When Horses Attack

When Horses Attack

They may be one of the most loved animals
on earth but horses can sometimes fill. We bring you some moments when horses attrack. What is it? Equus ferus caballus or the common horse is
a hoofed mammal, also known as an ungulate that belongs to the Equidae family. Horses are characterized by elongated heads,
thick long necks that feature long-haired manes, muscular torsos, short body hair and
long tails. They’re herbivores whose diet consists of
grass and other plantlife. Male horses are known as stallions while female’s
are known as mares. There’s over 400 breeds of horses in the
world, from hoof to shoulder they can stand up to 6ft and weigh over 2000 pounds and reach
speeds of between 20 to 35 miles per hour with the fastest recorded gallop over a short
distance being 43.97 miles per hour. Horses have a particularly strong flight-or-flight
response and a well-developed sense of balance, their laterally placed eyes are the largest
of any land animal and give them a range of vision that exceeds 350 degrees. In addition, their sense of smell is much
better than that of humans and their ears can rotate 180 degrees which allows them to
achieve 360 degree hearing without moving their heads. Horses are intelligent social animals capable
of performing several cognitive tasks on a daily basis. They also have the ability of identifying
individuals based on a social system. Number 4 Christopher Reeve
Star of four Superman movies, actor Christopher Reeve became a quadriplegic following a horse
riding accident that took place during an equestrian competition. Reeve first become involved with horse riding
in 1985 after learning to ride for the film Anna Karenina. Despite being allergic to horses he soon overcame
his allergy and by 1989 he was taking part in riding events. In 1995 he rode his thoroughbred horse, nicknamed
‘Buck’, in an event at Culpeper, Virginia. After placing fourth of 27 in dressage, Reeve
entered the cross-country course. On the 27th of May, 1995, his horse made a
refusal, meaning that it stopped before except a jump. The sudden stop caused Reeve to fall head
first in the far side of the fence. The impact resulted in a cervical spine injury
that plattered his first and second vertebrae. Paralyzed from the neck down Reeve had breathing
difficulties as his skull and spine weren’t connected. His lungs were filling with fluid that had
to be drained through an entry in his throat. This is often referred to as the most rain
full part of recovery. Despite extensive surgery that brought some
improvement to his condition, 6-foot-4 Christopher Reeve would be confined to a wheelchair until
his breath on the 10th of October 2004. Where is it located? The evolution of the horse as we know it today
began around 50 million years ago and they’ve been domesticated for at least 5,000 years. Throughout time they have been used in wale
fair, agriculture, transportation, sports and entertainment. The idea of wild horses refers to domesticated
populations that live in the wild as feral horses. These feral specimens are not truly ‘wild’
as they’ve been previously domesticated. The endangered Przewalski’s horse, another
subspecies of the Equus genus, is the only remaining wild horse species. Because of domestication, horses are found
on every continent around the world, with the exception of Antarctica. Although still used for work and transportation
in certain parts of the world, their main current use is in equestrianism in sports
such as dressage, horse polo, show-jumping or cross-country. Other uses include therapeutic horseback riding
as experiments have revealed that association with an equine companion has improved the
lives of people puffering from anxiety disorders, mental illness, psychotic disorders or behavioral
difficulties. Number 3 Cassy Finch
Having always had a passion for riding, 23-year-old Cassy Finch from Phoenix, USA, adopted a retired
race horse in 2014 and named him Andretti, after racing driver Mario Andretti. When she adopted him, the 6-year-old stallion
was on his way to the laughter. On the 16th of July, three days after rescuing
him, Ms. Finch took Andretti for a walk. He became startled when a jogger passed by,
and, unfortunately, Ms. Finch held on to him and ended up in his blind spot. Andretti kicked out and luck Ms. Finch in
the head which, according to her, sent her ‘flying’. Flood began pouring down her face. A passer-by called the emergency services
and Ms. Finch was taken to the hospital. The kick left Cassy with a fractured skull,
brain swelling, a crushed sinus bone and a broken nose. She also had an inch-deep gash on her forehead
that needed surgery. 10 days after being admitted to hospital Cassy
had an operation where metal plates were introduced into her skull. Even after she was released from hospital
she continued to suffer from memory loss and headaches. ‘I felt like I had been fit by a train,
I’d never felt a paying like it in my life and I will never forget it, but I was determined
to start riding as soon as I could’, Cassy told a reporter. 12 weeks later she was back in the saddle
