Why can’t Swedes go faster on their skis? – Norwegian Royal Children interview older Royals!

Why can’t Swedes go faster on their skis? – Norwegian Royal Children interview older Royals!

***The video was frozen for a second, sorry!***
Queen Sonja: and our grandchildren
were interviewing the guests! Now we head over with out reporters out in Europe Leah and Magnus, how’s
the atmosphere in Sweden? It’s absolutely at the top here, Ingrid!
And Crown Princess Victoria is here with us Why can’t Swedes go faster on their skis? Well, you see, Magnus… But… we’re quite good at it! Maud and Emma, you have Crown
Prince Frederik of Denmark with you Yes, he’s with us Frederik, what’s the best thing about
being with grandma and grandpa? We always have fun together.
We laugh a lot together when we see each other Finally, a quiz. Glorious norwegian salmon
or a red sausage from Denmark? I’ll go for the red sausage I think grandpa would agree with you And what did Leah say to Princess Beatrix?

48 thoughts on “Why can’t Swedes go faster on their skis? – Norwegian Royal Children interview older Royals!

  1. Oh my goodness! This is hilarious! Their English is as good or better than mine! I’ve watched this five times in a row!

  2. It's interesting that the Norwegians, Swedish, and Danish are speaking their own respective languages but Beatrix of the Netherlands is speaking in English.

  3. I'd like to see the British royals do this… but then again the British royals are to busy acting better than the other royal families sooo… most likely never.

  4. OMG, so sweet and lovely. Northern countries are very classy. This proves it. You can be approachable and still royal at the same time 😉

  5. This is so funny, but its also a good way to get their children used to public speaking in a fun way. Its too bad these types of moments don't get as much press as the U.K.

  6. Love to See all the European Royals comes together of together for gatherings like this great opportunity for the all the royal cousins to get together and have fun as a family

  7. Do you have subtitles for that part when Ingrid interviewed her parents and her her aunt while they were dressed as Princess Astrid and the King & Queen?

  8. I believe in God. Life is too beautiful to end at death. I imagine that this is something like what heaven will be like except that those who love Jesus will ALL be kings and Queens, fellowshipping with one another in the most happy way with our Lord and Saviour and all the saints from all time, past, present and the future ones who will come after us. 🙂

    At the beginning, the subtitles say: "Queen Sonja: and our grandchildren were interviewing the guests!" Did King Harold himself post this? Hello from Canada your Royal Highness! 🙂

  9. Im so glad that im not from America because the are nit Royales im glade that i am from norway

  10. Beatrix deserved the compliment both she,Fredrick,and Victoria are beatiful pepol with class,and oh was it king Karl Gustav who sat next to Queen Sonja and bursted out laughing😂

  11. Love Victorias response back and not to mention her facial expression when asked the question. Love the whole video. So funny and sweet. 😄😍😍👏🏻👍🏻

  12. What language are the children asking questions in? What language(s) did Victoria and Frederik reply in?

  13. What language are the speaking?? How can they make themselves understandable departing with people from many different countries?

  14. I am wondering what languages did the kids ask the HRH Princess Victoria and HRH Prince Fredirik. Did they speak Swedish to ask Princess Victoria and Danish to Princess Frederik?

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