What’s in my grooming tote? – SmartPaker Sara

Hi, I’m Sara, I’m from customer
care, and today we’re going to talk about what’s
in my grooming tote. First of all, I want to
tell you a little bit about me and my horse. My horse Charlie is a
13-year-old off the track Thoroughbred. He’s the love of my life. He’s beautiful. One of our favorite activities
is actually grooming. He probably doesn’t need
it as much as others because he does get
the SmartShine Ultra, so he is pretty
handsome on his own. But one of the most fabulous
things about grooming is the bond that you form
with your horse in that time. We’ll talk a little
bit about my bag itself and then we’ll dive in
and see what I have. The first thing about this,
which is actually the Roma Deluxe Grooming Tote in Navy. One of the best
features of it, which is actually probably
a bad thing, is that it holds so much stuff. Like literally, I
feel like Mary Poppins every time I’m pulling
something out of this bag. It’s like, never
ending, bottomless bag. If you can see, there’s
pouches or pockets all the way around the bag. There’s actually a few
pockets on the inside, so you can really
organize your stuff. Honestly, I’m not
very good about that but I tried to clean it
up for you guys today. On the outside, if you want
to store something that’s a little bit taller than
the pocket itself, the trim, it looks like just
piping almost. It’s actually an elastic so it
holds your bottles in place. You don’t have to worry
about stuff falling out. Another feature about this bag
that I love– and again, it really helps because if you
load it up the way I do, it gets a little bit heavy. This handle is padded. I actually groom Charlie most of
the time when he’s out grazing. So literally, he’s
walking around and I’m just carrying
this bag over my shoulder. I might look a little
bit silly, but it’s so much more comfortable
with this padded handle. So that’s the bag. Let’s see what I have in it. Lots of fun things. We’ll start on the outside. So first, this is apparently
my hoof care pocket. I use – you guys
probably can’t see it because it’s a little bit messed
up, but this is the No Thrush. Charlie doesn’t usually
have a thrush issue, but I like to do
this for maintenance. And then the powder
is actually also really good for rain rot
and scratches, which we do sometimes have an issue with. So that’s my first thing. I also have the hoof pick
brush with grip in blue. Most of my stuff is blue. That’s one of the
fun things, too, is when you can color
coordinate with your stuff, and then people
can’t steal yours. The next thing on the
outside is the Cowboy Magic – the top’s loose – the Cowboy
Magic Detangler and Shine. This stuff is awesome. I was raised in barns where we
don’t comb our horses’ tails. We finger pick. If you’re going to
finger pick a tail, you have to put a
detangler and shine in it. This one smells delightful. I actually put a little in my
own tail before we started. Oh, it smells so good. It’s filthy, but that’s OK. We’re barn people. Next thing, Shedding Blade. If you have a Thoroughbred,
my guy gets blanketed, but he does get a
pretty good coat. Thoroughbreds are awesome
because they shed in like a day. I am known around my barn
as the retired pony groomer, meaning retired ponies. I’m not retired. So I actually don’t use
this so often on Charlie but I use it more
on our other horses. And I know there
can be a concern about cross contamination. I wipe this off after every
use of a different horse. That’s my Shedding Blade. Actually, to go along with
that, the Slick and Easy – so mine is in rough shape
so I just got a new one. The Slick and Easy Grooming
Block is amazing for shedding. You can actually, if you guys
have ever used it, you use it and it kind of dulls
as you’re going along. You then just find
a hard surface and you scrape it and it
comes back sharp again so you can just keep going. There’s nothing better
than shedding a horse out. You feel so accomplished. Slick and Easy. I’m telling you, these
pockets are endless. The next thing I have is the
Zephyr’s Garden Sore Muscle Liniment. So Charlie actually was
just retired last week. So I was using this more
when he was working, but this is a great, light
mist, also smells delicious. After work, I usually
put it on his back. Sometimes his back’s
a little sore. Or tendons and
ligaments down his legs. Love this stuff. Let’s see. What other treasures
do we have in here? It is fly season, so
the flies are out. So I always have my
fly spray in my tote, again, because I’m
usually out walking around when I brush him. The new Outsmart is awesome. What I mostly love about it is
that I can actually spray it on myself, too, so I’m a
little bit more comfortable when we’re out on the grass. I have a few curry combs
because, again, currying is a lot like shedding and you
just can’t do enough of it. I have three
curries for my pony. The first is the
soft rubber – I think this is the Soft Face Curry. He is a Thoroughbred, but
he actually really loves a good, strong curry. This is not what
I use on his body, like you’ll hear about
for most Thoroughbreds. He likes this on his face. He loves to have
his face curried, so that’s what I
do with this one. Now my other two, the
rubber hand curry, which has the teeth. A lot of Thoroughbreds
would be like, no, don’t touch me with that. He loves this curry. If he’s really hairy
or really dirty, this is my favorite one because
this kind of a weird thing, but you’ll get huge
clumps of hair off. And when you see them
floating around the barn, again, it’s that sense
of accomplishment. And then my regular curry. It’s filthy, but if
you can appreciate, it’s the blue glitter Rubber
Curry Comb, again, just for everyday use. This is usually my
summertime curry. So I went to the
SmartPak store and I tried to be really good about
not coming home with anything, but you can’t come
home with nothing. So orange is my favorite color. I went upstairs and I
found in the Beastie Brush box a beautiful orange and teal
dandy brush that I had to have. I would say it’s
Charlie’s favorite, too. I don’t know that to
be a fact, but I’m going to say because it’s
orange, it’s also his favorite. My nice medium brush. And then I usually
just finish up with a nice, soft brush
to add that shine again. Never leave home
without your duck tape. Duck tape. Love it. And us barn girls, if we can add
in a little bit of fun color, we will. The MTG. I love MTG. So Charlie grows a really nice
tail, but for some reason, he loves to stick his
head through the fence and he rubs out just
one patch in his mane. And he does have kind of
a long, scraggly mane. I do brush it out,
finger brush it out, but the MTG really helps
with those rubbed out spots. I also use this a lot on the
other ponies that I play with. I keep my bit wipes
in my bag, too. I always wipe my bit
down after I ride, but I actually also
wipe it down before I ride so that it refreshes
that peppermint flavor. Delicious. They come in apple, too, but
peppermint’s our favorite. We’re getting close
to the bottom. So treats. We all love our ponies,
so I’m sure everyone has treats in their tote. I love the Giddyap Girls. You can see, though, that
I have a combination. I’m getting low on
the Giddyap Girls so I refilled it
with Superstars. This is just the jar
that I always use. Love our treats. But we can’t forget
the barn dogs, so I always have
WellBars in my tote. We have anywhere from
1 to 12 dogs at a time running around the farm
and they know exactly where to find the treats in my tote. Thank you for
watching, and if you want to check out what
other SmartPakers have in their grooming totes,
please check out our playlist. Also be sure to
subscribe to our channel and leave a comment below. Thanks again, and
have a great ride.

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