Wheelstanding Dump Truck! Stubby Bob’s Comeback – Roadkill Ep. 52

Wheelstanding Dump Truck! Stubby Bob’s Comeback – Roadkill Ep. 52

this time on Roadkill all of this
greatness in the back of Stubby Bob yeah this one’s this one’s really cool
did you say wheelie this is the 1950 Ford dump
truck that Finnegan surprised me with an episode 44 now in that show we decided we were going to shorten up
the wheel base of the truck and we did it became known as Stubby Bob and we
drove the thing around a little bit with the original flathead Ford v8 which was
completely gutless we had a bunch of ideas about things to do with engines
most of which revolved around trying to cram them into the nose of the truck but then I had a genius idea does it have to be up here oh so the engine can be here yeah forward down the v drive will be
right behind the seat that has wheelie potential yeah it does I’ve seen this done before well if the
motor is going to be in the back let’s just mounted backwards that’s as
far as the thought process that gone but one thing we knew putting an engine in
the back can lead to wheelies so the flatheads out I’m not gonna miss it what’s the plan I
want to put this and this in the back of this so we just need to do all those things
all that no problem so what we have here is a 454 big-block
chevy that will receive an 871 weiand supercharger came from junkyard
gearstar 4L80E which didn’t come from the junkyard and we’re going to put this
thing right here and pray for wheelies we’re both like really really stoked on
this because it’s dumb and dangerous I know as much as I loved the flathead
Ford that was in this 50 ford truck this is going to be one of the most
genius things we’ve ever done this makes nascarlo look stupid this makes
general mayhem look sub average this makes the rotsun look like well the
rotsun if the sun is shining on us this thing does wheelies this came out
of a junkyard and allegedly made 900 horsepower in West Tech dyno with a
procharger something on it and you paid money for it I’ve paid a thousand bucks for it this thing’s doing wheelies no matter what I like your commitment that I’ve
commitment to this I don’t think we’ve had a project that both of us
are this into in a long time oh you’re right because the greatest
thing we’ll ever do you might as well end the show after this episode we’re like 10 minutes in and we’ve
already made a mess that is jacked thousand bucks seem like a good but at the time we just used a barstool seat as a
template for our trans tunnel that works good thing we didn’t just start plasma
cutting the back wall of the cab because it would have gone right into
the gas tank this truck is mint and we are about the
hack it and for once I have no guilt because it’s gonna be so good why do I always take this bullet I’m
always the gas in the armpit guy every time well we are committed we are going to
mount the engine directly on the center line of the axle which is going to put
the transmission in the cab of the truck we’ve marked are cut out and as you’ll
see here I’m actually going to do the truck a favor because this is dented this is dented this can’t stay like this
so I’m just going to cut the whole thing out just to sit back together if this doesn’t
work iron in the hole the magic is coming that’s cool our work here is done so this is a Casale V drive think of
this kind of like a quick change rear end there’s a gear here a gear there you can
swap them you can run one to one you can over drive it you can under drive it what it really does is it takes an input
shaft here on a straight plane re-angles it this way in the opposite
direction down to the propeller of a boat and we’re going to make it work on
the rear axle of our truck I could be wrong but that looks broken so is most everything we owned I mean
what are we going to drive the whole thing through this spline I think so this just stopped being a good idea that
when it blows up it’s only next to your feet your fine I don’t see this coming apart and
throwing parts when the drive shaft brakes and just beat you to death
spinning around that’s an issue yeah this is really good this is fantastic we’re trying to install the intake
manifold for the blower and unfortunately it’s not lining up
perfectly they say this thing does not fit gen-6
big block chevys which is what this is we’re going to make it fit these are heavy but they’re so cool there’s
silly people out there who will you know when they hear about what we did
they won’t understand it but then you look at it you go that’s why that’s why you did this this
is gonna be great I thinking we put the gas tank up front
but this is going to be way easier and less time consuming to shove this thing
right here so all that hours and hours of work do you spent building this Finnegan is
messing around with non critical items like the decorative gas tank yeah yeah not going away haha see that right there finally gives me one thats much sturdier than it was I feel safer this starts becoming all
about doing it right that’s so weird even the worst blown big