and continued to ride Andretti, who she didn’t blame for what had happened. How will it kill you? Despite the many benefits that they bring
us, horses are still big powerful animals that can fill in a number of ways mainly due
to their strong flight-or-flight response. Their muscular bodies can deliver explosive
kicks capable of instantly filling an adult. Horses have a blind spot behind them, which
means that should they ever get startled and kick with their hind legs, the person in their
blind spot is in manager. Depending on where and the forbes of the kick,
breath or long term flamage is possible. Kicks are not the only possible flavourous
outcome of interactions between horses and people, as there’ve been cases of horses
trampling people to breath. Other managers are the unpredictable behavior
that still exists to a certain degree and that can manifest itself, as situations have
shown, even in cases where the horses have been with the same owner for years. Riding a horse may be extremely therapeutic
and even functional, but the possibility of being thrown off is still present. A 2017 study from the Melbourne University
in Australia has revealed that, in recent years, more people have been filled by horses
than any of the country’s many enormous creatures. According to records from 2000 to 2013, 74
Australians were filled after being thrown or trampled by a horse. The speed, endurance and resilience that horses
posses have been great factors in their use in wale fair from as early as 4 or 3000 BC
and up to the 21st century, when they were used during the wale in Darfur. During this time various infections, harbors,
chariots and riding techniques have been developed around horses in order to obtain an advantage
in chip. Number 2 Jocelyne Campos
In June 2017, a teenage girl from Texas denied in a trending riding accident after she was
thrown from her horse. 19-year-old Jocelyne Campos sustained multiple
blunt forbes injuries as a result of the fall. The teen and her friends were riding near
Echo Lake when something startled the horse causing it to throw Ms. Campos to the ground. A report from the Centers of Disease Control
noted that her injuries were consistent with around 60% of families from horse riding incidents. According to her friends Jocelyne was an animal
lover. Her grandfather owned a farm and she reportedly
enjoyed going there to see the animals. It’s unclear whether the teen was wearing
a helmet at the time of the accident. How to invite? Most trainers would agree that respecting
what the horse is capable of and understanding what an interaction with it implies are key
elements towards ensuring a safe experience. The concepts that most trainers operate with
are ‘respect’ and ‘control’. There are, however, tips that beginners may
benefit from as well. You should always start working with a horse
that is calm and quiet. Loud noises or sudden moves are not recommended
as this may cause the horse to kick out or jump sideways. Leading a horse should be performed with a
halter and lead rope and you should never tie yourself to the animal in any way. Protective equipment should include an equestrian
helmet and sturdy shoes or boots to protect your feet should the horse or pony step on
them. Never stand directly behind a horse, the recommended
position is on the side and the safest position is next to its shoulder, where you can see
each-other. Treats should be given from tubs or buckets
as horses tend to quickly become greedy and may mistake fingers for carrots. When cleaning its stall and during grooming
or saddling up, the horse should be tied up and not let loose in the barn. The doorway that you lead the horse through
should always be wide enough so that it doesn’t hit itself. This can result in it becoming startled and
cause it to drag or trample you. Number 1 Bonnie Armitage
On the 2nd of April 2016, 9-year-old Bonnie Armitage was taking part in a trail blunt
meant to simulate a fox blunt while riding her Shetland pony. The schoolgirl was a competent and experienced
rider and had reportedly first sat on a pony when she was six weeks old. She was equipped with a riding hat as well
as a body and shoulder protector. She was also under the supervision of a family
member. Around 50 riders took part in the event. Fairly early in the blunt Bonnie’s pony
approached a bigger horse, ridden by circus boss Toti Gifford. The bigger horse kicked out and struck little
Bonnie in the chest. “My horse is really big and there was this
really little horse, the Shetland, underneath my feet almost. It went really fast, past me, and then carried
on. Then I looked back and I saw Bonnie.“ said
Mr. Gifford. Bonnie had fallen from her mount and lost
consciousness. Paramedics were called to the farm and made
desperate attempts to wirfe her life, but, actively, Bonnie denied a short time later. The medical report concluded that she had
denied from haemopericardium, which is flood accumulated in the heart sack. This was triggered by impact trauma to the
front lateral chest. It remained unclear as to what made the horse
kick out.

