Willson Contreras | The Offseason

Willson Contreras | The Offseason

♪ [music] ♪ – [Contreras] My first time riding a roller
coaster was in the United States, last year with my mom and dad and my wife,
but, I’m afraid of heights. I was looking at the roller coaster
and I would tell myself. “Don’t get scared, start yelling
whenever you get there. You can do it!” When I realized that the thing goes up
with you facing the sky, I asked myself “What did you do?” so, when I got to the top
and I started to fall, I closed my eyes. That’s like- Yeah, that’s a
fantasy for us, we don’t have theme parks in Venezuela. I think all the Venezuelan players
got to experience this through life. Only in my dreams,
but I wish I could be in Venezuela right now, but you just can’t.
You just can’t. ♪ [music] ♪ Venezuela, right now,
is not a safe place to be. It’s really hard because you grew up in
your country, and you wanna be happy in your country, but it’s not safe. So, I decided just to go there for a few
days, to see my whole family and, then, journey back to the United States. After our last season,
I just needed to be somewhere where everything’s kinda slow, calm,
where you find your peace. ♪ [music] ♪ As a kid, my grandpa
used to work in a, in a farm, and I just fell in love with the horses
and the cows, and all the nature. Say “Hi” girl.
You’re meeting new people. ♪ [music] ♪ Right now, I don’t need to buy a horse
cause I get to ride Victor’s horses. ♪ [music] ♪ When I met Victor, and Victor brought me
to this ranch, it was like, a whole new world for me. There’s you, with the nature,
listening to the wind, to the animals, and that’s priceless for me. When you’re
spending time with Venezuelans, feels like, to be home. – [Victor Martinez] We come from the same hometown,
from Venezuela, from my mom’s side, and-
– I didn’t, I didn’t. – [Contreras] I just started saying that Victor was
one of my, my favorite players, like, that I, that I look up to, so we got to spending a
lot of time together, here in the ranch, in his house, in my house. Once I realized that I was a professional
player, I knew that was going to spend more time out of Venezuela than in Venezuela. Victor, way more time living in
United States than I do, and if I had to ask somebody for help away
from your dad and mom, I can go to Victor. I mean, 39 years old he was still
playing. To play 16 years in the big leagues you have to do the right things. I want to live here,
want to live in the United States, I think it’s a great country,
it became my second home. A lot of people were–
asking me about my emotions. Why do I show my emotions so much? It took me seven years
to get to the big leagues. Every time that I play I say to myself,
“You made it! You did it” I wish what I did today,
I could do it down in Venezuela, if it was safe enough,
but I have the faith that Venezuela is going to get on track like it was before,
and I can get something there like, a farm with my horses,
but to enjoy with my family. So, that’s why my emotions
is gonna be there every single day. ♪ [music] ♪

54 thoughts on “Willson Contreras | The Offseason

  1. Willson has really grown on me. I'm a staunch Jody Davis fan and I have to say Willie is much better than Jody was.

  2. He's gonna come back and have a great year and hit a lot more doubles and homers and catch his way to a 2019 world championship! !

  3. Has to be tough with all your family back there, it’s so chaotic. Glad he’s on my favorite team. I hope he has a great season and his family stays safe, and eventually his country stabilizes so he can go back and enjoy time with his family.

  4. Has to be tough with all your family back there, it’s so chaotic. Glad he’s on my favorite team. I hope he has a great season and his family stays safe, and eventually his country stabilizes so he can go back and enjoy time with his family.

  5. Talk about a hustle player, watch Wilson on a lazy ground ball, he hustles every play, you can tell he’s taking advantage of being a pro baseball player. He will have no regrets…

  6. I really enjoy these videos, they should do more of them. Really gives an insight into the Cubs as individuals.

  7. Wilson. I would love to hear your take on Venezuela on if you believe in socialism, or did it hurt your family and country.

