Be careful. Dude all we need to do is get over there. Where in flat right there and I think we’ll be good. Okay thirty degree water here Yosemite national park, still gonna stay clean tho. Aye yo, good morning Logang. What’s poppin? I’m gonna make this fast cause its freezing. Oh, if your not a part of the Logang make sure to subscribe. What’s good, baby? Ah! I can’t feel my toes! (Oh gosh…) Not a good sign. Yeah, another epic day here in Yosemite you guys know yesterday was my birthday. (Awesome! :D) I’m 23 now right we celebrated with the Logang. We hucked it pretty hard… …and today is gonna be equally as amazing! What’s up guys? My name is Logan Paul if you’re not a part of the Logan make sure to subscribe because… …we are the most fun, lit, weird and craziest family on YouTube, that is a verifiable fact! Oh, yeah, subscribe join the family. We welcome anyone unless you suck then get the f*** out! (Watch yo profanity Logan.) Then hit little bell next to the subscribe button so you can be notified when I post my job guys! I want to make you happy, I want to make you smile! ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to distract you from your busy life for the next like 10 to 15 minutes or so now… …let’s see what the camp is doing! Good morning, party people! Good morning young doggy. What’s up guys what do we got? We got my god. I love andy! I know I swear to god this never gets old… …and cantaloupe! Is it vegan? Bro, you gotta try it! ๐Ÿ˜€ Ah, oh, park ranger! They drove by bro but we’re not in trouble like yesterday. (Naughty Logan!) Olga here. Good morning, try this cantaloupe. What are you having me do right now? Imagine taking the most LA girl and putting her in the woods, that’s Olga. What we got going on in here? Oh hello there Hayden. Hi here this cantaloupe, it’s an American fruit. Yeah, pretty nice. Okay. No more foo-foo. What’s the plan today people? Okay, I think we are gonna hike it out. We can do okay. (Believe! :D) No yeah, yeah for sure definitely Wi-Fi back for sure yeah, it’s a fact cuz you’re close to the… …satellites in the space. Real talk though… …I made it like a goal to assemble the most odd group of people like everyone is just so different and has like a different set… …of skills. Makes some lit ass content, anyways where’s my boys Evan and Spencer? I gotta find my boys. Ahh where are they. Have you seen my boys? Where are my boys? D; Evan? Spencer? Oh my god. It’s my worst nightmare! D; Pull up with my ceiling missing! Four wheeler stay. Oh damn. Oh wow. This is beautiful. Half Dome village? I don’t know even what that even means. I’m assuming it’s like 50% of a dome. Have you seen my boys? Your balls? No not my not my balls! No! (Wow..) Mocking me. I don’t have my boys or my balls… Evan! Hello? Oh my boys! ๐Ÿ˜€ What are you guys doing bro? Here I venturer halfway across the United States to find you guys. Why you come here, bro? I showered in the lake and some man sh** code! Yeah, hold on! What’s good bro? ๐Ÿ˜€ Damn, I look hot as f***! Oh hell yeah, oh yeah, there you go! ๐Ÿ˜€ Okay I found my boys but, uh, don’t forget to do your hygiene guys! Wait, I got you guys a gift. Here you go, fresh cantaloupe… It’s f**ing dirty! But its fresh! There’s a huge ass bite in it. Well, I was hungry on the way so I had some. Alright, well, let’s go back and see if we’re gonna hike. Woah! You look really LA right now. Damn bro, that thing rules dog! Here we are! I can’t get over our bougie ass setup right now! *laughs*Just the tents posted on top of the bus, bro! *laughs again* Coffee, right? Campfire Starbucks for all good campfire Starbucks. No it’s good! Campfire Starbucks, I said it a thousand times! Hey guys, let’s go hiking now! Okay, here are the details guys. This is no joke! This hike is about eight thousand feet high! You’d see we’re gonna go up that way towards the waterfall. (Oooh!) Oh wow. Oh my gosh. It looks so beautiful. There’s two waterfalls! One right here, one right here. Okay, so the goal is to make it up there with the entire crew all of our limbs and not hating each other. That’s definitely a savage hike! We all I believe in this crew right y’all maverick. Sorry. I’m about to put these performance shorts to the test I was immersed in the game by the way it’s that maverick movement whether I congrats to everyone who got the merch over the weekend You got the new world wide hoodie. They just drop you had the $10 t-shirts then we said huckett That’s not enough $5 t-shirt. Hello. Yeah, we definitely need these guys It’s important that we stay in communications right cellphones don’t work here, but yeah, thank gosh Vince did bring up We do have pine phones. We give them a little test before we go Yeah, you good, okay, all right, let’s try a little farther back Yeah, it’s getting a little low you’ll get a little scratchy in and out type thing, but maybe go let’s try a farther It’s getting worse and worse, but I think when we fire The closer we get with the better, I’m sorry I saw this sign here I’m a little worried um each year over 200 people finish their hikes like this being rescued I have a feeling that’s going to be you Olga Well, I mean I didn’t bring any water or food. Okay. Well exhibit a listen guys have no fear especially you miss I’ve done this before I’ve definitely made on this before yeah, yeah, I have this whistle just in case things happen. Okay. Let’s get hiking Oh my god, this is amazing. It’s just water this mist just going across the bridge Oh Evan is the waterfall this feels amazing Doug O’Connell anybody You know this is a moment I’ve been waiting to do since I bought home That’s my boy, we’re too next I got this five knots southeast Yes scoutleader Yes scoutleader It’s down Oh God, are you sick? Are you sick? Quick kiss me no can’t do that Logan not now She’s something old man coughing take these keys go back to the bus save