– We’re back home, the good news is Carter’s feeling better
so we’re finally gonna be able to tell Stephen
what the surprise is. Let’s go inside and surprise him. – Surprise. Here we go. – [Male] Carter! – [Stephen] Oh my gosh, stop. – [Male] Oh my gosh. – Woo! Rise and shine Sharers, it is time finally to find out what the big surprise is. I have been doing nothing
the past couple of days but looking out this
window seeing any activity that has been going on. Although I haven’t figured
out exactly what’s going on, there have been a couple
suspicious things. First off, there was a
mysterious package delivered to the house yesterday. (mysterious music) Now packages come to
the house all the time. We get fan mail. We get awesome cool toys sent to us but something was mysterious
about this certain package because it was dropped
off, left at the front door but by the time I went to open the door and see where the package
was, there was nothing there. (crickets chirping) So that makes me wonder. Somebody picked up this package. The question is what was the
package and where did it go? So then I got to thinking,
let’s check the basement. Could it be down in the basement? This is we were last vlog and last vlog we were building
box forts and stuff. There was ton of box forts here. There’s nothing here now. So now I’m super confused
because Liz said she had to make a box fort for the surprise, but there’s no box fort here,
there’s no box for there. The basement’s actually
totally cleaned up. So I am super confused
what the surprise could be. If you saw last vlog’s thumbnail, it was taken out here. Behind these doors is where
the surprise was but… (sad trombone music) Okay, yeah, I don’t think there’s gonna be a surprise in here. There’s no room for anything. Carter and Liz said
the surprise was so big it was gonna change my life, it’s gonna share the Sharers’ lives too. – Yeah Sharers, this is a surprise like you’ve never see before. It’s going to change your life. It’s going to be so amazing. – So now I’m really confused. It’s gotta be big. It’s not in the house, it’s
not underneath the deck. Maybe it’s a new car! Oh my gosh! Maybe it’s a new car
and it’s in the garage. Let’s open the garage door. Oh, let’s see, here we go. Open the garage. Could this be the surprise. Oh my goodness, it’s a Lamborghini. (cheering) Oh wait, not this is the
Sharaghini, it’s just unwrapped I took the cover off
last night because it is so beautiful, it is so warm
out I’m thinking we could drive the Sharaghini
today with the top down. (screaming) – Slow down. – But that still doesn’t
answer what the surprise is Last surprise I surprised
Carter with an epic Lamborghini birthday cake. – Whoa. – [Stephen] Surprise. Happy birthday. – No way, look at this. – And the next surprise
my brother and I did is we spray painted Liz’s Jeep blue. – [Stephen] Let’s start spraying, oh yeah – Oh my God. – [Stephen] You like it? – It looks so good, my
favorite color of blue. – But I have a feeling all
the surprises were somewhat expected. This surprise I have no idea about. Let’s go inside let’s find
Carter, let’s find Liz, and let’s see where this
surprise is because today is the day, we’ve got to
find out the surprise. Carter, Liz, it’s time to
find out what the surprise is. – [Liz] Over here, over here. – [Stephen] You’re working
on the surprise in there? – Steve. – What happened to your lip? – I have a boo boo I just
covered it up because it’s getting a little bad. – [Stephen] Oh my gosh, you okay? – Yeah, I’m okay, it’s
getting better it’ll probably be okay in like a few days
but I have bad news for you. – No, what? I can’t take bad news, tell
me, tell me are we still doing the surprise? – We are but there’s a minor setback. – A minor setback, I can’t
take a minor setback, what’s a minor setback? – Carter is sick with the flu. (ominous music) So I’m making him a little snack pack. Look, all his favorite snacks and then some chicken for food. And he’s sick so he’s
quarantined so I have this pole I’m gonna deliver his food,
because I don’t want to get near him and get sick too. – That’s right, Sharers,
not only is Carter sick with the flu, my mom’s sick with the flu. So Liz and I are trying to
stay away from Carter today. We rigged this thing up
so let’s hope we can get Carter his food without getting too close. All right, Liz, you ready to go in? – Yeah, I’m ready. – [Stephen] Let’s do this. – Putting the bag on the end.
