William tries the fermented skate”It smells like fart!!” [The Return of Superman/2019.01.20]

What a traitor. Will Bentley go to him as well? He is going. (Bentley walks over as well.) What? Did you go as well? I can’t believe it. You caught it. (Is it your first time seeing a rockfish?) – Do you want it? / – Yes. I have a lot of fish. Okay. Here. – He really gave him a fish. Thank you. / – Thank you. Thank you, sir. It’s a bit… (It’s heavy.) It’s heavy. Be careful not to spill it. Don’t fall down again. – Look at this. / – William got a fish faster than his dad. – William. / – It’s a fish. What is this? He caught it. – Did he give it to you? / – Yes. Thank you. It’s a rockfish. (William loves the rockfish.) It’s mine. Rockfish. It’s pretty. He can call a rockfish pretty, but he wouldn’t call me pretty. Isn’t he too mean? He called a rockfish pretty. – He prefers a rockfish. / – I’m jealous. Hey, hold on. William, look. – He caught a fish. / – A fish bit. (Is it real this time?) (What is it? What is going on?) (He really caught a fish!) What is that? An eel? I caught a fish. I caught a fish. Give it to me. Hurry. Thanks. (He needs to put it in the net.) – It’s so strong. / – It’s an eel. – It’s so strong. / – It’s really long. It’s an eel. It’s strong. It’s really strong. (He is struggling with the eel.) It went in. (It went into the net.) He saved face in front of his kids. Sam, congratulations. Look at it. It’s an eel. – It’s like a snake that lives in the sea. / – Okay. – He’s scared since it’s like a snake. / – Right. It’s not like a rockfish. Take a look. It’s an eel. (My goodness.) It’s scary. It’s okay. I caught it. I’m holding it. I won’t let it go. Take a photo. Take a photo. (Nice timing.) (He relaxes thanks to Sam.) – It’s really big. / – I know. Let’s stop fishing, and have a meal now. How about that? (Let’s go and have a meal.) (The lunch Sam prepared is…) You can cook fish you caught at the fishing spot. It must feel like a camping experience. Bungalows at a fishing spot – are warm and cozy. / – That’s right. (It’s as comfortable as home.) (Look at my brother.) (Rummaging) – Here. / – Tangerines are tasty in a warm room. – That’s right. / – Won’t you eat it? Baby, won’t you eat it? I’m good at peeling it, right? I finished peeling it. William is a good brother. Eat it, baby. (I won’t eat it.) – You don’t want it. / – My goodness. (Bentley’s refusal makes William flustered.) (I need to tell Dad about this.) (While William is out,) (he grabs tangerines with both hands.) – He doesn’t want to be fed. / – He wants to – do it himself. / – I see. (Bentley is a human juicer.) Did you eat everything? (Fresh juice is the best.) He wanted juice. (This won’t do.) Dad, baby is a pig. – What? / – A pig. Is the baby a pig? Where are your pants? My pants are in the room. Aren’t you cold? (The cold doesn’t bother me.) Is Bentley wearing them? (He exits with the cheer of Stocking Man.) (I should hurry and put on my pants.) (It’s hard to put on my pants.) My pants… The meal is ready. Let’s eat. I’m putting on my pants. Why didn’t you put them on earlier? – I’m almost done. / – Okay. “I’m almost done.” (Standing awkwardly) He is a master comedian. (William, let’s go out and eat.) What would you like? Rockfish, meat – or eel? / – It must be tasty. Is this rockfish? Would you like to try it? Put it on my rice. – On your rice? / – Yes. I’ll put on a good piece. (Sam puts rockfish on William’s rice.) (He takes a big bite.) (Open your mouth wide. Fish is going in.) You have a big mouth. How is your mouth so big? – A crocodile’s mouth. / – Is that what you have? William has a crocodile’s mouth. What should I eat? This one, this one, and this one. Eat this one. Eat this one. Eat everything. Eat everything. Everything. I ate just now. Try it. – What is it? / – Eel. Eel? If you eat it, you will become strong. Will I be like the Hulk? You might become stronger than the Hulk. Okay. (Growling) He ate it right away. How’s the taste? It tastes good. – Does it taste good? / – Yes. – Good. / – He gave it a thumbs-up. I’m sorry, fish. Are you sorry? (I made up my mind!) (I, Bentley, am 14 months old.) Bentley can’t eat all types of food yet. He is practicing. The moment he can, he will go all out. It’s okay to eat with hands outside. He got it. (He pulls the food within his reach.) I think he will eat it well. (Hello, eel.) That’s right. (He eats eel) (and sausage.) (Eating) It must be very tasty. (Don’t bother me when I’m eating.) He eats with gusto. (He tries rockfish last.) He’s already eating rockfish at 14 months old. (Shaking) It’s so good that he can’t keep calm. It’s so tasty. (Good food makes me dance.) That’s right. A man gave us this rockfish. – We need to return the favor. / – Okay. – What should we give him? / – Meat. – Should we give him meat? / – Yes. Can you deliver it without dropping it? Yes. Yes, baby! Yes, baby! – Rockfish! / – William will do it. He gave William a rockfish earlier. Okay. (Dangerous) (It’s a perilous journey.) You don’t need to be funny right now, William. William. – The food will spill! / – Tilt it a little. (Thank goodness.) He’s supporting it with his chest. (Carry it carefully.) Is it that way? (William finds the place slowly but surely.) Mr. Rockfish. (Looking around) (He finds Mr. Rockfish right away!) – The man from earlier. / – William found him. William has good eyes. – It’s a present. / – Thank you. What should I give you? You don’t need to give him anything. I should give you this. It’s precious. It’s precious. Thank you! (William thanks him loudly.) What is this? Some people can’t get enough of it. (He smells it.) – What is it? / – What is it? (Sniffing) (What is this dish?) – My goodness. / – It’s fermented skate. Isn’t that fermented skate? Will he eat it? Even I can’t eat it yet. (When you eat fermented skate,) (its strong taste and aroma) (hit your brain and nose.) How will William react? He isn’t affected by it. – He eats skate at the age of four. / – No way. How could he eat skate so well? (The more he chews, the stranger it seems.) (It hits him later.) It hit him later. (I want the taste off my tongue.) I can’t eat this. It smells like fart. Dad will eat it. “It smells like fart.” (I need to share this news with Dad.) Dad, this is fart. – What? / – Eat it, Dad. Fart. – Did he give this to you? / – Yes. He gave me fart. – Did he? / – Yes. – Did you eat it? / – Yes. You gave him meat, right? What did he say? He ate it. Did he? (Sam is proud of William for running the errand.) Great job. You’re all grown up now. Yes, baby! (William grew a little more today.)

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