What’s in my saddle bag? – SmartPaker Celli

What’s in my saddle bag? – SmartPaker Celli

Hi. I’m Celli from Customer
Care here at SmartPak, and today we’re going to talk
about what’s in my saddle bag. And we’re going to talk about a
lot of stuff in the saddle bag, but please click on
the links so that you can learn more about them. So here at SmartPak
we have a lot of variety of different riders. I used to ride
competitively English, now I actually ride Western
doing some rein cow horse stuff and I enjoy going
out on the trails. My horse’s name
is Louie, and he’s three years old, Quarter Horse,
and we’re just getting started. And we love to go
out on the trails. So today I brought
my Cashel saddle bag and I have jammed it
with a ton of stuff. So this goes on the
back of your saddle. So this is the Cashel in black. And I’m going to
open it up and we’re going to talk
about what’s in it. So right off the bat I
have my water bottle, and so I always have that. So that’s here. And then the first thing
I try to not forget is my Professional’s
Choice Clinician Halter that you can get
here at SmartPak. And this is just for
safety, could be for Louie, it could be for a buddy
that we’re out on trails, for any reason I have my
Professional’s Choice Clinician Halter with an extra long lead. I believe it’s about
15 feet, so that I can use it and pony any
horse that might get naughty on the trails. So I’ve got that. And then I also have
the very next thing I try to remember to
put on me as well as Louie is clipped in here
is our identification tag that I strap in here so
it doesn’t get loose. So on all of the medical
identification card I have Louie’s information. God forbid if we
ever get separated, he’s got it in his saddle bag
and I actually have it on me. So that’s in here. I also have our
mini wound care kit. This is a mini version. It has a ton of stuff in it,
including Vetrap and gauze, and then most importantly
your rubber gloves. So we have that on hand
for humans and horses out on the trails. The other thing I
like to point out is that I put in here
my little Tick Ease. So as we all know with
fly season, tick season and a little trick of
the trade over the years a friend of mine
actually mentioned, smother your tick with
any petroleum jelly or anything really thick
and then use your Tick Ease to just scoop out that tick. So I try to keep an eye
on that out on trails so that we don’t come
back into the barn and he’s loaded with ticks. So I have that. What else do I got in here? So going along with
the mini wound care, I have the AluShield. So it’s really convenient
to wash out your wound if you happen to get
a wound out on trails and spray it with the AluShield. It’s really been beneficial. And then going with that,
I do take my Wonder Dust, which you can tell has
been many years old. Any kind of really bad
wound that is actually bleeding at the time I’ll
wash out, try to treat, but then your Wonder Dust is
going to help clot that blood. So that’s going to be
really great out on trails. Traditional hoof pick. Out on rocky trails I have here
also to reapply your Endure Fly Spray. So I have this mini
roll that I’ll reapply Louie as we are
walking out on trails. So I’ve got that in there. If it fits, I bring it with me. Then I also have
our lavender balm. It’s just something that
I’ll grab with me so if I have a little
nick or scrape or going through the brush I
have it right in my saddle bag. I don’t have to open
up a huge kit there to kind of find
something I need. I can just take this out and
put it on a wound if I need it. It smells really good. Sunscreen, we all have
sunscreen to reapply. So that was all on one side. I also bring with
me Louie’s fly mask. So I have one that stays at
the barn and then one that stays in my saddle bag. So I have his fly mask. I will take it off if he doesn’t
need it and it gets warm. So that’s there. And I’ll put right
on top of my bridle and whatever I’m
riding in that day. So that was all on one side. So here, which is really cool,
is actually an insulated pocket that I store my
Pak-A-Roo Parka in if I know it’s going to rain. So that goes in here. But if you don’t
need your parka, this is insulated so you can
put some lunch and some snacks in there. So here is the Outback Pak-A-Roo
Parka, super easy to store. And then it just
unfolds, and you are ready to kind of weather
the storm if you’re out and it’s raining and
you need some coverage and some waterproofing. And so that was
stuffed in there. And then the couple
last things I have is a really durable
pair of SSG gloves. These are still
my winter version, but they’re fabulous for having
to take away brush, twigs, logs, or anything like that. And those will stay in
there during the winter and then I’ll switch
them out for my summer. And then the very last thing
is just a pocket knife, just something to keep on you in case
you need a pocket knife to help you along the trail. But that’s what’s
in my saddle bag. It’s quite a lot. Some people will choose to
do a couple of more saddle bags in the front, but I find
the Cashel fits everything, especially with
these extra pockets. I only put my water and
my fly mask in there, so you can jam it with as
much stuff as you want. I take it if I think
I’m going to need it. So that’s what’s
in my saddlebag. Well, thanks for watching
and seeing what’s in my saddlebag, what I take
with me when Louie and I go out on trails. He loves it and he loves that
I have all this extra stuff in case we need it. Please check out
all of the links and our website to learn
more about the products that we carry, especially
what’s in my saddle bag, and all the other awesome
videos that we have. They’re pretty hilarious. So have a great ride.

11 thoughts on “What’s in my saddle bag? – SmartPaker Celli

  1. I love SmartPak and I love these videos. But why do you need all this for a trail ride?! On trail rides I make sure I have enough water for me to drink and my phone. That's it. That's all you need.

  2. Jeez that's a lot 😉 I take water for me (never ride long enough for him to get really thirsty, always offer him a bucket as soon as I get back). I keep medical stuff in the trailer..

  3. This is the Mary Poppins carpet bag of the western equestrian world! It keeps coming and coming, but if you ever get into trouble, she's the girl you wish you were riding with. Good for her for bring prepared for anything!

  4. good lord i go on 20 mile trail rides and take less with me. i also feel as if with all that heavy stuff in the one side that her saddle bags are unbalanced and that can cause damage to your horses spine over the long term. (i work for a mixed practice vet and have been trail riding for 11 years)

  5. guys wont the bag be heavy for the horse sorry if this is a stupid question  ut I am really new to horses xxx plz reply thanks xxxx

  6. Oh goodness; I can't imagine actually lugging a halter around on trails. Buy a combo halter/bridle; it makes so much more sense.

  7. Another handie thing for your horse is a colapsoble bucket you can get them at camping and backpacking suppliers that are great if you find some water but can’t get your horse into position to drink from it either because the footing around it is bad or he just can’t reach or if it’s a tap

  8. Looks like you bring what you feel you might need. Don't listen to all the know-it-alls who try to tell YOU what you should or shouldn't bring or need. Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

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