What Happened At The Beaver Creek Downhill Skiing Race In Colorado

and the menstrual moves on from Lake Louise to Beaver Creek in Colorado on the world-famous birds-of-prey downhill track from Beaver Creek Colorado we look good to go welcome to Beaver Creek Colorado the men’s alpine ski racing world capsule Beaver Creek is just the second stop on tour but stakes are high as it’s one of the most intense downhill races of the season Beaver Creek is one of my favorites runs in the World Cup it’s possibly the most exciting course to ski the athletes we can really push to see what’s possible among the competitors this weekend is axel loons Findo dominic paris and thomas dressin axel is a speed skiing superstar whose record is the stuff of legend though he’s won five World Cup races in Beavercreek he’s been battling injuries over recent years this weekend he’s out to prove that he still has what it takes I think it’s always important to have a good game plan if the plan works on the first training all right that’s always nice but the most important is that on race day you’re in a yellow ballast this season axel is still carrying a thumb injury that he hopes won’t affect him this weekend so I tore some ligaments so I just have to prepare a little earlier obviously after I taped up third Pole I can’t like buckle my boots of like that Sammy helped italy’s Dominic Paris is known among his peers as a pure speed merchant a specialist downhiller who fronts a heavy metal band in his spare time with nine wins and 23 podiums he’s charging hard to win the overall downhill globe this season so a successful race here at the birds of prey is essential Chris looks pretty good that slivered soft because it was snowing the last week so they worked a lot and I hope it’s coming better for the race a 24-year old Thomas dressin is a rising star from Germany who won his first World Cup podium here last year with two wins last season including the prestigious Haan and calm downhill dressing is looking to make his mark on this season before his feet you really have to be ready in your mind and you have to have the course in your mind because during skiing there’s no time first thinking about where do you have to go right now or is this a good direction that I need so it all has to be visualized in your in your head the birds of prey downhill is a perennial favorite amongst speed skiers as it’s a complete test of their skills and the most challenging section is known as the brink it’s a section of the course that the skiers are forced to tackle almost blindly as The Brink’s 174 foot drop gives way to the dark and treacherous Talon turn plant inspection every year you think like how should they go around that corner yeah it’s not so easy term because it’s very steep you have to go in down straight and then it’s a very high compression on the feet you know you’re doubting yourself Oh buts coming in there if this is the right line but you just have to commit to something when you dive in the exit is like way over there so you can’t really look for the exit so you have to commit before you see the exit you kind of face your face a little bit but it’s one of the most fun turns on the whole tour and if you do it right you get your water as well because then you’re away faster and the others from Beaver Creek Colorado downhill number two of the tour is just a few moments away spindle the Olympic downhill champion is the big favorite of the day on the world-famous birds-of-prey spindle holds the record of for downhill victories but perhaps most importantly he’s won the last two it’s always been a hell for me that’s been special I had good memories from the beginning it’s just mind-blowing will T’s accomplished and how he came back of injuries spindles horrific crash in Beaver Creek in 2007 might’ve ended his promising career but against enormous odds he returned to win the downhill in super-g on the same Hill that nearly killed him 12 months before had a big crash dirt with him again coming back to Mexico win me a really cool moment after experiencing the peaks and valleys of the sport at Beaver Creek axle transformed his outlook and approach to each season and has become a legend one of the very best so I don’t set a goal like I’m gonna wouldn’t be repeat that’s not really how my mind works because there’s so much I can happen one rival watching Axel at Beaver Creek is 31 year old bay out fights the two waged in an epic battle last year to claim the season’s top spot fights ultimately prevailed last year was pretty crazy mium fights that we ended up one and two and overall for down L and if you take every single race through the winter including the one face we’re something like 800 apart so that was a close race and it came down to the last race and that’s the situation you want to be obviously if you can be those eight hundreds that have the end of the winter instead of 800 s behind that’s where you want really want to be but I think it’s more that you want to be one of those guys that are there everything weaken and fight for the top three portfolium places because that’s how you end up on the board fighting for the overall title and I know just before the downhill is set to begin the weather forces a late change in the course eliminating the gliding section where Axl especially excels that due to the weather forecast and the snowy storm over the past 48 hours we have lowered the start gate by quite a way usually be retreat kind of starts off with like a nice gliding and then you really have to switch their mindsets diving into the break and now I think Beaver Creek is better when you have the whole course but in the end you have to ski it like it’s set up so focus on yourself and try to do the best you can do weather still is a concern here for the world’s fastest ski races these conditions are very difficult there’s gonna be a tough race for everyone if it’s a lot of wind and a lot of snow but if it’s tough for everyone then there were the best guy was the one [Music] anticipation yields to reality as the race gets underway and axle is among the first to attack the course it’s kind of funny how