We Found WATER SHEEP In Minecraft w/pewdiepie

We Found WATER SHEEP In Minecraft w/pewdiepie

100 thoughts on “We Found WATER SHEEP In Minecraft w/pewdiepie

  1. Saddles should be craftable tbh, or we should at least be able to scrap them for leather and iron; because I always get piled up with saddles from fishing and looting dungeon type locations/ villages.

  2. 0:04 to 0:08 You guys aren't saying it right… It'supposed to be… Top o the morning ladies… and welcome to Minecraft!!!….. with Jack Spedicy!!! the most spiciest, most sexiest, most bearded! Minecraft player EVER!!!…

  3. Nugget sees Jack and Felix find the Water Sheep. Nugget does not see Jack and Felix find Nugget's Nugget Sheep. Nugget is disappointed.

  4. Prataí is potatoes in Irish, but here in Connemara we pronounce it fataí ( idk if people pronounce it Iike that in other Irish speaking pIaces tho?)

  5. Moist Sheep!
    Water Sheep! (Official Name)
    Water Sheep want Door! (Place Door)
    Water Sheep praise the Door!! (Proceeds to dunk face in water like Ostrich for Baptism.)
    Door be-ith Praised!

  6. Oh my god im so weak- just watched pewds version of this episode- then i go to your channel to check out your minecraft series – so cool to see it from both yalls sides

  7. This is when I wish Subnautica were online co-op optional. Also, since there's lead in the game, it's kinda annoying that U can't remotely power & then hack a crashed pod's fabricator to make a gun, or at least a spear.

  8. Just use the words "Smeg, Smegging, Smegger, & Smeghead", from the british series Red Dwarf, that's how they got away with 4-letter words.

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