What It Feels Like to Fly off a Mountain on Skis

What It Feels Like to Fly off a Mountain on Skis

(haunting music) – [Sarah] When I go down the slope, it takes me three seconds to get from zero to 60 miles an hour. (dramatic music)
(skis whooshing) I honestly can’t explain
what it feels like, even after 15 years of doing the sport. My name is Sarah Hendrickson, and I’m an Olympic ski jumper. Ski jumping is a sport where
I go down a two-track slope at 55 miles an hour and,
when the slope ends, I jump, flying about a football
field in length in the air. (dramatic music) When I’m getting ready to go,
the smell is of the fresh air from the trees and the snow in the area and the feeling of cold,
brisk air on my face. When I put my goggles on,
I know it’s time to go. (dramatic music) My eyesight, when I’m
going down the slope, is right in front of the tips of my skis. My skis are bouncing up
and down in the track against the ice, it feels like clatter. If you hear it, it’s like a rumble. The flight takes three seconds, but honestly time slows
down and it feels like an eternity where I get to enjoy flying. As I’m flying, I can’t hear anything. It’s completely silent all around. The wind on my body feels
like when you put your hand out of a car window
going 60 miles an hour. Moving it up and down, you
can feel the lift and drag it has on your hand. That’s like ski jumping
but for your whole body. As I’m flying, I’m totally alone. I’m in control of all my
senses and all my movements. It’s the best feeling in the world. (dramatic music) (electronic tones chiming)

64 thoughts on “What It Feels Like to Fly off a Mountain on Skis

  1. I'm suprised you chose to interview an American, as your videos are usually very diverse and practically all the top atheletes in this sport are European or Japanese.

  2. Yes! Thank you for sharing this video with us! I love figure skating, it's my favorite sport. But it gets me hypnotized and astonished to watch ski jumpers tournaments. This is a beautiful sport, and I always wondered how it feels to fly so high and land so easily

  3. It feel so good to hear someone talking about what they love doing

    I hope one day, i will love what i am doing, and i will do what i love

  4. Either this is a double upload or you stole this video from another uploader. Because i just watched this the other day. 😕

  5. This is a rather small tambourine, search for ""oberstdorf helmet cam"" on YouTube to see some flight footage of off an 200m + tambourine, it is not for the faint of heart

  6. You can tell she was reading off a script and for some reason that bothered me like obviously you would buy it just sounded unnatural

  7. humans turning into flying squirrels…
    Also nononono I'm afraid of heights and I recently found out I'm afraid of going too fast down the mountain and falling on my face, Idk how you can go so fast and fling yourself into the air. I would have a heart attack just standing on the edge of the ramp, I'd freak out and not start properly and literally tumble down that ramp.
    Plus WHY didn't she say anything about how to LAND the jump? Most important part of getting to do it again.

  8. why does this girl sound like she’s doing an oral presentation of a paper in front of her class? really makes the whole narration feel very insincere

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