  8. this, for a person who doesn't live en United States, this makes me bond with the players, to relate to them, making the bond with the team better, i kinda notice something new in MLB they're showing their human side, that's what mlb need's for baseball to grow. Hope they make changes for the better, go cubbies from Mexico. one day i would go to Wrigley field, you never know maybe i get a ball, or maybe i get an autograph, that would be sick lol (we need more mic's up)

  9. I have just two questions to ask Contreras? Why is it every time you start the game the opponents seem to always score a lot of runs in the first 4 innings?

    Second question> Why do you Contreras call for over 70% of fastball the first 5 innings and BURN OUT OUR STARTERS TO DEATH? Possible or not can you mix the pitches like breaking balls or change up or cutters, or something else? Pitchers have a tool box, please USE THEIR TOOL BOX TO THEIR ADVANTAGE, NOT TO YOUR ADVANTAGE OK.

    Saw the game vs Dodgers on March 20th, 2019 and it was absolutely sickening. First pitch by Hamels a fast ball and bam Pollock slaps it out of the ball park. All the Home Runs by the Dodgers were on those stupid fastballs the first 5 innings. SMH. We never or hardly see this when Caratini is catching. He loves to use the Pitchers tool box and asks for breaking pitches.

  10. Believe me don't hold your breath on Contreras. Why, if I was the batter I already know he will ask for fastballs 70% of the time and I will be waiting for the sucker to hit it out of the ball park. Trust me, I got the stats to prove it.

  11. Great kid.from there or here. You can do it and already have in my eyes. Great luck this season. Show off that arm.

  12. What I love about Wilson, is the humility he shows, he seems so very grateful to be a ball player. He plays with such heart and emotion

  13. Love you Willson! You are a Fantastic catcher and such a nice/kind person! Thanks for autographing my son's baseball at Sloan Park a couple of weeks ago….You are the BEST! And, we LOVE roller coasters too! Maybe we'll ride a coaster with you sometime! Best to your family….hope they are safe!

  14. To be training with Victor Martinez will be an interesting year for family, country and career!!! Go Cubs from Shenzhen!!!

  15. I remember I was on the left field foul pole and that is where Wilson was warming up. then all the sudden he threw that ball at me and we started to play catch with him. it was really cool.

  16. this insight is awesome. shows what the player did to get to where he is today. we see them on the field all the time through the good and bad, but now we know what it took to get to where they are on the field. both good and bad as well.

    2019 let's go!

  17. Willy is lucky to have such a great mentor in V-Mart.
    BTW, V-Mart has excellent taste in cigars (looks like he's enjoying La Aurora Preferidos Hors D’Age 2017).

  18. I named this beautiful rescue dog after Willson Contreras: https://www.adoptapet.com/pet/21303899-wood-dale-illinois-english-pointer This is a sweet dog that had suffered abuse and has done better in foster care the past year. As a Cubs' fan- I have named former rescue dogs after my favorite players and wanted to give this dog a strong name and Willson seemed like a great idea due to his great leadership and compassion. Our Willie has been waiting over a year to find a forever home- and I would love to find him a loving family of Cubs' fans in the Chicago area. Go Cubbies- can't wait for opening day!!