Putting the bag on the end. – [Stephen] Here we go. Careful, can’t get too close. You’ve gotta be at least five feet away. – Oh my gosh it’s so shaky. – [Stephen] There he is. Carter’s on the couch. Don’t drop. Don’t drop. Baby Otter is keeping his distance too. (screaming) It can’t drop, it can’t drop. Oh no, don’t let it drop. Come on, we’ve gotta get it to Carter. Careful, careful, careful,
Carter’s sick with the flu. – [ Liz] Don’t go past the rug. – [Stephen] Don’t go past the
rug we can’t go past the rug. Okay Carter, you’ve
gotta reach it. Come on. (cheering) Success. What’s going on Carter, how’re you doing? (coughing) – Sharers, I’m sick. I need my snacks. – [Stephen] Oh no, Carter,
get better quick because guess what today is? – What’s today? – [Stephen] What? What’s today, Liz, tell him. – Surprise. – [Stephen] Yeah you gotta
show me the surprise. – Yeah you’re right we
gotta show the surprise. – Okay, Carter’s gonna eat up. Carter, eat up, rest up, then
get ready because we’re gonna do the surprise today. Now we’re gonna go upstairs
and check on my mom because she also has the flu. By the way, Carter, I checked
the whole house, I did a little peeking, but I
couldn’t find the surprise anywhere, so where is the surprise? – You’re never gonna find it, Steve. – [Stephen] Is it in the
house, is outside the house you’ve gotta give me a hint. – I don’t know I’m not
telling you anything. – Sharers, we need hints
I don’t know where it is. Liz, where is the surprise? – [Liz] I can’t say. – Okay let’s make another
snack pack for my mom, come on. – Okay. (knocking) – [Stephen] Mama? (moaning) – [Liz] Come here, Steve,
you’re getting too close – [Stephen] Oh yeah, I’m getting too close I’ve gotta stay back. – I’m sick I have the flu. – [Stephen] You have the flu? Well we brought you some chocolates. – Good way to deliver it, Liz – [Liz] Thanks – [Stephen] Maybe that’ll
make you feel better. – Thank you, Sharers. – Okay everyone is sick but
we’ve got to go to Giant and get some cold medicine
for everyone and some stuff for the surprise. – [Stephen] Wait, it’s
not actually food, is it? – Okay well the surprise is
totally gonna change not just your life, but everyone’s lives so it’s definitely not food. Remember, Sharers, this
surprise has been eight weeks in the making and actually
Camden Craft you guessed it, so comment right now if you
guys think you know what it is. Let’s go. – Well, it is a nice day
out, so Sharaghini time. – [Liz] Yay, Sharaghini, Sharaghini. – Let’s go. – [Liz] Oh yeah, the Sharaghini. We’ve just gotta get this
changed so it says Sharaghini instead of Lamborghini. – Yeah as the days start
getting warmer we can bring out the Sharaghini a lot more
so if you have any crazy Lamborghini ideas comment
with them down below. What should we do with the
Sharaghini this summer? Comment some awesome,
awesome, awesome ideas. (engine revving) (laughing) Oh my gosh, that was loud. Oh yeah, welcome to the Sharaghini. Hey, if you’re gonna be
riding in the Sharaghini you gotta make sure you’re
wearing the Sharaghini tee shirt, oh yeah get
it in the swag store. (techno music) (screaming) – Slow down. – All right, let’s go get
some stuff for the surprise. All right, so what do we
need, where are we going? – [Liz] First we’re going
to Tropical Smoothie. – What does that have
to do with the surprise? – Oh, I’m just hungry. Now that we got our smoothies
let’s go get the fan mail. So this actually does have
to do with the surprise. The surprise isn’t in the
mail but we need the fan mail for the surprise. We need the boxes from the fan
mail because we’re gonna do a what’s in the box surprise. Are you excited? – Okay what’s in the
box surprise challenge? Let’s do it. – Oh yeah, let’s get excited. – Oh my gosh, it looks like
the Sharaghini has some Sharer fans looking at it. – [Liz] Hi – [Onlookers] Hi. – [Stephen] What’s up? – You want to say hi to the vlog? Oh yeah, Sharers, Stephen is
inside getting the fan mail. He has no idea what’s coming tonight. Carter and I have such
an epic surprise for him. So excited to show him. – Got the fan mail. There’s a couple boxes but
we’re not going to be able to take them home, we’re
going to have to come back another day to get them
because they won’t fit. – Oh no but we need a big box. – These might not all fit, hang on. The trunk in this thing is a
lot smaller than I thought. It’s only that big and we
have to fit all that fan mail in there. You know what, Sharers? Major shout out to
everyone who sent fan mail. We’re gonna make this fit so
we can get all the fan mail home today. (papers rustling) Oh yeah, we got all the fan mail in there. Let’s close up the Sharaghini. Let’s get home, let’s open the surprise. – We’re back home. The good news is Carter’s
feeling better so we’re finally gonna be able to tell
Stephen what the surprise is. Let’s go inside and surprise him. – Surprise. Okay, here we go. – [Male] Carter. – [Stephen] Oh my gosh, stop. – [Male] Oh my gosh – What is, oh my God – [Carter] What do you think Steve? – Hi Sweetie, – Isn’t she so cute? – What’s, stop, you
didn’t actually get a dog. – Yes we have a puppy. – Oh my gosh, Otter,
Look Otter it’s a sister Otter, what do you think? Oh my gosh, baby. – Look – Oh my gosh, Otter, careful, be nice – They’re gonna be best friends. – Oh my gosh, she’s so cute. – Isn’t she so cute, do
you want to hold her? – Oh and you got a sweater for her too. – Yeah, she’s so cute
It’s so cute. – [Liz] Do you like it? Do you like the surprise? – I love it, this is the best
surprise, Sharers, comment your crazy awesome name ideas
down below for this dog. – Yeah, we still have to name her. Sharers, we haven’t named
her yet, but she is so cute, she’s only three pounds and
she doesn’t have a name, so if you guys have any awesome
ideas comment them below and maybe we’ll pick it. ♪ Share the love, share
the love, share the love ♪ ♪ Around the world, we
can share the love ♪ – Sharers if you guys want to
see how and where we got her make sure to check out my
channel we posted an awesome vlog about our little journey getting her. – Is it live right now? – Yeah, it’s live oh my gosh go click it – Click the corner right there – Click it, click it, click it. – Let’s go over to Liz’s
channel and watch that video right now. Let’s see where we got
this baby puppy from. All right, Sharers, well that’s
it we’ll see you tomorrow. Until then, you know what to do. – [Together] Stay awesome
and share the love. Peace, woo. ♪ Share the love, share
the love, share the love ♪ ♪ Around the world, we
can share the love ♪


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