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hi my name’s Liv personally I love
hiking in the wintertime and it isn’t too fun if you’re freezing your buns off
the whole time so today we’re going to talk about fine-tuning your layering
systems so that you can get the optimal amount of comfort while you’re out on
the trail all right so our first layer we’ve got our base layer this layer here
is generally either going to be merino wool or synthetic material try to avoid
cotton base layers at all costs it’s not going to be able to wick moisture away
and insulate as well as either merino wool or a synthetic layer we’ll be able
to hear purpose of this is to trap and a nice thin layer of heat next to you keep
your warm as well as wick any excess moisture away our second layer is going
to be your mid layer some folks prefer just one long big parka as their mid
layer to keep them nice and warm personally I like to break my mid layer
into two pieces so I’ve got a lighter weight fleece that I’ll wear as I’m
hiking going down the trail working up a heat and then once I stopped to take a
break or set up camp that’s when I’ll throw on my warmer mid layer my down
jacket over the fleece jacket and then lastly we’ve got your outer layer or
your shell the shell usually gets broken out when you’re trying to keep off wind
or if the weather happens to turn a little inclement in some rain or snow
hits it’s going to help keep you dry and again keep that brisk breeze off alright
now that we’ve figured out how to stay warm up top we’re gonna talk about some
other ways to keep yourself warm out on the trail in the winter first evaluate
your socks try to avoid cotton socks at all costs we’re gonna look for something
that’s either merino wool like these ones here or perhaps something synthetic
I know it’s cold out and you might feel tempted to put on a nice thick burly
pair of socks but if you pair those really thick socks with your already
snug fitting boots you could risk losing circulation your feet and therefore
being cold so sometimes lighter is better make sure
that your socks fit well with your shoes you’ve got room to wiggle your toes and
if your feet are still cold consider some toe warmers after that we’ve got
gloves make sure that your hands are staying warm so you can go with some
nice thick gloves or perhaps some mittens I do prefer mittens because they
keep my fingers together and therefore my hands are staying warmer but under
those mittens I like to have at least some thin like these guys merino wool
gloves they’re basically the base layers for my hand
and that way I can take a mitten off take a picture grab a snack from my pack
and not run the risk of my fingers getting cold last but not least protect
your noggin make sure that you’ve got a beanie that’s going to keep your head in
your ears warm perhaps one that’s wind proof and I also
like to throw on a neck gaiter it’s a nice little kind of circular scarf that
wicks well and keeps a little bit of heat in and that way if I happen to get
particularly cold I can pull it up over my mouth and nose and hit the trail all
right this is what I like and what I prefer if you guys have any other
questions want to learn some more check out our other videos and I’ll see you on
the trail

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