Wickenburg AZ: Where Cowboys Roam and Artists Reign. This, is the West’s Most Western Town.

Wickenburg AZ: Where Cowboys Roam and Artists Reign. This, is the West’s Most Western Town.

Hey guys, Mike with Mike’s Road Trip here. Today I’m about 60 miles northwest of Phoenix Arizona in arguably the West’s
most Western town named for this guy Henry Wickenburg. Now there’s a lot to
see and do here in Wickenburg AZ, so come along with me
I show you around. As you approach Wickenburg, take a left at the roundabout right into historic downtown, where you’ll find an array of shops, restaurants, museums and a whole lot more. The old Santa Fe Railway Depot is the
visitor center, where you can get info on all the Wickenburg AZ activities. Henry Wickenburg came to the area in
search of gold, and was soon rewarded when he discovered Vulture Gold Mine,
which this iconic Wickenburg site is named for. By the late 1800s Wickenburg AZ was a booming mining town, today Wickenburg is known for its open space,
clean air, and cowboy lifestyle. The lure of Wickenburg often hooks visitors into
staying longer than they anticipate, some end up becoming immortalized. Wickenburg
was founded in 1863 and over the years there have been a lot of characters who’ve roamed these streets some, of whom, have never left No trip to Wickenburg would be complete
without a dude ranch experience. As the West’s most western town, the
equine is highly revered, and there’s no shortage of cowboys, or gal pokes. From
Ropin’ to horse-drawn rides, you’re sure to get your Western fill in
Wickenburg. There’s always something going on, from parades Classic Car Shows,
to carnivals. If it’s culture you’re after, check out an art show or head over
to the world-class Desert Caballeros Western Museum. Or head over to the Del
Webb Center for the Performing Arts for an array of annual events. With an
abundance of sunshine you may want to get outdoors. There are even a couple of gorgeous golf
courses to play a bit of small ball. Something you wouldn’t expect in the
middle of the desert is a lush riparian area. This is called the Hassayampa River Preserve. Well that’s it from Wickenburg AZ.
There’s so much more to experience so you’re just going to have to come here
and discover it for yourselves. So until next time, we’ll see ya on the road… MikesRoadTrip.com…

21 thoughts on “Wickenburg AZ: Where Cowboys Roam and Artists Reign. This, is the West’s Most Western Town.

  1. What a great town that has a little bit of everything to offer everyone! Time to get that road map out and start planning 🙂 Enjoy your videos MRT – keep them coming!

  2. Im from germany and i really want to come to arizona and check it out. How are houseprices there and do you have the homestead law?

  3. Having a house in Wickenburg, called RanchInArizona.com, since over 20 years, I must say Well Done. I love it!!!

  4. we loved stopping over here a few years back, we came across it when travelling from Vegas to California and ended up booking a room and visiting it the next morning. it has that great American Western vibe! It was extremely hot like nowhere we ever experienced before so ended up visiting real early in morning:) Great ice Cream parlour too. Good luck with the flooding guys, best wishes.

  5. It's so weird looking at stuff in google earth and then watching a video and recognizing places, even though you've never actually been there O.o

  6. place is a dump, I've been going there for almost 25 years and (up until recently)for the past 6 years had the pleasure of living there. corrupt police, racist people and drugs run rampant…and I'm just talking about the church! if you enjoy life and want to live, visit or start a business in a thriving town? then Wickenburg is NOT the place. most of the businesses are failing and you can tell how unhappy the locals are just based upon how they treat you. me and my wife moved there and had a beautiful house with 5 acres of land, I thought we found paradise…that is until the local community made us VERY aware that they "didn't like our kind 'round these parts",(that's an exact quote we would hear on a semi-weekly basis. So if you love your life, being happy and don't want a hate crime committed against you (btw I'm white and my wife's half mexican..not that it matters..they treated us equally with racism and ignorance I thought only existed in comedies as satire) or if you're part of a racist organization, kkk etc.. then Wickenburg az. just may be the place for you! good luck, you're gonna need it!

  7. I used to go to the Hassyampa Elementary School. My brothers went to the high school that was next to the Del Webb Center of Performing Arts. I personally loved the town.

  8. My husband proposed to me in Wickenburg, AZ in 2014 on our way to Vegas. We got married in Vegas just hours later. Love him more every day. Wickenburg will always hold a special place in my heart.

  9. I lived there in the late 70s and early 80s when I was a kid, the town was really small then, there was not much to do if you where young, it didn't even have a movie theater, but to look at it now it is hardly recognizable, I would never live there again, it has become very expensive for housing or property, I live now in TN, much more affordable, and everyone I grew up with there has since moved away, I still have a brother in Phoenix though, but I have not been to Wickenburg 12 years, and I don't plan on going any time soon, besides everyone that I grew up there with has moved, or died, and did I mention it is very hot there in the summer!!!

  10. just drove through there, "youth in asia" below me is right, Wickenburg is a town you DO NOT want to live in unless you like living in pisspoor town with drug addicts and just a broke town period,

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