Why Do Men Wear Pants?

Why Do Men Wear Pants?

Oh hey everybody as of September 22nd Fall
has officially arrived which means we are in the season of pants. Guys if you ever wondered
why you wear those baggy leg-coverings called pants, or trousers, probably not. But I’m
going to tell you. How could the history of pants not be fascinating? So the reason why men wear pants is because
of horses. Before men started wearing pants they were wearing skirts all the time. Skirts
are the second oldest piece of clothing that humans are known to have worn predated only
by the loincloth. But with the rise of mounted cavalry, specifically men fighting other men
on horseback, skirts fell by the wayside and pants became the recommended clothing that
you had to wear if you were going to be a mounted warrior. And you see instances of
the militaristic rise of pants in histories around the world. In Japan, the traditional
dress would have been a kimono but samurais would wear baggy pants so they could hop up
on horseback and fight the enemy. In Europe during the 8th century after the fall of the
Roman Empire, everybody was fighting everybody else on horseback and so you have people like
knights wearing pants because you can’t ride around and fight someone while wearing a skirt.
It really didn’t work too well. Thanks to pants, I can now ride my horse with ease.
Lot easier than side saddle. And even in North American Plains Indians wore kilts until the
Europeans reintroduced horses and they’re like oh wait yeah. And eventually because
these military men were of higher status, pants became associated with higher status
men and thus the style trickled down to all of the manly masses to the point that in 1701
Peter the Great in Russia actually issued a decree saying hey dudes you all have to
start wearing pants because we kind of need to make Russia hip with it, so you got to
get rid of your baggy whats-nots that you’ve been wearing and start wearing pants. Fun
fact the word pants comes from the 4th century Roman Saint Pantaleon. I told you it was fascinating.
The history of the skirt is also fascinating and if you would like to know why women wear
skirts let me know in the comments and I’ll make that video too. Happy Fall y’all.

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  1. More men should wear skirts today now that most of us don't ride horses. Skirts are insanely comfortable if you're man enough to wear one.

  2. Since pants weather is upon us (hello, fall!), Cristen digs into the fascinating history of why men wear pants. Hint: riding horses is hard to do in a skirt.

    Why Do Men Wear Pants?

  3. The history of the kilt is pretty interesting by itself. The modern kilt was invented by an englishman because his scottish employees' braecan (a full length toga-like garment) were unruly and dangerous around smelting fires.
    Mel Gibson in Braveheart (as William Wallace) lived in the 12th century. The full length great kilt wouldn't appear until the 16th century, and the shorter version not until the 1720's.
    Tartan patterns were purely fashion, and did not signify clan until fairly recently

  4. Something tells me that the reason women wear skirts is something incredibly simplistic such as "Easier access to the baby maker!" and it just stuck with the gender.

  5. Thank you for that. I had no clue. As for skirts, every time I see the men and women symbols on bathroom doors, it always strikes me as weird that the man just looks like a human, but the woman is a human with pointy things shooting out of her hips.

  6. Great info and video! I personally hate pants, more of a shorts guy. And when I have to wear pants, they aren't jeans. I am routinely criticized by my fashion literate gf for being behind the times. "I care not of your little games, I shall wear what makes me comfortable and the world shall deal"

  7. For me pants are optional as I have Scottish ancestry and get to wear a Kilt on Traditional Scottish days. Cross-dresser's aside, the Scottish appear to be some of the only men in the world today, man enough to wear a skirt and it is Modern Society Approved =D Since Cristen mentioned pants for riding horses: does anyone else wonder how William Wallace managed to wage war back in his day wearing a Kilt whilst riding a horse into battle?

  8. I'd interested in a video that discusses why it is "socially expected" for girls to be "girly". Which includes wearing skirts.

  9. Cristen, I would be very interested in learning a bit about contraception methods through history. Obviously there is the terribly ineffective pull out, but I'd heard that at some points they had tried to fashion condoms out of intestines or wool. Can you elaborate/validate?

  10. The "baggy pants" of the samurai is traditionally called a hakama – I only know this because I cosplayed Himura Kenshin at one point and so had to get a pair for myself.

