yeah ! so today, we’re going to talk about
Triskates, the first time I’ve ever tried to skate three wheel skates was about
water 1/2 year ago and I started with 125 millimeter wheel what I really
enjoyed about those like allowed me to go through all types of surfaces since I
had bigger wheels I could just go on whatever I wanted to could even ride
grass and all that stuff but at the same time I also really enjoyed that the
frame was taller having a taller frame would allow me to to bend my feet a lot
more without the boot ever touching so that would also help me for sliding
later after a few sessions skating with those I haven’t up realizing that once
my front wheel would get a little bit more used in the back wheel to the skin
would get slightly rockered and then once Escape was slightly rockered the
middle wheel was working as a pivot point and that’s when I really fell in
love with this case people have different opinions about skates and some
people use it as just as transportation some other I’d like to use the try
skates for tricks like of course there’s different opinions about this good
morning from Canada I prefer 4 by 100 rockers in mine
skating frames why it’s a more stable longer base it’s a little bit lower to
the ground it’s very close to the boot especially on a on a flat heeled ufs
frame I like having a little bit of a urethane edge block directly directly
under my foot try skates I really like the skating
I’ve seen from from lino and whisky and some others they make them look pretty
sick but these are from talented skaters I’m impressed that they’ve won races and
that it’s a new way to introduce skating to people but sometimes skaters that
aren’t as experienced they can appear a little bit sketchy um because
the the it’s higher off the ground and it’s shorter so it can just look a
little bit twitchy and off have I tried them yet no I haven’t been skating it
yeah oh yeah now the moment you get the momentum going on them you it’s just the
big amounts of speed and you can go over any any surface that you that you want
turning on the try wheels yes it’s a it’s very quick you can make can I do
nice curves and quick adjustments you can even if you if you will get worn
down a little bit you can do little little slides which just gives you that
much more flexibility as opposed to the anti rocker system that I grew up with
that was more tricks orientated stopping can be a little bit of a challenge in
the beginning because it’s you’re going much faster so you need to keep that
into consideration but as soon as you get the groove as I say that because you
can turn quicker you can stop quicker you just need to practice that and get
into that but once you have it it’s it’s it’s very easy writing these is a whole
different experience in the world of rollerblading versus just coming from
like a trick background and writing a standard 55 60 millimeter skate even
even compared to like a big frame or Kaiser’s level-1 level-2 level-3 frames
like it’s just a it’s a whole different world on these they open up the
possibilities whether you’re skating out in the streets getting the park most
people can get me so awkward looks when I ride this in the park
mainly just it’s so big and they ask you know what are those scooter wheels and
you know it’s it’s definitely interesting to see people’s reactions
when you see some on skates with wheels this big coming from just a small wheel
I guess you would say like a trick or aggressive background like
is it’s definitely a new learning curve and it takes a little bit more focus and
kind of a lot of a lot of practice obviously because of the tricks that you
would perform on these or the obstacles you would normally ride are going to be
anywhere from the same out of skatepark they’re different and you kind of have
to open your eyes to see like what you’re actually skating and what are the
new possibilities are something of this big it’s it’s exhilarating how fast you
get going compared to like your traditional skate
you know those you have to put some effort in especially if you’re ready and
a rocker it it takes a little bit extra work to get going
whereas these like a couple pushes and you’re you’re off going and like you
don’t realize how fast you are until like you’re cruising down and you’re
like flying past people objects weaving it out obstacles of people I definitely
plan to cruise money downtown areas and some areas out and Tempe Arizona have a
nice Lake fun out there and tons of little spots that cruise with specially
the big wheels I mean nothing beats just going fast and you know one of the
things for people who know me and my skating I like to go fast and I feel big
well broccoli it gets go big just in a different clique but eight it keeps the
roller blading alive in neon I’m not as younger as limber as I used to be so
like this is a new format a new way to express my skating and how to keep you
know keep wheels under my feet and not kind of get get print out I guess you
would say a lot of people are quitting nowadays it’s a it keeps it interesting but some
people’s perspective of these are Derek very different and a lot of people don’t
like them because you can’t do tricks and I’m well I mean I’ve seen people do
tricks in this and I don’t I don’t doubt one minute that someone else wouldn’t
try it it’s just some people are very scared or skeptical because you know
they don’t look like the traditional aggressive skate there they’re different
and for me for many difference good because I like to like that fun and it
keeps wheels under my feet doing what I like to do the same your Lena asked me
about my opinion about the try skates yeah I’m gonna try to talk about it the
try skates that thing is pretty cool some people have like row bikes you know
go really class and people have those longboard screws around some people have
those electric to things they just jump on in and just take you around I don’t
know the name of it just say Jewish edgeways I don’t know those things so
there’s many things out there so why not enjoying healthy hundred-and-something
