Waterfalls in the United States – Graveyard Fields, North Carolina Vlog

hello and welcome to our channel this is
Jamie from Explorcation this is the second video in our North Carolina
series and highlights our hike to the waterfalls at the graveyard fields and
we made it to six different breweries and one coffee shop we enjoyed each of
them for different reasons but we were so exhausted after yesterday’s day that
we didn’t have time to do any updates before we went to bed last night so we
decided we would do our update here just off of the Blue Ridge Parkway we are
about to go on our first trail for the day to check out some waterfalls check
out the first video in our North Carolina series for footage of the
breweries we visited in Asheville we used a discount travel website to
book a hotel in the Hendersonville area which was close to Pisgah National
Forest the drive through the forest was enjoyable especially along the Blue
Ridge Parkway today we are starting off at graveyard
fields we’re going to start on a trail that leads us to the upper waterfall
today is about a mile and a half hike both ways so
head out and see you there from the parking lot one can start on the longer
trail to the upper waterfall or the shorter path to the lower waterfall the
lower waterfall was definitely easier to access our plan was to hike to the upper
waterfall first and take a different path to the lower waterfall on the way
back the trail had some markers but there were several times when we had to
make a decision on where to go based on what path looked more traveled
at one point we came to a crossroads and had a hard time deciding until we looked
down and saw a large arrow made out of rocks thank you to whoever created that
arrow you really helped us out the path was pretty rocky closer to the upper
waterfall our initial view of the waterfall was
underwhelming we saw a few people hike up the waterfall and decided to follow it didn’t take long for us to realize it
was worth the extra effort to hike up a bit farther we would recommend making the hike to
this waterfall it was much less crowded than the lower waterfall here we were able to use some of our
climbing skills and made our way up on the rocks beside the waterfall we hiked beyond the waterfall for a few
minutes before deciding to head back we enjoyed this view for a little bit
longer before starting the hike to the lower waterfall the hike to the lower
waterfall was much more leisurely we were happy with our choice to hike the
more challenging hike first so our hikes up until this point have primarily been
in tropical destinations this is the first time we’re hiking anywhere there
is a possibility of a bear encounter while it is quite rare possibility still
a possibility so we went to the Dollar General as we were driving up into the
mountains and got some pepper spray the only kind they had was this awesome
pink blinged-out pepper spray yeah we stopped at Walmart and got a knife
now we probably won’t have to use either but at least we can enjoy our hikes
knowing that we will be prepared the trail from the upper waterfall to the
lower water fall eventually meets up with the trail from the parking lot to
the lower waterfall we decided to climb on the rocks to find
a path to the lower waterfall instead of continuing on the trail for more footage
of hikes and waterfalls in the Pisgah National Forest check out our next video
we visit skinny dip Falls sliding rock looking glass and mores Cove if you enjoy our content subscribe to
our Channel and turn the notifications on we were able to climb down pretty far
before having to take a short trail to the pool below Schuyler jumped in even though the water
was cold we had a beautiful day at the graveyard fields we only left
because we had four more waterfalls we wanted to check out the next video in
our North Carolina series is full of more waterfalls thanks for watching

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