  11. Cristen and Caroline have actually done one or two podcasts on that very subject, do a search on their website or iTunes, I think one of them was called "Birth Control Inventor", and they may have mentioned it in "Is Plan B access bad for girls?". Hope that helps 🙂

  12. Romans of the late Empire were scandalized when some of their politicians started wearing pants which were seen as "barbaric" since the Germanic tribes (who actually had a functional cavalry) wore them before.

  13. I love this. XD Also, I have a request/idea for another video: valleygirl accents. Why do they exist and where did they come from? Y'know, those incessantly annoying girls who talk with a trillion "like"s in one sentence, etc.

  14. @Guille Puerto You're right! Same thing happened in China — they were first considered "barbaric" but were eventually adopted as a military necessity

  15. I love videos like these that show how gender is so relative and subjective to time. many people just take things as gospel when the have not had any prior knowledge that it was not always so for example men wearing skirts and makeup.

  16. I liked the video :). I'd like to know your take on why it's so taboo for guys to wear skirts and dresses? But women can wear whatever they want and for the most part not even get a second glance.

  17. I want to know why men's pants button on the opposite side of women's? Also why on button down shirts and zipper items like jackets and sweaters?

  18. How did these Indians get to america and what did they do with all the indigenous Americans? Did the Mogul empire go further east than my history books tell me?

  19. Although wearing skirts keeps the private parts well aired and healthy. Body parts need to breathe, nuff said.

  20. I may not be the first with this joke but I get it now, HIStory and HERstory lol haha it's funny.

  21. Oh wait.. I totally get it that WOULD HURT if they didn't wear pants and went horse riding. 😨I'm a girl but hey pants was made for reason now everyone wears them well almost everyone xD

  22. I wanna know why almost everyone wears pants even when its hot out? and why is it a big deal to wear shorts in public? and why do I have to dress nice for an interview? or dinner? all I have are shorts and t-shirts. and 2 pairs of jeans. as an American I shold just be able to wear what I want right? I am a white male American the best thing you could be

  23. This video is great. I saw the link watching something else, and while I was waiting for the other thing to finish I was wondering "Why DO men wear pants?" and the idea of sitting astride a horse NEVER occurred to me, but when I came here and watched it, it is SO obvious. But I also think a military kilt ("military kilt" is a kilt with nothing underneath, as required by Her Majesty's Armed Forces who wear kilts) can pose problems if you have to run fast (something not unheard of in military life) or if you get an erection. You'll have a sporran, but if you're not a piper it won't be a BIG sporran, and I just don't see how you're gonna avoid looking like a circus-tent on a pole when some attractive person elicits the no-handed salute. Also, if you're naked below, you could get an erection just from feeling the wind or the cloth itself stroking your bits. (I suppose that after some months the soldier would get used to that sensation and tune it out and it wouldn't happen anymore.) There's a lot of issues with wearing a military kilt that go away if you can wear SOMETHING underneath.

  24. Actually pants are just really long socks that eventually closed up in the groin and lost their feet. For the better part of western history both men and women wore these hoses in combination with a slighty shorter tunic for a man or a longer dress for a woman. So everyone wore both pants and a skirts.

  25. cool stuff I was reading up on some articles. nomadic tribes who relies on cavalry often wore pants while infantry based armies often didn't. and then they adopted pants to improve their cavalry. interesting stuff.

  26. In India.. mens used were "dhotis" wh is basically a piece of long cloth..wrapped around their waist.. nd pants were adapted frm british colonizers..

  27. A friend managed a store at a mall. Right outside the store windows were steps to the upper level. He said some women wearing miniskirts and no underwear would walk up those stairs. He enjoyed the view. If a man wore a skirt and no underwear and accidentally exposed himself he would be arrested for indecent exposure. Women very seldom get arrested for indecent exposure unless they go out in public completely naked. A man wore a loin cloth without underwear to a gay pride parade. He was arrested and convicted for indecent exposure and upheld on appeal. (which means he has to register as a sex offender).

  28. My neighbor from France explained why men display their ass's. In 1948 gays in France wore their pants down to announce that they were gay and wanted something up their butt.

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