belly a millimeter wheels under your feet right and just cruise around and
know it’s healthy and fun you know why do I have a I have a negative opinion
about something so colder it might feel like you know
cruising up in the moon you know go out there have some fun go skating uh get
hash get go out there get some fun your skates you know and and your your time
and planet Earth you know enjoy it I try to trust
three wheels out for a while and when I first put them on I felt like I went a
lot faster and it was less hooking up on the ground you can go over
terrain that it’s not very pleasurable to go over on Street steps obviously
even yeah it can go over rougher ground in 80s without feeling really
uncomfortable I think yeah you’re gonna hang up less on wheels like that and
just generally really really good for transport but for you still for 80s
instead of you know I’m open-minded I think I like for 80s I didn’t really
escape good quality gear my whole life until you gave me some really nice
skates but yeah I like 80 millimeters and I like I just like the
responsiveness of 80 millimeter wheels and I don’t know I suppose is the reason
they are the traditional standard for me you just came in the right time as I’ve
been skating for way too long and I I don’t remember of trying something
that I felt so excited about since then I’ve tried different wheel sizes from
101 times 125 I haven’t mixed some fro time
25 I’ve tried different Demeter wheels like I don’t know like I even tried some
stone grinding wheels but I ended up realizing it for me that 125 it’s the
best why is the 125 the best for me I’m told and being told the 125 for me would
be about the same as for some shorter guy and someone times so I don’t know I
think it has to do with taste of course I have Bigfoot and I want to be able to
bend my food without my boots touching the floor so I think that’s why I choose
the 125s but at the same time depending on the type of skating that I’m doing
every now that I should go one time if I want to go for downhill skating I think
I rather do one time because it makes it easier to turn somehow it makes me ever
having the the boot lower somehow makes me feel that I have more control but
then that also changes with the Freys system that you have right now lately
I’ve been skating a lot more with them with the Trinities case from Porsche I
have the cusses and I have the Taos I’m really in love with the Casa skate
because I’m skating 125 but at the same time I feel like I have the control of a
one time skate but and there’s different different skates so what I’m gonna do
right now is I’m going to show you different types of try skates these are
just some kids try escapes so these ones go from like sighs you pee in 30 or
you’ll be in 27 all the way to 30 34 35 sometimes these are three wheel skates
why would these be good for a kids match the exact same thing adding a middle
will working as a pivot point will make it easy for them to turn making it easy
for them to turn will also make it easier for them to stop because – top
usually you need to move your feet to move your feet you’re turning if
you’re turning easier then makes it easy to stop it’s basic it’s just the basic
concept but that’s of course my repeat okay so here you also have three
different wheel sizes you got the 100 these are the posh lights well when it
millimeter scales and here this is the one of them skating lately these are the
causes from the Trinity frame 110 millimeter wheels and then here the
swells 125 like I said before of course it has to do with the style of skating
with of course if you’re tall or if you shorten also make a difference but in
the end it’s so like a question of preference the main thing is big wheels
will allow you to go faster but it’s harder to accelerate you’ll need more
time to get to the same speed if you don’t have the the right skill at first
one will be a little bit harder for you to stop but like I said also before one
still will will be down in the floor the skate will get a lot more nervous and
that will make it a lot easier to stop to turn and even to slide talking about sliding why do I like this
cane so much well and I used to shuffle back in the day a lot but I wasn’t
really into free skating I got into free skating more with these trash cans and I
think the reason why I started doing it is because once you have three wheels
there’s less surface touching the floor it’s just only three wheels touching the
floor and that made it easier for me to start sliding if you’re taller you can
also bend your foot a lot more without the boot touching we all know like the
boot is plastic and if the boot touches the floor then you’re going to fall so
you also want it to be a little bit higher are you learning how to slice it
you can just feel more confident about painting your food without the blue
touch I think that’s one of the main reasons why I first started sliding it
is and now they have just addicted like you can do all types of slides and yes
now that I’m more used to I admit that it’s wheels like in between 100 and 110
it’s easier to slide into 125 but at the same time the 125 allow you to bet your
foot more so you know that the boot will never touch again it’s preference my
opinion 125 my favorite set up I still ride these ones depending on what I’m
doing I still use it a lot for if I’m going downhill I rather dome the one tab
then the 125 and this is the ones I’ve been skating lately so probably in one
year I’m going to be talking about Christ kids my opinion will be a little
bit different right now I have one and a half year of try skates and I don’t plan
on stopping that’s it that’s what I got for now I hope you enjoyed this video by
the way I know how to spell try escapes I know it spells like this I know this I
said with I instead of a y but what I want you to I want to tell you is it why
don’t you try skate that’s what I think you should do right now go out try this
case it doesn’t need to be dryer skates just dry skin put your skates on and
just go we’ll be here


