What 1$ Can Buy You Around The World!

What 1$ Can Buy You Around The World!

From an entire meal to three pairs of sandals,
here is how much $1 can get you around the world 13.) Hungary Hungary is known to be one of the cheapest
travel destinations in the world. You can get a hotel room for as little as $14, a liter
of mineral water at a store for .60 cents, and a whole bottle of wine for $1! Hungary
joined the EU in 2004, but it still uses its own currency, the Forint which is about 250
Forint to a dollar right now. Shopping at the market you can get all kinds of alcohol
for a dollar, and about ½ a liter of beer for about $0.65. It all depends on what kind
of wine you are buying! You can also get a large baguette, a kilo
of seasonal fruit, and a coffee with a pastry. 12.) Philippines
Of course, if you want to enjoy all the activities the Philippines are famous for like scuba
diving and hiking up a volcano then of course you have to pay for it. But, there are also
many things you can get for $1 which equals about 49 Philippine pesos.
In Cebu, you can get about a half hour foot massage for an American dollar. Cebu is the
most densely populated island in the Philippines and is one of the most prosperous regions
in the country, with a growth rate of 8.8%. Cebu draws almost two million tourists a year.
In fact, the foot massages in Cebu are so popular that there are many places you can
get one, or several throughout the day because they are so cheap!
You can also see a movie, get some fried fish snacks, buy 4 liters of drinking water, and
3 lbs (1.3 kg) of rice. 11.) Colombia
The cheapest thing you can get in Colombia is the food! Right now $1 is about 3,000 pesos
which can easily get you a cup of coffee or an arepa with sugar cane tea! Depending on
the place, there are local restaurants where you can get a whole menu for $1 or $1.75 that
includes unlimited fresh squeezed juice, soup, a carb overload of pasta, rice, plantain,
and potatoes with chicken or meat. Even at high end restaurants it is almost impossible
to spend more than $50 per person since filet mignon is only about $10. It seems that Colombia
has not really been discovered by tourists yet so the prices are still affordable. I
went horseback riding up a mountain in a national park to the top where there is a place called
the hummingbird house. The 5 hour ride including a guide was only $40.
10.) Vietnam There are a lot of things you can buy in Vietnam
that are equal to an American dollar. For example a DVD, certain meals (depending on
the restaurant), a hat, 3 pairs of sandals, and 5 instant noodle packages.
If you are willing to spend more, then you can visit some of their more beautiful sites.
And this would definitely be worth it as Vietnam is known to be exotic and beautiful with its
green landscape and small villages. Some of the best attractions to see in Vietnam are
Ha Long Bay, which many visitors state is a magical place, like something right out
of a movie. Another attraction is Hoi, an Ancient Town which offers a breathtaking mix
of ornate Chinese temples, a Japanese-designed bridge, wooden shop-houses, French-colonial
houses, and old canals. My cousin has travelled all over the world and said that her favorite
place was Vietnam. There are also the Chi Chi Tunnels, My Son Hindu Sanctuary, The Sand
Dunes of Mui Ne, and the War Remnants Museum. None of these cost just a dollar.
9.) Chiang Mai, Thailand If you want to travel and buy as much as you
can for a dollar, Chiang Mai is the place to go. Chiang Mai is a city in northern Thailand
that is very mountainous. According to people who work there, they get their lunch delivered
to them every day for a dollar. Street food does not cost more than a dollar either. If
you have ever traveled anywhere, you know that one of the most expensive parts of a
vacation is the food. But if you can get most of your meals for a dollar, think of all the
money you could save…or spend on all the sites you could go see around the area. And
with Chiang Mai being one of the busiest cities, especially for tourists, in Thailand, there
is plenty to see! Also if you go off the tourist path things are probably even cheaper! The
question is, what can’t you get for $1! 8.) Croatia
In Croatia, you can get a big scoop of ice cream for about a dollar! If you are travelling
around Croatia in the summer, there is just one word you need to know that everyone will
understand: Ledo. Ledo is the Croatian word for ice cream that brings instant refreshment
and a wealth of flavors to excite your taste buds. Ledo is the region’s largest ice cream
manufacturer and has more than 235 different ice creams.
When saving your money on ice cream, you can go see many of Croatia’s other amazing sites.
Located in the Balkans, Croatia has become one of Europe’s top tourist destination
again since its War of Independence in the late 1990s. Other sites to see are Krka National
Park, medieval towns, and they even have budget trips. Although they don’t cost $1, they
can run as low as $16 and includes a guided tour of Dubrovnik where you can see the main
