Watch Death-Defying Roller Skating Duo Emily & Billy From ‘AGT’ | The Kelly Clarkson Show

Watch Death-Defying Roller Skating Duo Emily & Billy From ‘AGT’ | The Kelly Clarkson Show

– How does one figure out this talent? – Like, how did this come about? – Well, when we were kids, our mom bought us some roller skates, and initially she started
flinging us around and, you know, to play with us, but
when we got to big for her, we just started throwin’
each other around. – [Man] Wow. – Have you ever been thrown around, Emily, and it didn’t end well? – Of course, you know, it’s a
very dangerous, extreme act. You can’t, I always say, you
can’t create the illusion of danger without it
actually being dangerous. – [Kelly] Oh. – So, there’s been a couple
accidents, but he knows better. (audience laughs) – (laughs) That’s why I avoid danger. How has Simon, ’cause he changed my life, these three just changed
my life completely. How has this impacted your life. – Well, Simon gave us our opportunity on “Britain’s Got Talent” to perform on the biggest stage in the world. Immediately afterwards, we got signed by a show in Vegas called
Absinthe at Caesars Palace. – [Kelly] Oh my god! (audience applause) Oh my gosh,
well okay, I want to see it! Bill, ya’ll take it away! Come on, Emily, show us. – [Emily] Alright.
– Oh my god, I’m so excited. And nervous, ooh. (dramatic piano music) (instrumental rock) (audience cheers) (audience cheers) (audience cheers) – Ow! – What? (audience cheers) (audience cheers) (audience cheers) – [Kelly] What? – [Paula] Yes! – Okay, okay. Oh my gosh! You’re, first of all, ya’ll are insane. Your head was so close to the ground! – [Randy] Oh my god! – I am sweating in places
I have never sweated. (audience laughs) I mean, here’s the thing,
too, I have to say. I leaned over to Simon and was like, wait are they married
or sister and brother? And he said sister and brother, and I went that’s real
Game of Thrones, ya’ll! (audience laughs) Like, and then your leg went
all the way over your head, and it was, I’m gonna,
in my dreams tonight, I’m gonna be you, Emily. I’m gonna be so fantastic. (audience laughs) I’m gonna be so fantastic.

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  1. *****struggling new YouTuber!!

    I have a bet going with my hubby that I will get to 100 subscribers before he can grow a beard!! PLEASE HELP ME WINNN!!! 🙋🏼‍♀️😂

  2. Who does a little sis trust more than her older brother tho??? I mean i wouldn't trust someone to throw me around like that who isnt related to me lol ppl thinking its sexual are ridiculous. Trust me, theyre focused on the technicalities not each others genitals. No one says anything when Derek Hough or w/e their names arw from dancing with the stars dance together and theyre siblings. THEY ARE AMAZING! DONT DISTRACT FROM THEIR TALENT WITH STUPID COMMENTS ABOUT INCEST…. wtf is wrong with ppl

  3. I like how the guy emphasize 'MOM' at the start of his speech. Reminds me of the dude that brought a "That's my sister >" note to counter the kiss cam.

  4. Yall are truly awesome! I'm so sorry about all the incest comments 😒 unfortunately I bet yall get them a lot. Regardless, yall are amazingly talented! My older brother and I always wanted to learn swing dancing so for 2 years we stoped our jujitsu class and took a swing dancing class instead and had a blast! We were best friends from the moment i was born and did everything together and there was no one else i would trust to throw me around dangerously lol However, he did break my nose twice wgilst we were sparring when we decided we could teach ourself boxing 😂 but it was an accident and its actually one of my fondest memories haha Yall are great!!! Has Cirque du Soleil called yet?! 😄 if not im positive theyre going to give yall an offer, 95% of the world has never seen anything like yalls act!! Its brilliant.

  5. Ummmm… no. These two are a brother and sister act. Their vibe should be athletic or artistic — not sexual. It looks like a pimp and prostitute performing. The bikini on her and the shirt removal by him are distasteful. The whole situation and presentation makes me uncomfortable.

  6. OKAY. I was totally willing to be like "oh bro and sis? Cool." WHY IS THE PERFORMANCE SO SEXUAL?!?!?! They could have easily done all the tricks without making her mostly naked and rubbing up and down on her brother! I mean shit, she's grinding on him. O.o

  7. What's wrong with you guys?
    They're not having sex.
    It's art. They're dancing and playing characters. Making money.
    Conservative people are so stupid sometimes

  8. Most of the sexy stuff is done while the other is facing the other way or doing something else… it's kinda deceptive at times but it's all for the audience IMO…. and I think taking the shirt off is more for grip as the t-shirt material could move or even tear.

  9. I get it. It's art. They have talent. but they could have expressed their talent (with the same art) in another way. She didn't have to be in a bikini and he difny have to take his shirt of. This is clearly just a performance and I am sure they're acting but given the choice…who wants to act like that with their brother/sister?

  10. Everyone in the comments are talking about how they are brother and sister like so what it’s not like they kissed they were just doing an act I’m pretty sure they are probably just close siblings like most normal people in the world

  11. OMG, this was crazy! A little weird with the sibling aspect, like the duos that do Latin ballroom, but I thought it was awesome😁

  12. Listen, these two made up this choreography, they couldve come up with an equally impressive act without being sexual, but instead they CHOSE for her to wear a bikini and him to be shirtless, they chose for her to rub up on him. Like how does that conversation go?
    "Hey sis, I think you should wear a bikini and grind on me, then do the splits and lift your leg over my head. Then I'll flip you over, and you can get down on your knees in front of me." … "sounds great, but I think you should take your shirt off after.".
    Thats some reeeeeal game of thrones ya'll !!!!

  13. Brother and sister lmao. Yea she could've worn something a little more appropriate, and that routine with the bad 90s porn music had to go. That shit was weird feeling all over him like that..

  14. They're brother and sister! Oh god 🤦🏼‍♀️ my thought of 'their sex life must be amazing' has just made me feel like a pervert. Cheers.

  15. Did they say they are siblings? Im sorry, but sibling should not be that physical with each other, especially not when dressed like that. I mean, yeah they're talented and all, but I could not get over the ewww factor

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