  1. so this video really made me buy the triskate frame and wheels and I've just come home after like 4 hours of trying them, street and sliding … and I love them 🙂 street hasn't been this much fun in a loooong time. being mostly a slalom skater the feeling is wastly different but I still love them. and sliding needs a little adjusting as sliding on rocking slalom wheels is different but still it came very naturally and it seems it'll be easy …
    btw. have bought the SEBA 3wheel frame (266mm) and seba 125mm wheels and put it on my SEBA Trix boots … great fit 🙂
    love triskates 🙂

  2. I have the Kaze. I can see why you recommended them. Sadly i may have to return them as I can only stand in them for 10 minutes! The foot size is great but my ankles are rubbing and its really painful. Do you think I should stick with it? Did you have this problem?

  3. What skates would you recommend someone looking to just skate around town? I have a pair of razors for the park but they get stuck in the ground and I trip and stuff around my area because the paths are really rough. Thanks.

  4. Hey man. Good review! Thanks. I have a question about Kaze. How comfortable are those? Are they heat moldable? I mean the outter part. Could you compare them to FR1 shell? In terms of comfort and width of the foot? Also do they come with 125 or is it possible to put 125 on them or you should get another frame for 125? thanks.

  5. Who can help me? I want to buy triskates. And i can't choose between the powerslide swell 100 red & the powerslide phuzion zeta 100. Now i'm skating on K2 contessa 80 mm and they are very uncomfortable (sleeping toes) which one is the best and comfortable? i'm a fitness skater. Who has experience with one of these triskates?

  6. Lino, your video convinced me to finally build a set of custom triskates and I love them. I have been on my old set of Roces Majestic 12's since the late 90's (I actually fit 80mm wheels in there from my old 5 wheeled track skate) and I didn't realize it then, but I pretty much made myself a set of urban skates before it was even a thing. I still skate on those from time to time, but the Seba High Light boots, Powerslide Megacruiser pro 10.2 frame, 125mm infinity wheels, and Inline Warehouse's Swiss bearings are my new favorite. They seem to just roll over everything (watch out kids, you'll be my new speed bump. just kidding). Over here in Philadelphia I have a pathway down Kelly drive where I can get a pretty decent amount of speed going, but it does get a little lonely at times skating by yourself. May be I should take a trip to South Africa to skate with you! Thank you for making great videos and keep on rolling!

  7. To practice mainly in city or country roads with firends who have
    mountain bike , what would be the best choice between seba's fr1 or swell trinity and the rollerblade metroblade 3wd ?
    Thanks , and what a bloody great video!

  8. I wanted to show you something new, my own concept of Inline skating. I called it Staff and Rolle.
    I hope you like it.

  9. What are the best triskates? I'm going to travel 25 kilometers every day for a year with a backpack – which should i choose? Great vid by the way! 😀

  10. what size skates do you use cause I'm, a tall guy also I'm 6'6 with a size 16 shoe and need a place i can get some can you help me out?

