We CAUGHT The Toy Master!

(chalk scratches) – [Child Narrator] Tic Tac Toy! – [Adult Narrator] This
video is sponsored by Zuru. (mellow music) (footsteps crunching) – Do you like suprises, Maya? – Of course I do, if
they’re good surprises. – Me too. Can you throw me a surprise
part for my next birthday? – But then it won’t be a surprise! – True. – Hold up! You know what I like more
than surprise parties? – What’s that? – Surprise toys. And I think I see one up in that trail. – Wow! This is the new series 2 5 Surprise! – Wow, we have to open this, Addy! Wow, it’s like magic! – I know, and we haven’t even
seen what collectable toys are inside. (rock music) – [Addy] It’s a mushroom! – Cute, what’s in the next one? – [Addy] A stamp! – It’s a cupcake! – What is this? – It looks like beads and
string to make a bracelet. – (gasps) Let’s do that when we get home! – Yeah, but we still have
two surprises to open. It’s a hair clip! How does it look, Addy? – Great, but let’s see
what the last surprise is! How cute is this? And look, you can cling it to your window. – I wanna hang it on my mirror, Addy! – OMG, there’s another 5
Surprise over there, Maya! – (gasps) You’re right! – Let’s put the toys back in the capsule before we open another one. – In the bag, Addy. Come on, Addy! (anxious flute music) (footsteps crunch) – Let’s see what’s inside this one! – [Maya] Look, it’s a cute
girl, and it has wings! – (gasps) Can you put the wings on her? – I think so. Isn’t she cute? – Darling! What else is inside? – [Maya] Whoa, it’s star tape! – Whoa, it’s so sparkly! – [Maya] Aww, it’s a cute little ring. – Wow, we got bows and rings? We’re gonna be so accessorized. – For sure. Let’s see what else we get. OMG, what is this? – It looks like colorful hair. – It is, it’s a cool pony clip. – Let me try it on. What do you think? – So stylish. – Just one more surprise.
– Just one more surprise. – [Maya] A mermaid! – We can play with her
and the other figurine. – I know, I can’t believe we
found two 5 Surprises out here. This is so strange and wonderful. – And look, there’s
another one over there! – Yes! Let’s pack this one up, first. We’re collecting so much cool toys! (anxious flute music) (footsteps crunch) (upbeat music) – Whoa!
– Whoa! – Open them up, Addy. – [Addy] Cutest hair clip, ever! – For sure. So fun! – [Addy] It’s a marker! – What else is inside? What else is inside? (anxious flute music) – [Addy] A squishy and slime! – I wanna squish it. But look, there’s more! (anxious flute music) (upbeat music) – Is that an ice cream cup or a figurine? – [Maya] I think it’s both! – You’re right! – And I also got slime and a sequin bow. – [Addy] Look, this
princess comes with a dress. – And I bet there’s other princesses that we can swap dresses with. Let’s go get more! (upbeat music) – Look, there’s another one up there! – And that’s the toy hotel over there. (footsteps clomp) – It’s interesting that the
5 Surprise trail’s leading us straight to the toy hotel. I wonder if there’s more
surprises in the toy hotel for us. – Let’s open this one and
then go inside and find out. – Sounds like a plan. – Let’s each open one of the petals. – Yeah! – [Maya] I got a stamp. – [Addy] I got a ring. – [Maya] Ooh, this
stamp’s an ice cream cone! – [Addy] And my ring has a bluebird on it! – So cute, Addy! – Three surprises to go. – [Maya] Now we have blue slime, Addy. – Awesome! – [Maya] (gasps) It’s a new squishy! This squishy’s adorable. – So cute! And what’s the last surprise? – Let’s find out. I have a cool hair clip now. – You’re gonna have one kinda like mine! – Check it out! Do you love it? – For sure. (anxious flute music) – My plan is working perfectly. Pretty soon, they’ll be exactly
where I need them to be. – In the bag, please. – Let’s go to the toy hotel. (upbeat music) – Wonderful! (bell dings) – Okay, I have you down for five nights in the rainbow unicorn
suite beginning February 22. Thank you so much for
choosing the toy hotel! – Hi, bellhop Jason.
– Hi, bellhop Jason. – Hi Mrs. Lucy.
– Hi Mrs. Lucy. – Hi!
– Welcome, girls! I was wondering when you’d be arriving. – Huh? – Yes, we have the cotton
candy kitty suite all ready for you. – And I’ve got your luggage right here. – But we never made a reservation. – Or dropped off any luggage. – Hmm, well someone made a reservation in your name on our computer system. And here you are, so I
think it’s meant to be. – But did you leave all
of the 5 Surprises for us? – What are you talking about? – There was this trail of 5 Surprises that led us all the way
from toy school to here. – Yeah, check it out. – Wow, that wasn’t us, but
I’d say that’s pretty cool. – It’s super cool, and super strange. – Well, should I show
you two to your rooms? – I guess so.
