[Music] lise where have you been what I was just getting some orange juice jesus fucking christ now how many of you had few Lise how many okay like six Louise okay I had 12 give me the bag come on give me the bag Lewis this ends now fuck with more cashews actually hold on hold on hold on orange juice stop you know what I’m here for maxi pads grape soda no what are you go wait actually what you need there follow me follow me but wait follow me don’t follow me no summit uh I just know it stop staring you know what you need orange juice don’t do this to me don’t do this to me right now don’t Derrell me that’s not about to happen you’re not about to throw this in my hands and I’m gonna feel good killed it into buying it let’s not have to buy it wait wait we see that you need a hora juice in your system catch oh yeah is this for so I’m gonna buy this now are you really no knock-knock you want some orange juice tone in there my hands I’m shaking my weenie put your weenie away from me I like looked at your camera it just looked like I’m just shaking my weenie I just fucking hit a rock and drop my weenie baby so we made it but it’s definitely closed yeah where is he ligase as you can tell it’s closed in here but you hear them skating up there good they have a full-on escapes stay out of work yes straight out of work let’s fake you you cheater Wow like a pro yeah see that shiny Dan Steve who is James Dean tell him why you wear a mask do not even think this is just where the math because he doesn’t want to be seen hey you guys stay every day after work right octa work until a string pushing around the finding is falling and finding a new street then spot this spot so every day that Haqqanis a gets off work he says he just like goes downstairs and just cruises around the city and just skates around until he finds a skate spot if you miss the last train in tokyo you have to wait till like 5:00 in the morning to get home he always catches the last train and just skates till midnight Oh subscribe he said his friend of Stephen Ciavarella and Tony homie I can tell he was mad he’s bad well without the light [Music] what is that funny let me get it when I say alright well New Guinea ah New Guinea I can’t say Nicosia 2012 I speak receive too he called it out you just said that was the last one and you did it yes I guess what are the chances of you landing it right before the cops come they’re the last trains are always so packed made it right this is your stop data that’s it [Applause] the way that was the last so the last train is like 12:30 and I just missed it look the gates are closed can you see the time on my phone 1234 since I had to transfer trains I miss my second stop but it’s half way home and like I said Tokyo is extremely safe Japan in general so it is fun to just skate around and not even to go home like a few miles because it’s just calm you can cruise through it’s mostly downhill too so it’s just a fun ride home the one thing I’ve noticed being here is that Street skating is kind of a nighttime singing in Tokyo because during the daytime it’s hectic the streets are just beyond crowded the culture here is very quiet calm peaceful Street singing is the complete opposite of that it’s pretty hectic you know you can’t really do it during the daytime without getting kicked out instantly a lot of people wait till nighttime comes all the city light just look at the view behind me this is like the nicest thing I actually don’t mind having to walk a few miles home because it’s fucking Tokyo Tokyo is like beautiful man made home all right so oh thank you shouldn’t have you have writes me I [Music] think there’s like a monster or something upstairs like you know in the quiet room yeah just watch if we catch this on camera like this could go viral just don’t drop your camera once you see it all right [Laughter] where did you get that costume you know Halloween’s been over for like two weeks now three weeks he’s coming he’s coming [Music] thanks kid why do you still have that on you’re supposed to be the manager can you stop filming him so before heading off the video I did want to mention the short film I’ve been working on called Tokyo Dreams the past month I’ve just been spending like at least three times a week going out filming this short film is very important to me it’s like got a lot of meaning to it it’s just about like might come up as a youtuber just kind of telling the story and showing the success through me being in Tokyo being able to do what I love [Music] oh yeah that about wraps up this video so make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe I’ll see you guys for the next video [Music]


  1. Yes, We did pick up the orange juice after that scene. はい、撮影後にオレンジジュースを拾いました。I wouldn't litter in Japan, on of the things I love most about Japan is It's cleanliness! It was just for the skit.

  2. Lol, what if the guy did know Tony Hawk and he was genuinely impressed with the skating and though he could get you a deal. Well, too late now I guess.

  3. I remember when this came out I wanted to see your brand and everything you do grow👌 and now to look back at this more than a year later and to see the progress you’ve made I am proud of you Luis follow your dreams you are doing good things

  4. After discovering your YouTube channel, I want to go to Japan so bad and want to get good at skating ✌🏻

  5. Haha the beginning reminds me of me, no joke every day before I leave my house I make sure to drink my orange juice

  6. I'm going to Tokyo for the first time this summer. Does anyone know good skate spots in the Hino-Shi, Tokyo area?

  7. your video is remind me for the last time i visit tokyo. i stay at shinjuku for 2 weeks. the better place i visit.

  8. Using radwimps music at the end made me fully aware of how much you liked kimi no na wa. Awesome vid, Tokyo is a dream city full of lights.

  9. Aw man I might stop skating because my board is broken in half and my parents don't have the money to buy me one

  10. I real enjoy watching your videos. Showing up a city like Tokyo while going skating is awesome. Greetings from Spain

  11. I loved skating Japan. I skated for Wild Boyz in Yokosuka. We would go all over Tokyo, Yokohama and all points between. Lived there for 3 years.

  12. Wait where was that skate shop you were in ? Do you own it how were you able to go in late at night. Sorry for all the questions lol

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