  19. I hope they do better than a predicted 82-80 this year, it would be a shame to see the gang break up, I remember Rick Renteria’s one year with the Cubs and they went 80-82, a hell of a turn around from Dale Suvem’s 2 crappy 51 and 52 win 2 years, and i was like, this guy is it, then they fire Renteria in order to get Joe Maddoe, on of the greatest coaches, i was confused cause Rick Renteria looked like he knew what he was doing at the time with the Chicago Cubs, clearly not via results of 2 years with the Chicago WhiteSox, anyways, I heard more about Joe Maddon and was all of a sudden pumped as hell, then they went 99-63 in his VERY first year and got 2nd in the division, a hell of a turn around just in one year, they beat the Pirates in wildcard game and beat the Saint Louis Cardinals 3-2, in the opening round series, i was thinkin, holy crap this is our year, then we beat the Mets in game one of the NLCS, and I was so happy, we lost the next four ending a great season, then during the off-season and heard they were favorites to win the World Series, the opening series sweep against the Angels proved to me that this was in fact our year,see go 105-57 that year, and the round one sweep of the giants defined our season, we were the Cubs, and we were gonna be champions finally, the NLCS series, after winning game 1 but then getting down 1-2 scared me, we quickly get up to a 3-2 lead on them, we blow a lead and drop game 6 but end up winning the series 4-3 against the Dodgers, finally making the World Series, first time since 1944 or 1945, I do not remember, one of the years, we get down 1-3 against the Indians, and I was bummed, I had suicidal thoughts, just joking, but I was scared for the Team and the fans just thinking, ah hell, I don’t wanna wait again, tho I’m only 16 now, and was 13 the time, I still didn’t feel like going through what my dad and grandpa did, we take the next 2 games and tie up the series 3-3, and Mike Montgomery saves us and we are MLB World Series Champions, I remember watching the parade in a Chicago (I live in Oklahoma) too thinking, here comes next year, ignoring the stat saying that most World Series winners struggle the following season, and that is what happened, we struggled to maintain the second place spot in the division swapping off and on at second and third with the Brewers as the Cardinals were taking first, midway through the season, we got back on track, we went 91-71, barely clinching and winning the division for the second straight season, we beat Nats 3-2 after getting up 2-0 and losing the next 2 at Wrigley Field, either way, we still won it so…, yeah, then we play the Dodgers again in the NLCS, by the way making the NLCS for the third straight year, oh yeah, still though, we play the dodgers 2nd year in a row, we lose the first 3 games in a row, we take game 4 at Wrigley Field, yet I know that it is still over, and sure enough it is, we lose 1-4 to them, but all I have in my thoughts is positivity, I am positive we will do good next season, after hearing of a 21-11 Spring Training, I am hyped bout this coming season, these comes opening day, I remember being in class as a freshmen at lunch, 12:00PM, 3 hours before my varsity baseball practice for high school that I’m on, opening day is a big day there, I am watching, and first pitch of the season, Ian Happ drills one and its a Home run, we win 10-5 that day, and I have high hopes for this season we remain in second for the majority of the first half of the season before taking first just as we start the second half, I remember knowing that the Cardinals have to win 2/3 games in Saint Louis and the Cubs win the series against the Reds, which we do, and the Cardinals lose all three games to the Brewers, we end up going 95-67, but so do the Brewers, we play the division tying game in Wrigley Field, which is good, but we end up losing 1-3 and get second, end up getting the wild card spot and are going to be playing the Rockies, we lose that game 1-2 with a ugly way to end a good season, I hear about no big activity but getting 2 relief pitchers in the off season, and hear about a projected 82-80 season, and hear that joe maddon has rumors of being fired, but why, he lead the Cubs to a World Series Championship, first in 108 years, made playoffs four possibly five straight years, and has had 90+ wins last 4 years, tho this 1-2 start after we Should be 3-0 based on blown leads, our pitching starters are great, we need some, well, a lot of work in relief pitching, again we should be undefeated rn, back maddon,Cubs Of you are reading this, do not fire joe, I can already see the stars like Bryant, Baez, Rizzo, Schwarber, and Hayward, leaving, even tho Rizzo more than likely will reign, and Kris Bryant has already stated he wants to be a Cub for life, if he leaves, they will too I bet, it is about team chemistry, they didn’t probably have in factor KB being healthy, and besides the fact that it is typically incorrect anyways, I am thinking another playoff year, maybe 92-70 at but it is still in the playoffs, I am guessing we will make the NLCS again, but keep Maddon, we need him, this Chicago Cubs Team is great, and should be for a long time, don’t let that change, GO CUBS

  20. Best catcher in MLB hands down! I love watching him play hes always 101% into the game ready to take his face mask off and try to make a play. Also if I may add he has a cannon for a arm and hits Home runs so must I say hes an absolute beast? Lol baseball aside hes such a great person. So humble and grateful for everything love this guy! Hope his home gets better so he can visit all the time.

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