We Train Like Link From Legend Of Zelda

(gasps) – [Ned] Where are you going? (intense music) – I hate this. – Boy, do I feel refreshed. – [Kelsey] Watch out,
gunslingers, Link’s in town. – I love playing video games because it feels like you’re
doing something exciting. But what if we actually
did something exciting. – This week we’re going
to train like Link. – In three of his most iconic activities. Horseback riding, hang
gliding, and rock climbing. – I’m excited to find, you
know, a little bit more adventure in my workout routine. And also find new connections
to the video games that I loved from my childhood. – Not feeling super confident
about this adventure. Mostly ’cause horses scare me. – My name’s Eric, we’re at Sunset Ranch and I’m gonna teach you
guys how to ride horses. – Yay! – Have you guys ridden horses before? – When I was a Girl Scout
I rode a horse once. – I had a one day stint
on the Yale polo team. – What we’ll do this, we’ll walk, trot, and canter up a hill, you guys
ready to meet your horses? – Yeah, let’s do it. Horses are giant creatures,
they scare me even to look at and I don’t wanna get
caught behind one ’cause I’m gonna get kicked in the face. – Next thing is we have to mount. – In the video game the horse
kind of bucks around a lot and patting them on the neck, that’s how you get them to like you. – [Eric] It’s just like that. – That’s how I get most people to like me. – See, I like you.
– Aww. Grab it, smack it, agh, oh. – [Kelsey] Oh my god, Ned, are you okay? – Perfect. – I did it! – Up, up, up, okay. – Throw that leg over.
(groans) Let’s just get started by
walking around the arena. Squeeze with your lower legs. – So we started to get our sea legs, or should I say horse legs. – Yep, this is your rodeo, and
I’m just here for the ride. I’m having so much fun! – So as we pick up the pace and do a trot, it’s gonna be a lot more bouncy. – Oh no, oh god, slow down. I was definitely not used
to a saddle, so I got really sore really fast, I’m
pretty sure I got bruised. I feel like I’m gonna pop off this guy. – Trotting is probably
the least fun part because it really hurts your
butt, like, your booty is bouncing all over that saddle. – So you guys want to try out a canter? – I canter wait. – Our main challenge of
the day was cantering. It’s going from a trot
into, sort of a mini gallop. – [Kelsey] Come on! – [Eric] She doesn’t think you mean it. – I do mean it! – [Eric] Nah you don’t, ready,
reach forward and squeeze. – [Kelsey] Nope, still it. – [Eric] Nope, she was so close. Reach forward, squeeze. – Me and Kelsey keep trying and we can’t get the horses to canter. – I guess Link has all this
training downtime because all these things that
we did actually require more than one day to get good at. It’s so painful, I’m in a lot of pain. – You gotta use a little more pressure. And reach forward and squeeze, woop! – [Ned] Whoa. – It was a little
nerve-wracking like you said. – At the exact moment that
I’m the least uncomfortable I’m supposed to be the most confident. (beat drops) ♪ My name’s Link, I’m here to party ♪ ♪ This is my horse, her name’s Epona ♪ – Don’t hit the railing, and trot. – [Eric] Slow it down. – Whoa! Whoa! We were going so fast! You’re going trotting, you’re
like bow, bow, bow, bow, my butt hurts, and then all
of a sudden it turns into, like, dun dun dun dun! When the horse starts to
canter, you start to glide. – All right, you guys ready to go run up the side of a mountain? – [Ned And Kelsey] Yeah! – Coming into the day, I was
a little afraid of the horses, but once I got on top of the
horse, everything changed. – Do I want to go fast,
yes, Sonic, gotta go fast. On a horse, Link, I’m talking
a big game, I’m really scared. – [Eric] Head past this
danger sign, get into a trot and a canter, up around the corner, all the way to the top of the mountain. – Okay, here goes nothing. Three, two, one, let’s go. (dramatic music) Yes, yes Marilyn, yes,
horse is doing horse things. Look at this! We did it! Gotta get me some groupies! It really feels like
you’re powerful when you’re cantering, just gliding up a mountain. – So now I’m just gonna run up
this hill and go save Hyrule. I got really nervous
because it’s a big animal, you’re up really high, a lot
of bad things can go wrong and cause serious injury. Woo, we did it! I feel super accomplished,
gotta go save Hyrule right now. Yeah, I know, guess who’s the bomb? You are, Marilyn, you nailed
it, not as scary as I thought. – Challenge was to canter
a horse up the hill on the side of a mountain and you did! – Well, thanks, yeah! – We did it! – Wanna play video games with us sometime? – I totally wanna do that. – We’re here at Wind Sports Hang Gliding at Dockweiler Beach and we’re gonna teach you guys both how to hang glide. – And fly like Link! – In the game you can jump off any height, fall significantly, and
then whip out a hang glider. – This is exactly like that.
