63 thoughts on “We Skated on Indestructible Sheets of Ice

  1. We've done a ton of challenges (watch them here! – https://bit.ly/2xyx49I), but this was one of the hardest! What challenge do you think we should take on next?

  2. Its hard to skate on it and after only a little while you get pretty worn out. Also after a long time u would have to replace it because there are gashes all over

  3. Omg I have an ABC carpet But its not ice and some of it is lost and some on the pool to not pop, the vsco Girls is sceaming SKSKSK AND I OOP

  4. Okay I’m a figure skater and I have to wait the whole summer to go skating again do you think it would be good for just figure skating

  5. They could have just made one long track out of the tiles they do have and have him skate back and forth until he had skated the needed length

  6. Jamie:WE'RE IN ILLINOIS WE CROSSED THE WHOLE STATE OF MISSOURI well…. Kinda we crossed the state line.. Meh: dies of laugher**

  7. couldn’t the skater just go back and forth, on a 200 feet strip of the width of 3 tiles? like this:

    ⬜️👱🏼‍♀️⬜️ >200 feet

    does that work??

  8. I’m a hockey player and I wanted these so bad BUT they are SO BAD FOR YOUR BLADES they will eat your skate blades

  9. 4:23 my shoes untied

    Vat19: sells hikies so you don’t have to tie your shoes.

    I’m pretty sure they are called hickies

    I think

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