block Chevy can make like 600 horsepower really without even trying and I looked at the v drive that
Finnegan have got from some boat guy and I’m like dude are we really going to
drive that much power through this thing and so he called an expert and found out no we’re not that’s the only thing I can tell you at this point what you have is a 1967 vintage v drive aka junk yeah do you want the good news well there is no good news you just want
the news great this was built in nineteen sixty seven
has the smallest prop shaft castle ever made and is only good for a ski boat
with about 300 horsepower perfect my level of surprise comes in right
about here now we’ve gotta scramble but look at the
motor mount I mean I haven’t even started yet and we already have the
wrong v drive Finnegan did a little bit of networking
and came up with this guy Slim at Slim’s Fab Farm and while he’s really a
motorcycle builder in his spare time he builds these crazy chopped vans that do
wheelies how’s it going what’s up guys are you doing we come bearing gifts that don’t work that’s a good gift the bear man yeah
fifty-year-old v drive for you that’s a new one what’s happening I’m Freiburger Freiburger nice to me you Slim what’s going on broher come on in guys
I’m excited right on man I’m stoked to see all your
stuff here yeah let’s go for a tour now I’ve never met Slim before but a 10
second tour of his yard tells me we’re going to be good friends the guy builds killer choppers wheelie
popping vans he’s got drag boats in the backyard and best of all he’s got
everything we need to get our project back on track we can pick up mine know that this is
going to be able to go that’s awesome so many ideas not enough time yeah we’re familiar this is the hooptie this is good it’s rough it’s my stuff’s
not clean it just gets done that’s a 7,000 miles winnebago 79 440 so you can look at this old drive this
is what I was telling you about here this is an old toploader this one came
out of the old it was a white lightning circle boat and these are both
1 inch shafts on on the this particular one and I beat this thing
pretty hard it takes it and it’s have never had an issue pretty good entertainment seats look comfy oh
they’re not bad man there’s actually some spring in those
two just a little bit garden furniture status yeah here’s the deal I’ll whip the van
around show you guys at that being super solid will pull that one out of the van
you guys can run it on your deal because it’s already set up and i’ll take that
other v drive I feel kind of bad I do too that’s pretty cool I’ll swap you guys out I want that other v drive bad ok beacuse I like
those late model ones that’s awesome so how’s that we’re
thrilled with that if you wheelie the van for us to prove that it
works that’s the key I think we can do this ok well we don’t have limited cables in
it so I can’t promise that the front is going to come up without limiting cables
but i’ll give it a beating and we’ll probably wheelie but break the
brake cables in the process it’s cool I’ll go down here I don’t know if
something goes wrong we’ll jumbled up in front of it sounds like a deal ok I’m ready to that right lets do this
I get to go for a ride in his van that might wheelie right now and if it
does wheelie I don’t know we we kind of have to make ours wheelie then because
we’re about to take the parts we need out of the van that wheelie so it’s kind of a moral imperative let’s do
this this really going to happen yeah see what we can do in place I think that did it hit my head on the roof I think that’s how you know oh
my God we just did wheelies on dirt dude you know what’s crazy there’s
no traction out here I know if I don’t do it I’m sold this is
our v drive best work ever wow dude this is just insanity life is all about travel you need to
travel the places to get the things you need and then you need a lot of travel
in your car if you want to wheelie thank you so much you’re welcome dude it’s good to meet you guys super cool to get to know you thanks man there’s a good time out here
today Slim just gutted his daily driver wheel standing van to give us the v drive
to fix our project car and granted he’s got other parts you can fix his own van but it was running and you know how that
is the odds of him putting it back together
any time soon are slim to none so that was really cool this is gonna bolt right up that hurt our fixture was a little wobbly yeah it doesn’t matter what you look
like or where you’re from or how much money you have if you have a super charger you’re just
cool you could be bald chicken arms you know bad feet I mean you could have
a lot of things wrong with you but if you have a blower you’re still
pretty good well you’re asleep last night I made you I made you a present whoa zoom a wow look at that it’s the greatest thing we’ve ever done
it’s not even done yet that’s the greatest thing we’ve ever done there it’s pretty good this is awesome need a
beer over the weekend Finnegan did virtually
