4 thoughts on “what is your tactic for point inline speed skating race? (pascal briand vlog 237)

  1. Hello Pascal,

    Your new camera has a perfect stereo setup, the voices of this 360 deg camera are coming exactly from where the people appear in the image!

    But, I think the fisheye perspective from above is, well…, a bit difficult to get used to. 😉 If you could use this style element a bit less and pull the perspective in the interview to perfectly straight lines it would be easier to watch. 🙂

    Today I was skating with friends. Please don't laugh about the little distance. But I think about 20 kms are o.k. for an overweight (re-)beginner.

    Will you be once again in Berlin???

    P.S.: I like your intro with the saxophone and your harmonic swinging movements in the tutorials! 🙂👍

  2. Pascal l'interviewer fou haha, trop bon d'être dans l'ambiance des chambres d'appel ; et puis les gars sont sympas et te répondent volontiers ; à moins que tu n'es pas mis les refus ?

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