  11. Despite the fact I would like to make the most of using triskates daily, their huge wheel size is too much to handle in terms of striding. I'm imagining their wheel size requires a lot of energy to push at each stroke and my stamina is currently struggling with getting on 80mm flat setup over long distances as it is (I now have to go with Hi-Lo hockey setup to accommodate 72mm). This seems daunting for urban skater who usually stops, starts, weaves, navigates uphill constantly.
    I gotta admit though, they are cool and making you look like you mean business! They are like Bmx bikes for your feet.

  12. Is the difference in speed between 3×110 and 3×125 noticable? Om 4×90 I have to top speed of about 30km/h with which I can easily stop if I want to. How much would the top speed improve with the 3×110? and how much for the 3×125?

  13. I bought myself the usual four wheels inline in order to learn. But I already crave triskates.

  14. Heya, I have both the 2015 and 2016 version of the Seba FR1 80's, I'd like a three wheel setup, was gonna buy the Seba three wheel frame and then some wheels, but damn, just the Seba frame itself is more expensive than the Powerslide Megacruiser frame including wheels.. (http://www.locoskates.com/frames/c379). I'm thinking the Seba frame is likely a stronger, stiffer, superior frame but do I really need it or is the Megacruiser frame good enough? Or should I just consider a tri-skate rather than switch frames? Something with the trinity frame looks like it may be the best setup..

  15. Hi Lino, I like you videos very much!
    I somewhat begginer with inline skates… being rinding some 4x80mm wheels… and now a bought a Kaze supercruiser (3x110mm), but already thinking to take to the 125mm wheels… this change will make much diference at this skates?
    Thanks about all the videos, they are great!!

  16. Sticking with my current Bont 3 point 4 110mm. I commute over 100 miles a week rain or shine. I can't see how 3 wheels is any advantage.

  17. Hi ! What is better for beginner inline skater ? Triskate or 4 wheel ? i'm use to do a lot of ice skate (hockey skate) but i never did inline skate , and i want to feel the same as possible as hockey skate on in line skating , but im a bit lost with all those different type of skate , and can't spend more than 170 dollars ….
    Thanks !
    Excuse my english i'm french !

  18. Great channel & content. I've only been skating a bit over a year and definite room for improvement, need to work on slide and power stop. You, Bill S and James Mackey have been a tremendous help but there ain't nothing like getting out there and just doing it!I've been on four 90mm wheels for about six month and enjoyed it but the maneuverability wasn't there. I then put an 84mm wheel on the front and it was like a whole new skating experience, great improvement. I also just ordered the ground control tri frames for my K2s, we'll see how that goes. Keep the great videos coming.

  19. Hi Lino! I m planning to buy a pair of tryaskates for moving faster in the city, I want something that is fast and comfortable, with great maneuverability. Which one do you suggest to me? 🙂

  20. I had a pair of cheap skates when I was a kid, but never got past the crashing stage. For years I've secretly wanted a pair and to learn. I found your videos and just loved your attitude about skating. I tore my ACL skateboarding and just never went back, but I miss that feeling of rolling fast, so skates seemed appropriate. Doing some research I decided to get triskates as they fit my style. In all my sports I like to go fast. I bought some powerslide imperial 110s, and I love it. I've only been learning for a few days on my lunch breaks from work. I'm mostly focusing on crossover turns, and t stops both sides. I heated up my skates with a heat gun and custom molded them to my feet, and man what a difference in control I got. Today I put a new set of 125s on, and they felt much more natural. Everywhere I read that people said not to start with bigger wheels, but for me, it feels right. I am 6' tall I don't know if that has something to do with it? But it's so smooth, it lets me focus more on my form and less on what sticks or gravel are on the ground.

    Thanks for all the great videos Ricardo! You inspired me to indulge myself in a secret desire to skate! Soon I hope to be scooting around town and bombing some hills.

  21. I just ordered a k2 fit 84 and im so excited to “try” it hehehe. Love your channel man! I rpalce my cycling to inline skate because of health problem.

  22. Can you rocker a kaze with a simple axle change? Or do you have to do a odd wheel size in the middle? Or both, or either? Sorry for the stupid question just curious as my old 4 wheel ones had a plastic spacer to do that.

  23. Olá,! Estou querendo montar uma base para rodas 125mm em meu patins, gostaria que você me indicasse umas rodas boas para slides.

