8 thoughts on “What is YOUR current set up? An inline skating talk with Gregory Hoaja | RUS CC

  1. Customized black and white them 908’s with Roman Abrate myfit liners, black 50/50 balance frames, and white juice blocks. Symmetrics 60mm wheels and them goods abec 7 bearings.

  2. I roll on various skates depending on my mood: Powerslide HC EVO pro trinity ( various frames running from 225 mm to 243 mm; various wheel sizes from 80-125)) MPC Black Magic wheels; SEBA FR1 273 mm frames 90 mm wheels MPC black Magic or 243 mm 80 mm wheels Hydrogen wheels.; Rollerblade Twister edge 243 mm frame 80 mm hydrogen wheel; Powerslide Gran Prix boot 273 mm frame 90mm Atom boom magic wheels; Bont Semi-race 12.5" frame 100 mm wheels black magic or Roadwar wheels; Rollerblade twister 243 mm frame 80 mm wheels hydrogen; Powerslide Vanta various frames and wheels; hhmmm a few others I rarely use such as the SEBA GT90. That's it! I hope to get a pair of Powerslide Next boots soon.

  3. PowerSlide Swell 3x100mm. Looking to get PowerSlide Next 3×110 in the new year. And still have my faithful old Seba FR2s 4×80, my first skates. For park, USD Aeons flat 62mm. Give aggressive a try, I'm way older than you and been doing it three months. It's a blast.

  4. You know I'm skating in Powerslide NEXT 110 right from the box, and thinking about changing my t-stopping foot wheels, because they are already pretty worn now. Maybe i will buy some luminous 110 soon, cause it's very dark now when I'm skating home from work.
    Nice vid!

  5. 3×110 ; 3×125 ; 4×80 These are my favorite setups and I swap them regulaly because I like them all. I'm on powerslide Tau.

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