Western Equestrian Facility Tour | The University of Findlay

Western Equestrian Facility Tour | The University of Findlay

– You can’t be a horse lover and not fall in love with
the University of Findlay’s Western Equestrian Facility. Sharing 150 acre site with
the Animal Science Center, our Western Farm is just eight miles south of the main campus. The main office presents a warm welcome to students and visitors, while lobby windows offer a view of the Dale Wilkinson Arena, the largest of three indoor arenas. The entire arena can also be viewed from the second floor of the office. There’s room upstairs for observers and announcers who attend the many shows at our facility. The weather in Northwest Ohio makes an indoor riding venue a necessity. Our three indoor arenas allow for all season riding and training. The main arena is large enough to contain round pens and to accommodate cutting and trail classes. Across the aisle from the arena is a student lounge
with computer stations. A good place to study or eat lunch when you’re spending the day at the barn. There is also a large classroom used frequently by guess
instructors and lecturers. Each student is assigned one
of the large tack lockers that are adjacent to the arena, as are restrooms and vending machines. This area also houses digital scales used to weigh horses as part
of their health regiment. The main barn has more than 200 stalls separated by five aisles. A smaller staff barn houses horses owned by the University of
Findlay equestrian staff, or horses brought in for training. The main barn has an office for the barn managers, five wash racks, and an area for cleaning tack. Outbuildings are numerous. A reproduction shed can
accommodate lecture classes for the advanced elective courses, and also has a large stall for foaling, a veterinary office, and pharmacy. Turn out pens are located
throughout the facility, along with a sand arena
for riding outdoors. In addition, there are round pens for colt breaking, hot walkers, and a cutting steer shed. The University of Findlay’s
Western Equestrian Facility has many features that have been designed to comfortably and safely
accommodate students and horses. Our farm hosts several shows each season, a tax walk that draws
crowds from several states, and an annual horse sale. We can’t wait to see you on campus.

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  1. I do have a question, I am a junior in high school, and I have fallen in love with this program. But, I am still a green rider. How much will this affect my likelyhood of getting into this program?

  2. I can't wait to come to this school to either do western riding or English riding or animal science I love being around ALL animals

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