sites and hear stories about the city’s fascinating 1400 year history. You can also
maybe get a beer and some snacks for about $1 if you’re lucky.
7.) Norway You can’t get anything for a dollar in Norway.
6.) Chester, England England is a top place for tourists. But if
you go there you might want to bring some extra cash as it is one of the more expensive
tourist destinations. In fact, a dollar will only get you about half a loaf of bread. Or
half a cup of coffee. The UK is expensive and especially with the exchange rate, there
isn’t much you can get for a dollar. Maybe if you are creative you can leave us some
ideas in the comments below!! While you are in Chester, you probably want
to check out their amazing attractions, which is when the extra money will come in handy.
In general, you can get the following for about a dollar in England: 3/4 liter of milk,
half a liter of gas for your car, 2 cigarettes (that’s two single ones, not a packet), 3
apples, 2 days worth of the Sun tabloid newspaper, a small portion of fries, or a can of coke
from an office vending machine. 5.) South India
You can get A LOT for $1 in India. If you like rice and history, South India
would be the place to go for vacation. For a dollar, you can get an unlimited serving
of rice with rasam, sambar, curd, papad, and a sweet on a banana leaf. Basically, it is
rice with sides and a piece of tortilla-type bread (papad) all served on a big leaf. It
looks like a meal served on a leaf, which is pretty good for just $1! A loaf of white
bread is about $0.40, an hour at an internet cafe costs about $1.00, and so do 5 bananas.
And saving your money would not be a bad idea as South India is full of amazing places to
visit! On the list is Hampi, Karnataka, which is one of South India’s top historical destinations.
There is also Kerala Backwaters and Madurai, Tamil Nadu, which is home to one of the most
important and impressive temples in South India.
4.) Faroe Islands The Faroe Islands is self-governing and part
of the kingdom of Denmark. In the Faroe Islands, it is said you can get a pack of chewing gum,
2 apples at the supermarket, and maybe some candy for about $1. These islands are comprised
of 18 rocky, volcanic islands between Iceland and Norway in the North Atlantic Ocean, connected
by road tunnels, ferries, causeways and bridges. These islands are often called the “forgotten”
islands because they are not usually on tourists radar. But there is a lot to see here! The
landscape is gorgeous and there are wild horses on some of the islands. There is also a music
festival with famous DJs in July. You can hang out in beachside hot tubs and go hiking
in between! 3.) Egypt
Egypt is another location where you can basically get a meal for a dollar. However, this also
depends on where you are in Egypt. You already know this, the more touristy, the more expensive.
Some of the things you can get around Egypt for an American dollar are a koshary plate
which is an Egyptian dish which basically includes spaghetti, rice, lentils and fried
onions on top. Another option would be about ten Fool (beans) sandwiches, maybe even some
falafel, or in other parts of Cairo just a donut. So if you ever travel to Egypt, you
can def save money on food, which means, you can spend more money on seeing some amazing
sites, like the pyramids and getting some souvenir keychains!
2.) Costa Rica In Costa Rica, you can buy one papaya, one
watermelon, one pineapple… and perhaps a cup of coffee. Costa Rica is said to be one
of the most beautiful places for someone to visit. It is also called the “rich coast”.
Now it is full of expats so the prices of things have definitely gone up! $1 is about
565 Colones. No need to worry because they will happily take dollars as well. Of course
it is worth it with all the surfing, farm-to-table restaurants, and sustainable tourism. It is
also one of the world’s most biodiverse countries, with a half a million species – from insects
to giant anteaters. You can also see sloths, keel-billed toucans, blue morpho butterflies,
monkeys, sharks, and dolphins. A recent study showed that many Costa Ricans
live longer, healthier lives than people on the rest of the planet, and it all comes down
to pura vida! 1.) Vienna, Austria
In Vienna, a dollar would buy you a freshly baked Kornspitz (a kind of bread roll), but
wouldn’t be enough for a salty pickle from a street market or a short-distance public
transport ticket. However, with the change from that Kornspitz, you can visit the museum
of applied art on a Saturday since it’s free of charge.
Vienna, holds the legacy of the powerful Habsburg monarchy. And of course for you classical
music lovers, it is the City of Music with a musical heritage that includes Mozart, Haydn,
Strauss, and everyone in between. But yeah, besides Hungary, Europe isn’t cheap!!
So in conclusion it seems like your dollar will go much further in India, Thailand, and
the Philippines. Have fun and safe travels! Be sure to subscribe
and see you next time!!