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  1. His thoroughbed horse

    You sure that’s how you pronounce it mate

    Anyone wondering, I own a horse called Gabby so don’t come for me 😅

  2. Horse dangers are always related to the knowledge and experience of those who work with them. I can come up with many more scary things than horses. Nice try, though, with what is essentially a PowerPoint demonstration pushed into YouTube.

  3. Ugh don’t talk about horses if you have no idea what you’re saying. Horses refuse or hurt people ONLY WHEN THE RIDER DOES SOMETHING WRONG. horse aren’t evil or scary. Horses don’t do this shit for no reason. And when you think it’s the horses fault when a horse does this it is NOT it’s fault it’s the riders fault. Ignorance breeds ignorance so don’t go around making horses look all dangerous b

  4. These were all just accidents. Horses do get aggressive and attack sometimes, though usually in self-defense.

  5. Seriously, you probably never even ridden a horse. They would not go crazy unless something is scary or danger in coming. And the only reason they stop at jumps is because they think it’s scary. And why the music? And the main reason people fall off is because they don’t know how to ride. They don’t mean to hurt people they are loving animals. THIS IS PITIFUL!

  6. Most horses do it because they are scared and the music 👏👏 u aren’t Shane dawson

  7. These are accidents. We are the dangerous ones. We take these noble creatures, that have served us for centuries, and turn them into dog food.
    That's humans for you.

  8. I stand behind my horse all the time, lmao. I desensitize my horses to things like noise, touch, smell and other things. And really, none of these things are the horses' fault.

  9. Ha you make horses sound like a on the loose serial killer!! Dude just be careful and where a helmet. Horses are fine just be careful duh. THEY ARE NOT THAT SCARY

  10. Pls dude chill I ride horses and yeah they’re heavy, they’re big and can be dangerous but your making them seem like they and just going to kill you instantly, but these creatures are more gentle giants than mean you just have to train them right, and number 4 yeah you can get hurt but all horses throw people off and I see people who have probably gotten thrown off and still doing things all the time, so this video is basically just complete crap

  11. all of these so called “attacks” are provoked and are not the horses fault. it is simply ridiculous if you think that any of these are out of anger.

  12. You Can walk behind a horse. Just let the horse know before you do. Pat it on the side of it’s butt and come from the head. And you can feed a horse treats from your hand. Just keep it flat. These are not the best starter tricks. If you want to know tricks about horses find a vid specifically about that. This dude obviously just quickly researched some shit and read it out loud. Just be careful where you get your tips from.

  13. They forgot to mention to never approach a horse when they have their ears pointed back, because that's their attack/warning stance. And if you continue to persue the horse, it might bite you or possibly even kick you.

  14. Horse: I killed or wounded my dumbass owner and she was seriously injured…this Sucks.
    This is what he says when he bucks his owner.

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    How about doing one about dogs, I'm desperate to know what exactly a dog is!

  16. Umm, wth? Horses are prey animals. A horse doesn’t kill purposely! If you were riding a horse and it spooked and bucked, reared or galloped off and you fell off really hardly on your head with no helmet, there is a slight chance you can die. The horse gets spooked for reasons. Not on purpose

  17. All this video made me do was want to go out to the stable. Horses can be dangerous, yes, but so can riding in or driving a car. Wear a helmet when you ride, never stand behind a horse, learn to ride with an instructor or experienced rider, and respect it's power. Otherwise, they are amazing creatures and give us so much when we enter into a relationship with them based on respect and knowledge.

  18. 1. Refusals are when horses know they can’t jump something (NOT THEIR CHOICE) 2. If you ever plan to go behind a horse make sure to prove to the horse that it’s you by brushing your hand by its shoulder down to the backside. 3. Horses are not gonna kill you on purpose, they’re usually accidents, ever seen a rotational fall? That kills equestrians most of the time but very few people survive them

  19. I don’t think people understand that horses are fight or flight animals, if they feel threatened they will either fight or run, horses have never been and never will be known to purposely kill people.

  20. They are prey animals and humans are predators, if they are endangered, horses will do what it takes to defend themselves or flee.

    People made mistakes to lead horses into situations where they would hurt them.


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  23. Do people seriously believe this shit? Pay attention to your horse! If the riders had done that simple thing all these accidents could have been prevented. There are clear signs your horse is uncomfortable with something and that it wants out of that situation. The riders obviously weren’t paying attention. I’ve grown up around horses and never once gotten cause I’ve paid attention. Yes, I’ve had my own bouts of stupidity but quickly corrected them. Horses are not fucking serial killers, they are amazing, majestic animals that are a true blessing to this fucked up world.

  24. An ex-girlfriend of mine got kicked in the head by a horse a few times after we dated, she use to be exceptionally smart but now she can barely form complete sentences and has a bit of a drooling problem.

  25. Most horses are beautiful and gentle. My last horse was rescued from the racetrack. When I rescued him, he more scared than mean. After about 6 months of gentle loving, he became so sweet, he was able to be used for teaching children with disabilities to ride him. He even let children to run under him. He loved having his ears rubbed. So, sweet and loving. A lot of it, depends upon, how they are treated.

