ola youtube my name is Ricardo lino and a
wheel addict I’m in Toronto Canada I’ve been told to say it this way and I’m
right by pro skaters place and I need new wheels so let’s do this are you doing are you doing
did I fake it good okay I faked it really good obviously I was here already
I got my bags here I was actually doing something cool to my skates which is I
just put like a soleplate on these skates but when I look at this skate
I really love these wheels this I / concrete G grip or something like that I
/ performance but the collar it’s killing me so I need new wheels
what 90 millimeter will do for me much more behind in warehouse that’s just it
very I really what I really like in the cover wheels they’re good awesome
so absolutely is basically considered one the best so you’re in the right
ballpark absolutely so for under covers we got the team
the newest one do you have the team in white 90 millimeters and you have black
ones – no they do not exist as far as I noticed the team at least they know so
there’s aftermarket they are coming with some skates but it’s aftermarket they’re
available in white yellow and purple these are the only colors but in 90s
actually even less variety in 90s you got only white okay okay the product
line having said that I’m not sure if we got
the 90s in foodies this is eighties these artists team okay okay let’s see
can we see what you got in the back all wheels this is all wheels all these up
and down we try not to keep huge quantities of the same wheel but we do
offer the variety that’s idea to have different harnesses colors
Hubbs lots of selection we also online primarily what we do is we offer them in
packs of two so that allows the person to pick and choose okay like few LEDs
few different colors you know mix and match match your Flags different options
wow I can get like to match my flag I need like a yellow wheel green and red
wheels I wanna play Oh black or white and oh
what about this one these we got but we got only six and you might be eight
that’s my remember we got the spinners there we got the turquoise ones like the
majority of selection is definitely it’s always in up to all sizes up to eighty
once you kind of start going into 84 and bigger selection is not saying so what
I’m gonna do is I’m gonna go with six undercover blacks and two whites or if
you want is what is that this is gyrus noise
yellow one all over once you got the black ones who gets red why you you got
black Charles absolutely 8780 harness let’s try this I’ve never tried gyrus I’ve never tried Jarrah wills can I can
I show what I just saw can I show them something then I saw that you gotta see
this check this I don’t know that much about
Chara but check this Kate I’m not a fan of the silver but the materials used on
this Kate look very very nice she’s obviously a very small size so you
see all the straps very close but I like it
all black would be cool now let’s test those 90 millimetres gyrus do you have
any of these undercover in blue okay so maybe we can go all black the six black
and just two white ones and they grip a little bit odd you got ID Rajan’s
those are made by the same factory so this could also be they’re also made in
the same factory but to go these now go all I’ll so I’ll support the brand that
supported me for way too long I’ll go all white undercover or white undercover
a tall white undercover that’s it and that’s it they look good and now all
I need to do is to go out and skate but that that will be in another video so I
hope you guys enjoyed this one if you’re looking for skates well there’s a link
for pro skaters place in the description you can just see everything they got on
the website and one of the reasons why I came here you know that I work with
micro and they’re about to to get their micro skates delivered so you can also
find a micro skates so go to the link in the description and that’s it go to the
link in the description find them and that’s it I hope you guys enjoyed this
video let me know if you like if you enjoy it by giving it thumbs up if you
didn’t like it well leave me a thumbs down let me know what I didn’t like
about this video do not forget to subscribe to the channel and more
important than anything else just don’t forget why we all started skating you
know why we started skating have fun enjoy it there and to be feat as a
matter of fact she said it because it’s fun everything else will come – Cheers


  1. Visit ProSkaters Place here:

    This is not a sponsored video and i did pay for my set of wheels

  2. Did you change the bearings? Did they have bearings you like?
    Would be nice if one day you can find out the name of your outtake music! 😎

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