Winter Horseback Riding Gear! // Versatile Horsemanship

Winter Horseback Riding Gear! // Versatile Horsemanship

in today’s video I’m going to be showing
you how we dress appropriately for winter riding this is a little trick I taught Miss
Kitty oh gosh many years ago now when my horses were still at my parents now if she were to try to roll
or something you could just get out of the way of any way you know so go ahead
and swing a leg over and see where you’re sitting
line up with their spine okay now did you give her that tree all right so now
you’re gonna hold on remain and you’re gonna kiss to her so just a cool little
trick and that’s the only time you know honestly if I were to teaching the other
person to do than get a man in a cap but I wouldn’t teach him with treats because
if you don’t retreat she’s like so she knows when you have a treat when you
don’t and or when she thinks she might get in one you know so but just be aware
of Miss Kitty like she might make oh if I just drop on the ground you’re gonna
give me a treat so just watch her for that right go ahead Garrett I love your jacket
you’re like marshmallow pop man it’s off that good hair yeah it’s awesome yeah he
does have good hair Baxter those aren’t breakaway everybody
else has a bigger boot and a little stirrup you know except for Danny and
Gillian of course or airbags but just be really cautious because it you get
tossed off I don’t like to point get into my moment
of syrup okay it’s really really something to think about so one of the ways I like to keep warm
when I ride is right now for instance is no saddle November for me
so I’m riding bareback we’ve been out here for over two hours riding and every
part of me is nice and toasty and my horse is nice and toasty because I could
feel it generating out of her I’m also just riding her in a halter simply
because it’s really easy right now and but I want to kind of talk about some of
the clothes that I’m wearing and how I stay warm first of all I have a lot of
layers on I just got some new Kennett Rex boots and I’m really loving these
these are the Bobcat zip so they’re easy to get in and out of I like I like a
boot that I can get off quickly when I run into the house that sort of thing so
but they’ve got to–for stirrups and they’ve got to feel for stirrups as well
so they’re made specifically for riding they’ve also got a little spur S on them
but underneath that I’ve got some really good quality smart wool socks and if I
need it on my foot toe warmers in but it’s not that cold I would say it’s
probably in the teens right now so if it got to be about 10 degrees or colder and
have toe warmers in as well when I’m riding I’ve got a base layer of
Patagonia on and underneath everything and then I just got jeans tonight
typically I’ll wear either long underwear and jeans or I’ll wear flannel
19 or its really cold and we’re long underwear and then my my bib overalls
I’ve got a Carhartt jacket underneath this I have a my Patagonia based layer
and then I’ve got a Patagonia fleece and then my Jack
towstee weren’t a buff to keep the chin where and with your hat and then my
favorite gloves are these are SSG they’re specifically made for riding and
being in the barn I’ve been really happy with these and I’ve had several
different styles and they all are pretty darn warm some of them are a little
thinner so they’re not good for thinner material anyway they’re not good for
throwing hand stuff they’re really good for riding if you try to do k with them
you shred them pretty good so but these ones work great for everything so that’s
what I like to wear to stay warm and the reason I wanted to do this video is
because so many people ask me what they should wear in the barn for winter and I
see a lot of people that do come out to the barn who are not dressed
appropriately at all and they freeze so if some of us just get cold just because
we get cold but if you add a lot of layers to dress really warm you should
be ok in the barn so if we move the camera over to some of my riders that I
have in here everybody out here is pretty toasty and Danny as you can see
she’s sporting some good cozy clothes and talking about the boots like Danny’s
got some pretty wide month boots on but she is not using stirrups she only is
riding bareback so I’m not concerned about that at all and then we’ve got Garen are you worn yeah yeah you get
your jacket warm it’s like super puffy I like puffy jackets down jackets are
awesome too because they just like every tank but by far my favorite way of
seeing worm is right in bareback so I even ditch the pad because now the last
few days I’ve been go no the pad just been kind of this one last step I don’t
put a bridle on I would put a pad on it’s easy so but is they’re pretty warm
yeah good and we even out you’re riding for over two hours
so and we are all toasty warm something I like to do when I’m done writing is I
let my horse roll in the arena and that helps her dry off so when I put them
back out to pasture they’re you know I don’t have to worry about impatient and when you’re just sitting in the barn
you always want to make sure to have a kitty on your lap to keep you nice and
toasty or maybe even two kitties if you’re lucky well now that we’re done
with our ride all the horses are happy and condensed they’ve all had a nice
roll petra’s had a good time fogging up the camera and and all that good stuff
but I hope you found this video helpful on what to wear for riding in the winter
if you did be sure to give it a like share it with your friends comment below
let me know what your tips and tricks are for riding in the winter what your
favorite brand of moor and weather clothing or boots are I would really
love to hear that you know I learn a little bit from everybody so and don’t
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  1. So many gorgeous rolling horses! There should be some kind of warning sign for that, though, all those legs flailing through the air!!! Lol 😂😂😂

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