– Really? Here’s the equipment
we’re going to fly today. The first thing we have
is a harness for you. – Makes us look a little chubby. – One last piece of equipment, helmet. To have a perfect flight, you
only have to do three things. Look at a target, relax your hands, and have a smooth, efficient run. – Lean into the glider. (groans) That’s what it feels like to fly. – Feels pretty safe, wee! – It feels like I’m a baby in a diaper and someone is holding me up. – [Ned] Video games in
real life, clear, let’s go! – [Man] To infinity and beyond! (screams) – I’m flying! – [Man] Run, Ned, run! – Wow, that was incredible, I was flying! – I’m gonna glide or I’m gonna fail. Really excited, I’m kind of nervous, ’cause I honestly do
not know what I’m doing. I thought I was gonna jump
off a cliff, I did not jump off a cliff because
apparently you have to train in it before they let you do that. – [Man] Eyes screwed on a target. – [Kelsey] Okay. – [Man] Beautiful! – I feel exhilarated,
life is an adventure! – I love video games. – Hey guys, my name’s Lee,
welcome to Rockreation. So today I’m gonna be teaching you guys how to climb like Link. To help save your stamina, you’re gonna wanna use your legs as much as possible. Legs and core are the most important. – I mean Link’s got a nice butt. – Link is absolutely
shredded, let’s do it! – Okay, in the first wall I was bookin it. I felt awesome, I felt like Link. – It’s all about the journey, it’s not about the destination. Just out here, lookin, wow,
this is a beautiful gym! – Once you get up here it’s, like, a little bit nerve-wracking, I
have a minor fear of heights. Should I have mentioned that earlier? (bell ringing)
We did it! (bell ringing)
– Boom! – [Lee] Nice job. – Oh, my heart is beating. – So for the next wall I think
we’re gonna switch ropes. I go to one of our walls
that has an overhang on it. So you start here and then as you climb up you’re gonna kind of be on
the underside of this overhang and then flip over the side
of the overhang, back right, and finish under where
our rope is hanging. – Screw it, let’s do
this, oh yeah, let’s go. Let’s go, let’s go. Maybe Leroy Jenkins
isn’t the right approach. – You got it. – [Kelsey] I’m gonna fall. – [Lee] Just like that, that’s
perfect, that was great. – I’m sweating in this hoodie. I started shaking and
my heart started beating really fast just from being up there. – [Ned] Come on, for Zelda, for Hyrule! – [Lee] Nicely done! – There were some moments there where I didn’t think I could do it. – I think you’re ready for the challenge. As you can see, you will
be completely inverted the whole time, you gotta
unhook this rope as you climb. ‘Cause you see they’re
clipped with these carabiners. – Then when they challenged
me with an inverted climb after, what, 15 minutes
of climbing before, that was ridiculous. Oh my god, ow, my hands hurt so much. – Kelsey is probably in
better shape than I am. I exercise but she like, works out. So, does she have more upper
body strength than I do? Okay, okay. There you go. – [Lee] All right, so right about here is when you’ll take that first clip off. Nice, good job. – I used up a lot of stamina right there. One thing I hope I don’t
do is fall off the rocks and just be swinging around like an idiot. – This is so hard! – Okay, okay. – [Lee] Nice, you got this. – I’m out of stamina. Kelsey only got one clip in? – [Lee] Yep. – That’s the beauty of
video games, is that if you first do not succeed,
as long as you have enough hearts and money, you can keep going. – Training like Link was really
awesome because it got to take the fun things were
about playing a video game and you could experience a
little bit of that in real life. – It’s always fun to change
things up and learn new things. Should we do this again? Let me know in the comments below if there’s another video game
that we should train like. (coughs)
Assassin’s Creed. (upbeat guitar music) I really can’t wait to go
home and play video games. But you know, like, doing
this is really great too.

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