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– [Devin] My family,
farting was a bad word. (laughs) And we had to say pooting. (laughing) (dixieland music) – [Voiceover] Smells like
a new purpose in life. – We’re gonna be wearing Shreddies. – Which are underwear that you can fart in and it will not release the stench. – Omit the smell. – Keep it contained. – Disregard the stank. (laughing) – Kristen, do you fart
in front of your SO’s? – Yes. – I fart in front of my SO, without fail. – When I first got with
Patrick, I was like, “Hey, I just wanna get closer to you, let’s get to fart level status. Like, I want us to able to-” (record stopping sound effect) “Fart in front of each other.” – Wait, you announced it? You were just like, “it’s time… For fart level midnight.” – Yeah. – I actually went on a
date, a few months back, and the guy told me, that like,
he’s usually very flexible and down with his
girlfriend doing anything, but farting. Didn’t last. – I don’t like, love to fart. It’s not like it’s like,
“You know what’s fun? Fartin’.” – Don’t you feel good after it, though? – Yeah, but like I feel good after lots of things I don’t like to do. Look, I feel good after
I finish my tax returns, but I’m not like, “Oh, boy!” – Twice a year, I have these
really intense fart spells, that smell rank. And I mean, more rank than usual. I don’t know why it’s only twice a year. And it’s not the same times every year. It’s kind of just random. – Oh. – My favorite method
of farting, personally, is crop dusting. Because you can just wreak
vengeance on your enemies, this way. It’s just the most subtle
way to get what’s yours. – Why are you spending so
much time with your enemies, that you have to devise
ways to get back at them? – You know, you gotta
keep your enemies closer. – When I was in middle school,
one of my friends was like, “At your healthiest, you’re farting at least 15 times a day.” I stuck to that. I was like, “Yeah, I have to
fart at least 15 times a day.” And I surpass that every single day. And it feels good. – Okay, so what makes you fart? – Goldfish crackers. Which is, that’s like really, really, sad. – Oh, that’s right, you told me this! – Because Goldfish crackers
are my favorite food! – The stinkiest farts come
from freshly baked kale. – I don’t know if there’s a specific food that I can pinpoint, but I do know that any kind of coffee, or property of coffee, will,
without a doubt, make me fart. And then poop. My stomach is ready to explode,
I will tell you that, now. (farts) (laughing) – [Devin] Are you just sitting
here farting for each other? – Honestly, it’s just not something I’m super comfortable doing. – I just don’t like limiting myself. So, you’ll fart in front of Brian, but you won’t fart in front of us? – Well, I’m married to Brian. (gasps) I mean, I will fart- – We’re not at fart
status together, Kristen? – I don’t fart in front of
anyone who isn’t my husband. – Well, you will today! ‘Cause today, we’re doing… – [Both] Shreddies! – [Voiceover] Shreddies
flatulence filtering underwear features a “zorflex”
activated carbon back panel that absorbs all flatulence odors. – Is “zorflex” just an element, now? Is it just made of “zorflex”? – Yeah.