  24. What would be the difference between 110mm and 100mm? Is there a big difference or advantage/disadvantage? Is the difference in speed and maneuverability noticeable? I'm 1,74m, just in case.

  25. How someone gonna prefer a specific set up without even trying other options 1st…😑😐😂🤣💀 And Miguel looked lit AF!

  26. " So I jumped ship in Hong Kong, make my way over to Tibet. I get a job as a looper, you know a jock. So I tell them I'm a pro jock, and guess who they give me. The Dalai Lama himself. 12th son of the Lama, the flowing robes, the grace, striking. So we get to the 18th hole and he wacks one, big hitter the Lama, into a 10,000 foot crevace at the bottom of a glacier. You know what the Lama said. Gunga Gung Galunga. No, Gunga la Gunga."

  27. Hi. Thanks for your video. I'm 5"7, not very strong, female and have lung problems. I need inline skates which means I don't need to put too much effort in!. Guessing bigger wheels mean less effort, not a great skater. Usually indoor roller ring just going round. But now want to get into skating indoor and out door to try get fit! Any advice, I'm from uk. Hope you could advise. Thanks

  28. I'm using tri skates for workout and cruising. I love the bigger wheels because they last longer and I can go almost anywhere. The 4 wheel 110mm are cool too but just so much bigger. The tris are the same size as traditional inline skates length wise.

  29. Great introduction to TriSkates, Lino! Have you updated your opinion as this was long ago!
    I am 6"1' and learning rollerblades (2 wheels) so what Trikates would you suggest I should start off with as I want to mainly use for commute and the roads are not that good here in India! I saw a pair where you can use your own shoes and wear the skates in 'em. Seems very practical. Do let me know if you could guide me here ! Thank you! Keep up the great work!

  30. Кто так же как я ни фига не понял из этого видео ставь лайк..

  31. Je conseille à tout le monde de débuter en 4×80 , sur des patins evolutifs ,afin de pouvoir monter une platine 3×110 une fois qu on se sent parfaitement à l'aise en 4×80.
    On prend plus de vitesse en 3×110, si on ne sait pas maîtriser sa vitesse,ça peut être assez dangereux et décourageant.
    Par contre j avoue adorer la "gueule " d un patin 3×110 🙂

  32. I’m 175cm tall and I’m thinking about buying Powerslide skates. Back in the day I had Rollerblade Macroblade Maxxums which had a hard shell boot and I really loved how they felt – very secure and very maneuverable . I’m gonna move to Cambodia soon and since it’s very hot there I need a well ventilated skate, that’s maneuverable and gives me the secure feeling of a hard shell boot. Removable and washable liner would probably be a good idea, too. Which Powerslide skate would be your recommendation?

  33. (Tri*/try* skate) I’m going I’m going. I’m working on getting a pair of skates.

    I can’t decide between the tri skate or the quad skates.

    But I know I don’t want to go over 100mm

  34. I never tried these kind of skates, but it looks fun.
    Secondly if you don't like 3skates, try the ground control big frame (72mm) I skate with big frame and it's incredible good! 🙂

  35. Your videos have convinced me to start sharing my inline flows once this winter rolls through. Hope you have some awesome weather, Ricardo! Let's get some fun!

  36. Would be able to do high stair jumps and rail grinds with triskates? or in general be able to skate aggressively

  37. sir am from india
    sir am want very speed purpose so what is the best 3 wheel or 4 wheel
    and which wheel is fast moving

  38. You are the most positive person we have ever had to be the Ambassador for our sport!!! And for that I thank you my friend!!

  39. I am 61 and skate for fitness, and a former hockey player. I skate in 4 wheel inclines now. I am rural and pavement is very fractured, can be a little icy and plenty of debris on it. I would like wheels more adept at rougher surfaces. My balance is very good and do not fall even when encountering poor surfaces. Thanks

  40. Dude … ‘you’ … your channel here, your videos like this (and I’m watching as much of them as I can to catch up lol 😄) … you got me skating again man. Seriously, a big thanks to ya. 🙏 I owe ya.

  41. this video is 2 years old.
    taking into account that fact, could you please redo this same video with more pros cons?
    I am about to buy my first triskate pair of 110mm and these kind of videos did influence my opinion and likings. thnx


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