Why Proper Hockey Stance is Important: Skating Fundamentals Episode 1

Why Proper Hockey Stance is Important: Skating Fundamentals Episode 1

the fundamentals of skating brought to you by how to hockey and sponsored by hockey shot calm hey guys Jeremy from how to hockey comm and I’m Scott from the science of skating this video we’re talking about the proper hockey stance this is actually one of the most important tips to give to a hockey player that’s why we’re doing it for a very first video this is where you can get a lot of your power from and it’s going to help you just become a better overall scanner let’s get right to it we’re here with Scott Grover he’s been teaching power skating for over 30 years and he’s gonna give you the basics on the proper hockey stand to begin with there’s a lot of things that I’ve changed over the years a lot of things that I’ve adapted over the years but the biggest thing that’s remained the same all the way through is the knee bend alright so basically I’m going to go sideways so you can see it and your legs should be almost parallel to the ice not quite parallel just a little bit above or if you want to think of it this way I’m just about to sit on the bench I’m not actually sitting on the bench I’m just about to the arms should be up they should not be leaning on the thighs and here is the biggest the biggest problem that I have with younger kids is when I say to go lower they take it as lean forwards more which actually as you can see straightened out my legs it it actually took my knee bend away plus it hangs the heaviest part of your body out front which is going to put you on your nose so the big thing is arms up feet feet shoulder distance apart chest up and over top the skates again it’s acceptable to go a little bit forward as you go faster but I’m not even going to worry about that yet right now it’s more stay over top the feet stay up and over and don’t lean on those sides let’s guys I’ve had some great points there so I just want to ask him a few questions with the hockey stance so Scott the one thing that you know you said really important is get nice and low so just for the newer hockey players why is that so important to have that really good knee been there well number one your knees are like your shock absorbers they they sustain any kind of bumping side to side movement and and also balance balance is the key so the lower your center of gravity the more balanced you are that entails with a wide base as well which is about shoulder distance apart with the feet all right and and also like something that I like to teach the kids is you know that’s your power that’s where it all comes down right so I sometimes reach your for two it as the power stand yeah also the hockey stands right back because when you’re up here right you’re pushing just from your hips crap and you’re not going to go very fast but when you get down here you know you get a lot more power from that push and I got good knee bent and you can actually get a nice long strap cracked and that and that’s big that’s big if I can show you here if I’m standing here and I push I can push out to here and then my foot physically has to come off the ice there’s no choice so I actually push from here to here which is about one blade length or one stick length if you want to do that way right so now I take the same stance and I drop it down here I can actually push my foot out to there before it physically has to come off the ice that’s twice the distance which means twice the speed and power Jeremy if I can get you in the sit position or the power stripe there’s a million different names for it too basically I call it the set position because I want him even lower than he is right now there’s where I want him and if you look at it there’s actually a line from his shoulder and if his head stays up and over top looking straight ahead there’s a line right down to the middle of his foot you can see by the stick shoulder just inside the knee and right to the base of the foot that should always be there that line up doesn’t matter whether you’re turning whether you’re skating straight ahead backwards it always should stay the same that just helps with power from the legs proper body positioning for balance correct right it keeps everything over top your feet which is huge exactly that’s really important for balance yeah so this is some of those points of having a good hockey stance you want to get nice and low you want to basically have your legs parallel with the ice like you’re just about to sit down on a bench you want to have your feet about shoulder width apart that just keeps you nice and balanced you want to have your head up and your chest up so don’t bend too much at the hip when you say to get low don’t bend over too much like this because then you’re off balance all your weight is on your toes if you get knocked you’re going to fall over so you want to get nice and low have a good knee bend a little bit of an ankle bend a little bit of hip bend but not too much head up chest up so you can always read the play and like Scott said you’re gonna have your weight pretty much over your feet thanks a lot for checking out the videos guys those tips should give you a good foundation to become a better hockey player and a better skater don’t forget to check out the next videos in our series we’re gonna have a bit 9 or 10 videos all about skating you want to check them out you can check out our YouTube channel don’t forget to subscribe to the YouTube channel and you can subscribe to our blog it’s how to hockey calm these videos are brought to you by hockey shot calm they have the best hockey training needs out there stuff like nets target shooting pads training tile slide boards all kinds of products to help you guys improve your skills if you want to check out their products I have the link in the video description you

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  2. Do you have any tips for improving squat duration? I can squat over 3 plates a side for 10+ reps but I can only squat into a hockey stance for about 30 seconds. Is this naturally easy for people? It hurts my legs holding it that low

  3. I really appreciate these videos. As a kid, I always wanted to play hockey but my parents could never afford to put me into any program. I am 21 now and just learning the basics, but already have been making a lot of progress by watching your videos. Hopefully, I'll be able to play in a beer league by next winter. Thank you guys!

  4. I was just wondering if you have any tips for keeping your skates straight and without the bender look. And if you have any good drills that would help me with that, that would be nice. Thanks

  5. those red striped pants and red striped jacket are the perfect litmus test for a good hockey stance, you could put a protractor right on that angle…90 degrees all the way Scott

  6. Great videos, guys, downloading then one by one! Hope Bauer and Graf on the same screen are no harm for you, considering sponsors!…

  7. Jeremy and Scott, thank you!! I am a 24 yr old woman who decided that I wanted to start hockey. It is very difficult to find a place here where I live in Georgia, USA, that I can skate to practice. I had my first practice with a women's team on Wednesday night and the players were extremely impressed with my skating. They asked me if I had sports experience (no), skating experience on ice (no), or rollerblading (no). They said I skated like I've been on the ice multiple times. This is all thanks to this video series. I have been watching them on repeat the last few weeks and kept a lot of these tips in mind. It really made me feel amazing during our drills when I heard my teammates yelling "Yeah that's right you got it!!" when I was doing drills correctly on the first try. I'll be recommending these videos to everyone.

  8. thank you guyz very much those videos are the best i have ever see on youtube. i have learned a lot form ur video thx again

  9. Man, I wasn't low enough during our last practice and got hammered against the boards – concussion for me. Now I might be out the rest of the season. ๐Ÿ™ Wish I would have watched this before pracy, that's for sure! How important staying in this stance ALWAYS on the ice is!!!

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