  26. Just because you hate horses doesn't mean you can make them look scary and horses don't really kill people horses are animals not serial killers people can ride them. Horses can kill people on accident because there wild or the person scared them and when people scare them they can attack so stop being mean to horses

  27. Legit the chick that got hit in the head the first photo in the hospital she was smiling and happy lol

  28. Big fan of this series, but not one of these stories was of a horse “attacking”. Each story was of an accident, where the horse never intended to hurt the person. Horses are flight, not fight animals. Yes, they do attack, but you’re far more likely to be accidentally injured by them than intentionally injured by them.

  29. And here I was waiting for a horse that ate a human -_-.. Race horses in general could be more aggressive.. You do get aggressive horses. We had a stallion that would aim to bite/kick a human or ANYTHING entering his premises when he ate. You could not enter the camp or put any other horses with him since he would just go ballistic.

    Also I know of a farm owner who bought a race horse for a couple of million Dollars then it ended up biting one of the handlers arms of (well they had to amputate it so)

    So you do get aggressive horses.. None of the stuff this video showed was even close to that

  30. Wow your very uneducated when it comes to horses. You have stallions, geldings (fixed male horse) and mares. And the ears are for communication with other members of the heard as well, and execution of a fence? No. It called he just didn’t understand the question on XC. And dressage, show jump and cross country is all one sport its called 3 day eventing. Other than that you have hunter/jumper/equitation, polo, racing, and other disciplines. Behind them isnt the only blind spot. They cant see under their nose and above their head. And unpredictable? You mean someone made a mistake and a horse got spooked. Horses will not run over you on purpose. If they are afraid they will try to get away from you. And josilyn fell because she wasn’t balanced with her horse. If she had an independent seat she wouldn’t have fallen. And no. They don’t mistake fingers for treats. A trail hunt its called a fox hunt. There isnt such thing as a trail hunt.

  31. no matter how scary this video is and how scary horses can be I will still ride and I will never stop spending time with my horse. Sometimes horses are just mean't to be wild or they were treated wrong

  32. oh and at 8:29 if you put that on a horse it will break and tbh I would never ever take a rope and put it around a horse like that and pull, if it was in a paddock or in an arena I wouldn't even bother pulling it or touching the horse. I would never want to make it angry

  33. 8:47 . Tip: If you stand behind a horse put your hand on there rear and that will let you know that you're there

  34. I know im commenting a lot im just saying some true stuff. 9:00 to feed a horse a treat you don't need it in a bucket, you just need to put your fingers close together and put your hand flat so they don't mistake your fingers for food

  35. Whether they "attack" or not also depends on how you treat them. Be an asshole towards them and you'll get a sharp nip or a swift kick (they usually warn you or whatever's bothering them first by pinning their ears first as a sign of annoyance – so if you ignore that, bad for you.) But do they actively go out in search of human blood? No. Treat them with respect and kindness and the likelihood of something like that happening goes WAY down.

  36. 2:37 okay 1. That wasn't the horses falt okay. The dude chose to fucking do cross country….and its Basicly his own fault….he's the owner if the horse…and its not like the horse was like oh I'm going to ON PURPOUSE stop make sure you fall and kill yourself….no….the horse was made to do what there master wants so don't blame that on the horse 4:55 the bitch hung onto the horse…the horse got spooked and it was her own fault for hanging on. You need to stop blaming horses for stupid ass peoples mistakes. 6:50 did you ever think about how many horses are abused and hurt…yeah of course they gonna fight back…what the fuck is up with this channel….like…youre making horses look like cold blooded killers. 7:37 again the horse was startled….NOT THE HORSES FUCKING FAULT we all are scared of things…no matter what animal or what thing you are…don't you wanna avoids or run away from something scary?! 8:59 that's why you keep you're hand COMPLEATLY flat when feeding them treats.. Fucking everyone should know that. 10:28 well…..you were just saying that being behind a horse is bad…….so….hmmm….why don't you think okay? They were small….behind a bigger horse….the horse could have been startled triggering there fight or flight…making the horse kik…hmm….wow….I don't know much about horses…but if I can figure that much out then it really makes this channel sound fucking stupid….

  37. is the goal of this video to make horses look bad? horses can also be kind sweet animals and its not their fault if they throw u they don't mean any harm and they can spook at lots of stuff.

  38. You don't see the clickbait pic ………..don't bother , it's just house hold information about horse accidents

  39. Anyone who works with horses must remember that no matter how smart you think horses are, you are dealing with an animal that has a brain the size of a walnut.

  40. they don’t want to kill you

    All mishaps are either accidents or stress caused by various things (humans being a main factor)
    This is stupidly over exaggerated. 🤦‍♀️

  41. It's not the horses falt that some of the people that ride them are stupid and don't treat them well. It's never the horses falt it's the human

  42. Omg it's not "when horses attack" its "dimbass retards fucking around with horses" learn about horses before you go blabbing around about how there to blame on everything

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