Wet City “Chapter 02″ | adult swim smalls

Wet City “Chapter 02″ | adult swim smalls

♪♪ I wasn’t much of a sailor
before the flood. Even now I never got used
to the open water. Nothing in sight
for thousands of miles. And beneath it all, strange creatures
inhabiting a forgotten world. Under normal circumstances, I might’ve stopped for some
treasure hunting, but not today. They took my [bleep] shark,
and I was going to get her back. Plus, it was night squid
mating season. The pod was sonaring me
from a few miles out. I needed to find safe harbor
before sundown. Given the choice
between death by squid and a night
with the Parrotheads, I’d normally choose death, but this wasn’t about me. ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Sizzling ] The rot gut kept
the squids away. Kept most sensible people
away, too. The plan was catch some Z’s,
push off by dawn, and make landfall
within three days. Then a ghost appeared. Rick… a disgraced commercial
real-estate broker I’d traded with once before. To be honest, I would’ve
expected someone to have drowned him by now,
but here he was, telling me he wanted
to come along for the ride. Apparently things weren’t
going so hot for him here on the flotilla. Something about a bad batch of teeth-whitening strips
he’d been peddling. Strangely enough, I felt sorry
for the guy, and who knows? I could probably use
the extra muscle. With the squid behind us,
the only thing to contend with was Rick’s endless babbling. Best way to grill a hot dog,
James Taylor’s greatest hit, different styles of belts —
it never ended. Nighttime was my only respite. [ Wind whistling ] Until it wasn’t. [ Squid screeches ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Water splashes ] As we approached the island, I actually thought
we made a decent team. Wrong again. ♪♪ Sold up the river for a couple
30-racks of light beer. I guess that’s what you get
for trusting a leather-faced
James Taylor fan. At least Verizon was okay. Like a trapped firefly,
glowing brighter than ever. ♪♪

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  1. 62.4% Of the comments: "This is actually really good."

    Why is it actually really good? Is it weird in some people's minds for shorts to have the possibility of being good?

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