everything and I went to cub scout camp and then had a bunch of corporate
meetings and he’s wrapped it up the point where he claims this thing’s gonna
fire up hear him filling maybe there should be we just got dynoed
oil gauge on there it only hit me a little bit hey its got a
little pressure yeah its got oil pressure hold on I’ll fix
that we need to buy stock in oil drive so what you just saw that was there’s a
plug back here that goes directly into the main oil gallery that you would
normally put an oil pressure gauge in got this currently does nothing the main thing is going to be keeping
this from killing us which is a real thing if this breaks off its mount or if
either one of the drive shaft brakes they’re just going to swing around with
our legs right here it could be really ugly so we’re going to take three sixteenths
plate and completely and enclose all of this here’s where I admit that I only
measured to here so really the parts that I bought to build this aren’t long
enough to actually cover that you don’t want to see your demise yeah okay all right screw safety yeah there’s no time for that would be
glorious there’s no time for safety if you’re
going to go go with glory and probably should have cut this off before we put
the transmission in place yeah yeah wonder why things take us forever this is dumb hey Finnegan you know maybe we
should get the floor out before we actually mount everything nah will be able to do it later there we go thank you right there that looks good put the shifter right on top yeah it came out of working van
hadn’t blown up I’m sure that motor made at least 300 horse so will be fine at this point stubby
bob is looking pretty much like it’s actually going to happen and in walks my
pal KJ this guy is the editor Diesel Power
Magazine but more importantly is our biggest naysayer what’s going on here man this is a yo who did they did this Finnegan you made this we did this together this is not going
to work dude this is going to do wheelies with this
total death total death would you driving it nah dude nah man I’m not getting in this what are you gonna do you do really
wanna hitch yeah we gotta get a you know titanium
pads we can throw sparks no brah these guys this is officially have lost
it at this point I’m always curious to see what you got goin on man but I’m not
digging this so where’s your money is this thing wheelie or no wheelie not not no no no because you’re your vision of grandeur
is a little red wagon if you’re doing wheelies I want maverick yeah dragging your sparks and doing your thing
your driving I want no part of that you’re willing to just get it hold the
wheel put it in low and whacking see what
happens yeah it’s you’re adamant of our failure that makes me water make it
happen so it’s not going to work ok hundred
bucks on trailer hitch whoa let’s go let’s go yeah hundred bucks on a trailer hitch hundred bucks
on trailer hitch yeah I got a hundred coming to me man and I’m I mean
you know and I’m a crow eater when I need to eat it but right now he’ll be
paying a hundred on this one for sure look at this see that’s the angle
the truck would be imagined this is the ground and that’s the truck that’s not
vertical that’s totally doable right I like to think I have a fairly good
grasp of things and how they were most times this time no idea got nothing at this point I needed to call in the
cavalry for some help and so in came Lucky from Hot Rod Garage
Finnegan’s off trying to buy fuel fittings Lucky’s volunteering his time right now
look at that I am there make Lucky work free yeah that’s normal
right that goes without saying the seats not on fire should I keep
going yeah all right and I’m actually comfortable like
full-on power tour ready this is gonna make a really great air
scoop for the engine in an episode of Hot Rod Garage you
might have seen these guys steal a seat out of the general mayhem well turnabout
is fair play so when we were building this carburetor
scoop out of spare nascarlo parts I needed some extra sheet metal which we
liberated from the hood of the Hot Rod Garage bone marrow how much winning is there that’s a sexy
right there were like the Native Americans we don’t waste anything moment of truth the scoop is on that
means the trucks done so it or at least that nothing else is going to happen we’re done working yes time to drive ok
let’s back up a hundred feet and be really happy about it because that might
be the end it’ll be the best hundred feet of your life you realize we did all this just so that
you wouldn’t grind gears in the factory four speed know what we didn’t put in seat belts I’m going to get my feet out of the way the v
drive scary what if it’s actually fast it might be transmission works perfect thank you Gear Star do they do breaks cus we need some that hurt yeah did we just spot them out good luck come on come on come on no one’s looking at us thats cus their afraid so am I yeah finally our first test drive of stubby bob and
it’s ridiculous I mean is fast is sketchy it rides like