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  1. In Australia, You can only get like 4 things for a dollar.. EACH. A 1.25 litre soft drink. 2 lollipops. a McDonald's hamburger or a large frozen drink.

  2. wow, a mie sedap ๐Ÿ˜‚
    In indonesia a dollar can get you
    4 hours at an internet cafe
    1 kg of potatoes
    3/4 kg of chicken eggs
    5 Pcs of noodles depends on brand

  3. Ive been to every country in central america and Costa Rica was the MOST expensive out of all of them. If you are looking for a cheap but beautiful country to visit, go to Nicaragua. The biodiversity is similar to Costa Rica, there are more volcanos, lots of hiking and outdoor excursions to do, AND the food is cheap.

  4. In Manila, the Philippines, one US$ (about PhP50.00, January 2018), can buy you the following:
    1. A decent enough meal, consisting of a cup rice, a veggie viand, a meat viand and soup, in a restaurant that is not in a Mall.
    2. About 4 hamburgers (buy 1, take 1) and some change or a foot long hotdog sandwich and a bottle of soda and still some change..
    3. About 2 hours of internet surfing
    4. About 4+ bottles of soda from a sari-sari store (convenience store) and change for a stick of cigarette
    5. About 10 sticks of Marlboro cigarettes, from a sari-sari store
    6. About 2 bottles of beer
    7. 2 6-gallon containers of purified water
    8. 2 1/2 loaves(small) of white bread
    9. Half a can of Ma-Ling, (Chinese brand of meat loaf)
    10. If taking the LRT or MRT (train in Metro Manila) could get you pretty much from beginning to end points.
    To name just a few…

  5. we barely can get anything under a dollar in malaysia. thanks to the corrupted prime minister najib razak. please make a video about najib razak

  6. i didn't have to think about my anxious boredom thanks to this vid. hah you included Norway just to say nothing is affordable for a dollar's worth haha. this vid makes me wanna travel.

  7. pure bullshit, the exchange rate is good for Americans at the moment in UK and you can get a coffee for a dollar in some places, you can also get a loaf of bread for a dollar too…

  8. Okay. I donโ€™t know why you included things that you canโ€™t get for a dollar when the name of the list is, โ€œThings you CAN get for a dollar around the world!โ€

  9. In Bangladesh, You can by 1kg Onion in 1$ Dollar. But 1kg Onion in 1$ , It's very expansive for us. We can by only half kg Onion for a Weak. You Can also by Eight Eggs in $ Dollar.

  10. I've been to Chester once, it's beautiful but so expensive! I doubt you can get anything there for a dollar but if you love history then you'll love Chester.

  11. Did I miss something or does everything in Hungary cost either $0.65 or $1? ๐Ÿ™‚

    A cool bonus fact would have been how much it would cost to go to each of these countries in order to buy something for $1.

  12. Me and my boyfriend are Norwegian, and we thought this was HILARIOUS.. and kinda sad that it's so expensive here in norway.

  13. BS! The second they see you as a foreigner, the merchant will increase their price as much as they can. The taxi drivers are the biggest thieves. Despite all the pitfalls If you can see the world.

  14. It is also cheap to go to russia, but i would recommend traveling in a group. But in the winter amd summer, Russia is a very beautiful place.

  15. thanks for your interesting video. Hungary has an obesity problem. hardly ironic considering the English translation of its name. Egypt also has a serious obesity problem. Croatia, Austria and Costa Rica are very peaceful countries. the 'sun' paper is sleezy, pornographic gutter press for the uneducated.

  16. That was a not a picture of papad..papad isn't anything like bread…it more like chips and is made of chickpeas…please do proper research before teaching us crap we can't trust

  17. 4:23 Ledo is not a Croatian word for icecream. Icecream is called sladoled in Croatian. Ledo is just an icecream brand, it is same as saying Carvel is a word for icecream in US. And, yes, it is about 1 euro or even 1 dollar per scoop, not just in Croatia but more or less everywhere in eastern Europe – should it be more expensive? It's mostly just frozen water isn't it? How much would be left if you took the ice out?

  18. I'm learning Norwegian in preparation for a trip I hope to take and got SO EXCITED when you got to Norway. for about 2 seconds and my hopes were CRUSHED

  19. For the attention of the US citizens viewers: As you may not know, the US dollar isn't legal tender in most countries like Europe and Africa so, please remember to change your dollar into the local currency before shopping. For the attention of non-US citizens: I of course am aware that Europe and Africa aren't countries. I'm just trying to simplify the message for our US American friends.

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