– [Kristen] Okay. – Don’t you know about “zorflex”? – No, I don’t. (laughing) – We’re just gonna “herbalagurble.” – We’re gonna “herbaderbaderr,”
“derpaburrdaburr.” – So, it’s thick. – It’s thick. – Look at this, they’re like, “Yo, you need a diaper.” – I’m trying the men’s ones,
because we wanted to, like, try some different versions of them. – Are we gonna have to fart right now? We can hold it. I don’t want to. I’m not gonna do it. – Okay. – I’m gonna, okay. I think it’ll be, it’s
just gonna be a silent one. It was silent. (laughing) – So basically, you fart
until you can’t fart no more, into these, and then you wash them, and then all the farts get washed out. – “Fart with confidence, and our underwear ensures just that.” Today, we will fart with confidence. – Well, I think we already do. (laughing) – We’re gonna wear these all day. We’re gonna eat the foods
that make us fart all day. We’re gonna shred down… – [Both] The “patri-far-chy.” – So, I officially have on my Shreddies. Can’t remember the last time I
wore this thick of underwear. But, let’s go do some fartin’. We’re gonna go eat some greens! – Kale time. – So, I have traveled near and far, to get Kristen her whole wheat Goldfish. – Fred, I’m like very afraid to fart. (laughing) – I don’t know why. – You know how, like with opera singers, when they’re bigger
people, they tend to have like more sonorous sounds. (laughing) I think the same thing applies with butts. – I’m gonna fart, right now. – Do it, yeah- – And then are you gonna smell my butt? – I’m not gonna smell your butt. I’m just gonna be in your space. – Just did three small ones. – Really? Three small ones? You can control it like that? – No, I thought it was gonna be one, but they were just like,
“Boop, boop, boop.” – Like morse code? – Yes. (laughing) – Fred, I think you’re okay. – So you just sneakily farted over here. – Well, I felt it coming,
and then I was like, “Who can I vlog? Actually…” So, you’re the special person, that was my first fart of the day. – This is too much, to
work here, sometimes. (laughs) – It’s the end of the day,
I still have not farted. – I farted like 30 minutes ago, but I didn’t tell anyone,
and no one said anything. – [Voiceover] What’s the matta with ya? – Bones just jumped up on my stomach, and started kneading, and
like, making biscuits. And I could literally feel the gas being moved and pushed around. And I think he did, too,
and that’s why he stopped. Typically, he makes biscuits
for way longer than just now. He’s leaving. That’s ’cause I just farted. – I think I can fart now. I haven’t farted all day. It’s been really hard. (trumpet noise) – [Brian] That’s surprising. – [Kristen] Do you smell anything? – Nope. – [Kristen] Really? – No. – This is kind of amazing. – Thanks, underwear. You saved Kristen’s ass. And our marriage. (laughs) – Okay, so, this whole Shreddies business caused a lot of controversy
among the grils in Ladylike, so I’m gonna go out to
the rest of the office, and see what everyone else thinks about public flatulence. Come on! Whoa, there’s a chair there. But come on, keep going, we’re still doing this, let’s go. What if I told you there was something on the market
called fart-able underwear? – I would probably buy it. – [Devin] Jazzy, how often do you think you fart in the office? – Maybe once a week. – On a given day, I would say I fart maybe two times? – I feel like everybody’s farting at work all the time, right? – [Devin] Do you fart
at work all the time? – Yeah, I mean, not all the time, but sure, why not? I mean, mostly no one is ever in my area, so I don’t feel bad about it. – I mean, I’ve gone, like
20, 24 years without ’em, so I feel like I fart on the
daily, no one ever realizes, so it’s fine. – Not to sound like a douche,
but, my farts are loud, they don’t really smell that bad, luckily. You would know, because I
fart in front of you a lot, and how many times have you been like, “Oh, that’s putrid?” – Couple times. – He’s lying. – [Devin] Do you think it’s
fine to fart in the office? – I think it depends if
you’re around people or not. If you’re around people,
I don’t think it’s okay. – It’s better to not expose people to it. If you do, so be it, like, let’s move on. – I feel like, more, the problem is when you have a loud fart, and people can 100% pin it on you. – [Devin] Oh my god. – Flatulence, you can’t
possibly prescribe an adjective to a bodily function, like
it is “not lady-like.” It’s just human-like. – So we wore Shreddies yesterday. – We did. I farted over there, by our desks. – That was a very seminal
moment in our friendship. – Yes, it was. – I had performance anxiety. I couldn’t fart all day. Every time I thought it was gonna happen, I would run over, like
in front of Brian’s face, and he was just like,
“Why are we doing this?” (laughing) – If you have like, really
really stinky farts, you can wear them, because that way you’re not being disrespectful
to the noses around you. But you should not be afraid to fart. – I don’t know if we need to wear them, but I think if you’re having
a particularly rough day, and you know that you
need to be on your game, I think they’re not bad. They definitely work. – I appreciate that this was definitely like dryer sheets for your butthole. But I don’t think it’s necessary. – It’s not necessary, but it is courteous, if you know that you have
a lot of stink coming on. – Those two times a year, where it’s just Wild Wild West in my butt, I would 1000% purchase a pair of Shreddies for that time of my life. – Shreddies, lady-tested, – [Both] Lady-digested. – And let it go. – [Both] A poot, a poot. – You choose a note, and
I’ll harmonize with you. ♫ A poot (laughing) (dixieland music)

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