crap and it still doesn’t stop and I don’t care I don’t care what happens from here we just one it does feel pretty spunky doesn’t it
and I don’t think you got past fifty percent throttle either no way too scared and the v drive is
so loud it can explode right there oh dude look we haven’t been able to look at it like
this while we were building it check that out oh my God see it’s actually I feel like I feel like
when we put the Hemi in the 55 this is that good wow let’s hurry and
get to thrashing I want to go straight to spinal
compression ready see you in the emergency room we’re out in the desert where we can
blast around and stubby Bob and kill nobody but ourselves when the brakes
completely fail what I have no idea what your saying rear view mirror it works what rear view mirror works what overdrive well that’s just a simple cruise up and
down sort of going through all the gears which we couldn’t really do driving it
around near our office and man it bangs the gears hard I’m claiming victory we haven’t even
gotten the wheels off the ground yet this thing’s awesome now KJ actually like herranged me to the
point where I had to bet him because we had to at least try it and I thought I
could scheme something to drag that hitch on the ground but I don’t think
it’s doing wheelies but it’s going to be fun should smoke the tires to this fender
bolted on I think it has the potential to do
wheelies I just don’t want to be near it when it happened like yeah i really
enjoyed my time with stubby bob good knowing you Freiburger do you think it’s actually time to try
wheelie yes parents if you see your kids doing
something similar to this stop them okay no they can make a
career out of it Bob runs Bob shifts Bob kind of stops
and finally we’re going to find out if I’m going to keep my hundred bucks or
not it’s stubby bob gonna wheelie or not okay ready lets do it man it did a kind of wheelie okay we can do that much better okay I
got this that was awesome okay i’m going to shift it lot of pumps even more RPM we need to get it up higher I know your leaving to early yeah yeah we did it yeah I thought it was going up dude yes that was awesome okay well it’s your turn
next time alright I want a shot at the title yep you need a shot at the title you
need to put it on the bumper this is going to happen I want to back down the little hill just
a little bit so you’re thinking down the hills you
could be the key cheated a little bit yeah I did yeah if we can get down the hill more it
should like work the torque converter and get more cowbell so go let’s go ok you gotta put it on the bumper if
you’re gonna fail me if you don’t I hope this works we just kick
Freiburger out of the car to save a little bit of weight we’ve let it cool off I’m actually on a
slight incline I don’t know if we get the record from
KJ by dragging the trailer hitch but I’m sure as hell gonna try right now I don’t even feel like it’s pumping foot to the floor it all comes down to
this all of the wrenching all the theorizing
all the smack talk with KJ got it yeah look at that check it out right there yeah oh my back victory hurts dude I was dumb dude
you drag that hitch so far wow that was amazing this thing this didn’t help at all yeah is that
the mark yes Jesus dude you drag the hitch man look at this KJ yeah what’s up what’s happening bro I’m
wondering I got something to show you I’m waiting
to see see this what do you think that is that is a trailer hitch I would imagine and then all of a sudden what’s that
it caught again huh you owe me two hundred bucks bro wow pretty epic right that’s pretty stout that’s very crazy good job dude cool thanks for the motivation we needed
it every time man every time awesome that was great I need some advil and that was cool
and that is a Roadkill win it was the dumbest idea we’ve ever had and we came
out victorious how will we ever top this want the parts we used to build these
cars visit jegs.com / roadkill hey one more thing don’t forget that
episode of Roadkill go live on Motor Trend On Demand.com about a month before they get posted to
youtube and we have a new show that’s only on Motor Trend On Demand that is
called Roadkill Garage so right now check out this teaser for
the latest episode of Roadkill that is live right now on Motor Trend On Demand this is a car that will never forget it’s roots this is junk this episode of
Roadkill is live right now at Motor Trend On Demand.com because the travel is just insane right so
when it comes up and got that travel it has been charged how the tire so this
gas came out of Bob which means it was purchased last july i think I’m sure it
will run fine in this 707 horsepower Hellcat engine is this filler neck go to
the gas tank now you’re right there no it’s a
guaranteed deal there’s no way it can’t pop up wah wah wah I look at the action on that one first
second third fourth neutral reverse park please don’t spark got me did it get you know you dude with that ratio if you dump that thing you got
that ratio is making some of travel bam

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