the mind works because when you push hard you have a lot of situations where you’re not exactly in control very light on his feet coming over rouses roll and that’s why we’ve got that point 1/4 of an advantage for spin down it might be hundreds of a second to arms a second where your reactions are thinking oh this is bad but you always bring it back somehow to razors later Bay at Fort gets his chance aiming to chase axle from the top spot [Music] amid the snowy expanse Thomas dress and readies for his turn to challenge the hill look at the difference in the snowfall look at the difference in the visibility I always just tried to do what they did in the training runs before a race [Music] Dressen needs to take a podium position here he’s a lovely skier very aggressive fearless youngster I’m just focusing on good scheme and letting discus run when you don’t have fear in your person you’re able to see such an aggressive flight and he’s got everything pinpoint accurate so far the smallest mistake is not we are not losing time maybe you’re crashing for a split second he lost where he was Dressen falls hard hitting the fence at nearly 80 miles per hour leaving him with serious shoulder and knee injuries that will likely take him out for the season it’s a brutal blow for the rising star but likes findell Paris and so many others that have come before him Dressen plans to come back stronger and faster than before on the mountain the focus moves back to racing Dominic Paris and his dance with the perilous downhill the Italian who was third in the opening downhill of the season last Saturday I think when you’re a good shave you have good feeling on the skis and everything you can push more on this limit he’s rolled on and not really getting that much flight through the air which is same to me that his speed has gone slightly from this run but Dominic’s push is not enough and a podium position eludes him [Applause] [Music] I have no speed rail and maybe I was delivered to journey well that’s best and tomorrow’s new day Racing closes with axel in third behind Morel Caviezel but the podium marks the Norwegians 14th at Beaver Creek tied for most by a male skier at any single ski resort that means I’m all done with doing this for a long time I mean it had a lot of success so I mean there’s a reason why I like beer Creek to fortune podiums that’s a lot of good races let’s put this way if I was as good at the resort as I’m at Beaver Creek it would be an even better career later festivity shine a brilliant light on the downhill awards and big draw for the next day super-g race axle shares the moment with his Norwegian teammates they are his second family united by the demands of their sport through the whole year its parts of April and May but we don’t hang out and most of July the rest of the ever you know you’re stuck with your teammates and if they’re cool guys them that’s not necessarily a bad thing [Music] people ask for the secret ingredients and how you can be so good friends and competitors at the same time but it has been and still is somehow Norway against the bigger nations in the world and we work after the simple principle that if we all pull in the same direction it’ll make all of us better if you work out with your teammates I think that’s a real advantage even if you’re really dedicated it’s hard to have a good day every single day but being with a group of people there’s someone else I’ll have a good day and they will kind of like you know lift you one thing is fairly certain you’re not gonna in every race you race and there’s gonna be a lot of disappointments and returning them to a true team that is the family where we can have fun and enjoy the company and that makes for a better life stance so all in all we’re fierce competitors in those two minutes that we’re raising here and apart from that we’re hanging out as any other the day after the down hill another snowy morning at Beaver Creek is causing problems for the super-g race coming up yard and again white stuff from the sky forces adjustments on the ground I propose if you start 11:32 keep one and eleven fifty POV then as they wait for the snow to put on the brakes racers and coaches inspect the course a challenging combination of two other disciplines it’s a super here a supply speed of Daniel technical terms of John’s long they’re not allowed to practice on the racetrack like they are in downhill Dominick Paris is pursuing his first podium here in Beaver Creek pack saloons fender is hunting his fifteenth a mark that would eclipse Marcel here shirts for the most of any male skier at a single resort after an hour’s delay due to heavy snow finally super gene number two of the Men’s World Cup tool is about to get underway the men braved the formidable course it’s very difficult to see the snow pack today they push through these difficult conditions in the end Dominick and Axel are successful in what they came to do both finishing in a three-way tie for third with Axel’s teammate and friend Alexander a mock kill day I didn’t expect Bo Diamond Super G because last year was not working well and I arrived with not so much confidence from Lake Lewis so I pushed really hard and tried to get the good line and yeah just weeks out from hand surgery axel stands proudly atop his fifteenth podium at Beaver Creek the moment is especially sweet as he breaks Marcel heroes record of fourteen podiums and a single World Cup location well I mean Marcel’s a pretty awesome skier so he might take that record back but the I’ll enjoy it for as long as I have it on the next episode of in search of speed it promises to be a clock the jacket what is really unique is that we are skiing chance long race on a downhill slope the terrain is pretty big if you make a small mistake it costs you a lot of time for this race I’m coming from Europe so creepy snow is a little bit different never any victories so for sure in my career it will be really great to get this one how much pain are you willing to endure before you’re at the finish welcome to Beaver Creek Colorado the men’s alpine ski racing

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