re thinking of
making the H position and make there let’s review some common mistakes you
don’t make any oopsies on your waltz jump first of it is not hitting your toe pick
on your wall jump what you’re gonna end up with is an itty bitty tiny waltz jump
and of course we don’t want that another common mistake is reaching for the
ground already we are setting ourselves up to fall mistake number three is
jumping around the circle as you can see my right foot follows my left foot by
doing so makes it very difficult for us to exit to the jump lastly leave those
crazy arms at home this will also make it very difficult for us to land the
jump and there you guys have it you’re all
pros now if you liked this video be sure to give me a thumbs up and subscribe to
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24 thoughts on “WALTZ JUMP – Land Your First Figure Skating Jump!

  1. COMMENT BELOW on what you want to see next! Can't wait to create more figure skating content!

  2. Hi Mary, I noticed that when you do your Waltz jump your free leg is bending not traight. Please let me know if I am wrong. For a Waltz jump the free leg is it straight and for the Axel a bend knee? I Love your channel😍. I just subscribed 😃 Will Love more skating video. Thank You so much 😊. LISE 🎹 🎼. ⛸. 😍

  3. Mary, I'm having trouble with my waltz jump….have been stuck at it for about 6-8 months…..I know what my problem is, but don't know how to correct it, but you got it, when you said one of the problems is getting onto the toe pick to take off….I really struggle with that…any tips on how to overcome this barrier….I'm feeling like I'm going to be stuck here forever and it's hindering my progress. Thanks.

  4. I have that itsybitsy waltz jump 😆 didn’t know that that has to do with the toe picks, I will try these tips!! Thank you!

  5. I had to learn the hard way I wasn't allowed to use the wall I got told to hold my coaches hand and do what she said and I can not do it yay

  6. Mary, can you tell me how I can hit the toe pick on the take off….I’m having a hard time knowing how to roll up onto it for my takeoff, so my jumps are tiny….I’m getting a bit disheartened as I have been struggling with these for about 9 months!!!!!!!

  7. I did my first itsy bitsy Waltz jump today because I didn’t know what to do with my toe pick. Do you just angle it down and push off? 🙂

  8. im not even a figure skater- im a quad skater. but i wanted to see if i could transfer this onto my skates 🤔

  9. I love waltz jumps I think I’m pretty good at them but when I was learning them my coach told me it would help if I tried to do it over a line and pretend the line was a river and waltz jump over it and it really helped me.

  10. Took me a week to learn the movement, get confidence and some repetitiveness. Now I just gotta put in those reps to get even more height and speed. Your unique style of more bend in the knee of free leg made it a lot easier for me to land since I do it in hockey skates (I know, a bit crazy :P). Great tutorials, keep them coming!

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