yourself. Okay, okay? See you later get better No not Logan the brook Titus yeah They weren’t cut out for we’re the hardy losing half the group We’ve a better even bloody started yet, so y-you know I get it I get I did I’m not even mad it allows mad. You know Good bye guys have fun. If there’s any emergencies just call me on the PI phone She’s so basic all right guys three down Yes go You can see some deer Right we should tell him that hey guys you’re looking a little cold and that you’re not not lit But you could be more or less so we’re about to go huh get on a trail But if you want to grab some maverick mercs you can go ahead and do so real easy just go to Logan Paul calm /op And got the hottest merchant the king was good Wow let me help something with you This is no joke holy, Sh. We’re also getting started way late according to my watch here, dude I don’t want to be one of the people in the signs, bro Upper yosemite falls 3.5 miles no dogs allowed right, so there’s a good thing kong left human walking, okay? Human walking spine yeah, no mini dirt bikes. Yeah, definitely not all jokes aside bro are pine phones and our whistles might save our lives Any chance we end up like the people on the side Let’s hike You know we’re Mavericks everywhere we go we are really like on the trail They’re kind of just like hooking them directly up the mountain, but that’s how we do a row we do a different Beat see you never oh My Mac goodbye savanna, it’s okay People wasn’t like Mountain goes Here we go rock formation are you doing? Yeah Yeah You got this bro use those performance your stuff yo yo yo yo talk you need your drinking water Oh my god, it’s so good probably not the best for me since I’m still a little sick But here’s the thing I don’t give up I’m not as finishing nice keep up with your pace, so Please do it add a bit more on my pace. So you let me get this straight. You want us to slow down I mean yo, yo got a place you got a mental toughness program Oh damn, oh wow we’re getting closer. He’s already made it worth doing it bro. Is that mental strength? I’ll just chill here. Hey touch my toes two and a half hours Like you for like three Sure though it’s all about that mental strength right you’re sure I’m into shame This is amazing this like weird earn. Everyone’s going to the top right. That’s like I it’s cool, and we could do it for sure But I want to see if we can get like under the waterfall you guys remember. I went under waterfall in Hawaii This one yeah another fact that was in Hawaii yeah, that’s snow Well colder here nipples. We’ll definitely be able to cut diamonds looks like I don’t know if it’s gonna happen But I’m saying it’s an idea. Okay. She hasn’t been planted the idea Hey there Andy hey hey there Hayden hey good question thoughts on going under the waterfall I Mean we would be crushed by the fooling water and our rain jacket. I’m just saying, bro Everyone’s going to the top to be a real maverick move to not do that I say we check it out Miner Huck see what happens yo well. It’s definitely It’s definitely a little bit wet in here yeah, bro when they go right we go left We go left Side way we go left We this is the move brochure this is incredible damn son I mean we happy but Suns going down so if we get cold there’s no Sun or heat No, it’s okay. We have each other Yes, let’s go with dr. Chu he hung over there Be careful bro oh Mylanta What is Rocky that’s what I live for man You guys aren’t exploring the world trust me that will make you the most knowledgeable Experienced person and your hat you have to you absolutely have no there’s only like a 20 percent chance This is a hundred percent sketch. Yeah, go get us some naked Oh be careful You all we need to do is get over there where it’s flat right there, and think we’ll be good We did it boys, we f****g did it S**t Spencer ow Yo all jokes aside guys. It is absolutely freezing. Logan just explain Where that water’s coming from okay? Let’s go historical over the past hundred billion thousands of years the glacier I’m talking snow, I’m talking ice – four hundred thousand degrees that water is no joke I will say it’s a good thing. I got myself Some of the hottest softest merch in the game, the maverick bro . They came having real talk though is about to save me Oh I have brought on some dry trousers but they are pretty thick, you want me to take the shorts off on camera These are trousers trousers one of those things you use the farm grapes. Oh, it’s what you pull my pants oh It’s a good thing I have more bananas oh More kidding one of the hottest merch in the game yes wanna go out on it before we get hyperthermia who’s that? I am let’s go, ohhh, ohhh, it’s a christmas miracle We made it and the cool bus is waiting for us, oh my god You have no idea what we just do on top of the falls Went under and bro. I would have been down. I mean you weren’t so Get out Feel so good hi doggie, what’s up? What have you guys been doing? No YouTube we went under the waterfall not on top of it who’s doing is pretty Roar and you’re just a guy from London, bro. I proved everyone wrong Now I’m comin dish, right okay, get him Kong alright guys that is the vlogs I’m gonna sleep like a baby tonight guys if you’re not a part of the Low game make sure to subscribe bring the notification bell necklace subscribe button and join the most elite family on YouTube guys Thank you so much for watching. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you. I love you Go so it’s very clear that our performance Towards do indeed perform the Maverick my local Paul clothing line is by far the best merchants the game You already know where to get it, at loganpaul.com/shop; so join the movement it be a maverick Ooo, hoo that’s it for today logang. I love you. I’ll see you tomorrow, take it easy (gibberish) I’m just tired bro.

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