– I guess so. – Well, enjoy your stay, girls! (relaxed music) – They’ve taken my bait, now it’s time for my plan to come in full effect. I’m gonna want from row seats to this. (anxious flute music) – This is so bizarre, Maya. – Yeah, I wonder if we
should open the suitcase. – Why not? – [Maya] It’s more 5 Surprises! – This is like a dream come true. – [Maya] What’s this? – I have no idea, why don’t you open it? (upbeat music) – [Maya] Surprise 1,
Surprise 2, Surprise 3, Surprise 4, Surprise 5. – Well, we do love surprises, so let’s open the first one. – Okay. You open it, Addy. – Alright. (upbeat music) – The Series 2 5 Surprises are available in cool, new purple and red packaging. – We haven’t opened any red
5 Surprises yet, have we? – No, we’ve only opened purple ones. – [Maya] Look, here’s a red one. Let’s open it, Addy. – Good idea! (intense music) – Pull the plug. And bam! – Let’s see what five
surprises are inside. – They’re little bugs, Addy! (screams) – (laughs) At least they’re not real. What else is there? – [Maya] (screams) What is this? (gasps) It looks like
we put this together. – Let me try. There we go. Whoa, check it out. Rawr! – That’s crazy. Let’s see what else there is. Whoa. It’s a venus fly trap, and it’ll eat you. – I’m gonna see what the
last two surprises are. It’s gold slime, Maya! – Give that to me! You open the last one. – It’s a transforming eagle. – Check out how ooey gooey this is. It’s amazing! (upbeat music) – And check this out. I transformed it into an eagle! – [Maya] Whoa! (mischievous music) – Let’s see what the
second surprise is, now. – Okay! Who do you think these are from, though? – [Maya] I have no idea. There are over 150 new toys to collect in the red capsules, and over 150 new toys to collect in the purple capsules. And look, the collectors’ guides
were in the envelope, too. – Let’s look at the collector
guide for the purple ones. (mischievous music) – [Maya] Wow, there’s so
many things to collect, Addy! – And there’s more on the back side! I see the key chains
we got and the stamps. – [Addy] Ooh, those stickers look fun. – [Maya] And these bracelets! – And these look scrumptious. – [Maya] I want the Popsicle. (intense music) – Maya, do you feel like
we’re being watched? – No, why would you say that? – I don’t know, I just
have this weird feeling. I’m sure it’s nothing. – Well, then let’s go
onto the third envelope. – There he is. (walkie talkie beeps) Hi, this is Agent Lucy. I have eyes on the toy master and he is exactly where we need him to be. Bring in the reinforcements,
we are going to get him today. – [Addy] Super rare
collectibles can be found in some 5 Surprises. Keep your eye out for LED
watches, light up rings, and more! – Wow, we need to open some more right now so we can look for super rares. – I can’t argue with that. – I got this doll with her wings! – I got this cute little purple raccoon! – [Maya] Three super cute stickers. – And check out what I got, Maya. It’s an adorable princess. – (gasps) We can play with
our princesses together, now. – And swap dresses. – [Maya] Whoa, I got
cute unicorn hair clip. It’s so sequin-y! I love it. – Is it a cupcake or a figurine, Maya? – It’s both! Look at my last two things. It’s a bracelet and a glitter tape. – Whoa, how does that bracelet work? – Like this. It’s a unicorn slap bracelet. – [Addy] I got some
fun stickers too, Maya. And I have one more surprise to open. It’s a unicorn key chain. – So cool! – The toy master is just up these stairs, he won’t see this coming. – Great work Agent Lucy. Now is this the toy
master or his assistant? – I’m not positive, but
once we catch one of them, it’ll be easy to get the other. How so? – We’ve got a great negotiation plan that he won’t be able to refuse. He’ll turn the other in without a doubt. – Very well, then. Let’s put an end to
the toy master’s antics once and for all. – Time for surprise number four. It’s a good thing you love
5 Surprises because. . . – Because what? – I don’t know. Maybe it continues in the fifth envelope. – Maybe so. I guess I’ll just open it up. Okay, the fifth surprise is… (rock music) – You’re under arrest! – What? That can’t be. That’s impossible! – Surprise. – We know how much you love surprises. What do you think about this one? – Boy, what a day it’s been. – You’re telling me. – Well, I’m exceptionally proud of both of your hard work, girls. – Well, I just received word
that both the toy master and the toy master
assistant are in custody. – Awesome!
– Awesome! – We won’t have to worry about
him stealing anymore toys or playing crazy games with us again. – Hey, what was in that fifth
surprise envelope anyways? – Well, I actually have it right here. Would you like to take a look? – Yeah. – Let’s see what it says. – You’ll be locked inside this hotel room forever
– Forever? – Wow, good thing we got him when we did. – Well, that actually reminds me. The CTIA, they sent over a
gift for me to give to you for all of your hard work. – Thank you! – It’s thanks to you that we
captured both the toy master and his assistant. – Wow, can we open it? – Sure, let’s go ahead. – Wow, more 5 Surprises!
– Wow, more 5 Surprises! – You’ll have to open them with us, mom. They are super fun. – Let’s do it, I can’t wait! – Well, I better get running. Thanks for all that
you’ve done for the CTIA, agent Lucy, agent Maya, and agent Addy. – No problem! – Well, enjoy your 5 Surprises. – We will! (laughs and cheers) – Wow, we found so many fun surprises. What were your favorites? – Well, I’m glad I got
a rare light-up ring and I’m also glad I got the putty. – Yeah, I love the putty too, Addy, but I also love the fun glitter tape. – I can’t believe we found
a couple slap bracelets. (upbeat music) – I don’t know which one I like better, the unicorn or the hearts. – Neither do I. – And I found so many fun stamps. – Oh, but there’s also
so much else I love! Like unicorn key chains,
the sequiny hair clips, and the little mermaids. – And don’t forget the
butterfly hair clips. – Or the little window clings. – And the best part about
all of this is we don’t have to worry about the toy
master stealing this or anything else every again. – That’s right!
– That’s right! – Alright, let’s play! Let’s get the fairies. – Ooh! – Wanna take this one?
– Whoa! I’m flying!
– I’m flying! (jovial music)

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