Winter #ROOTD – SmartPaker Emily

Winter #ROOTD – SmartPaker Emily

EMILY: Hi, I’m Emily from Marketing, and this
is my winter riding outfit of the day. The first part of my riding outfit is the
SmartPak Wear Around Sweater. I like this, because it’s great for layering, and it also
has extra long sleeves so your wrists aren’t exposed when you’re riding. On my hands, I’m wearing the Back on Track
Therapeutic Riding Gloves. I love these, especially in the winter, because they keep my hands
really warm, but don’t add a lot of bulk. For breeches, I’m wearing the Piper Full Seats.
I love these, because they’re super comfortable and really stylish. I’m also wearing the Harwich Soft Leather
Half Chaps. These, like the name says, are incredibly soft, come ready to wear right
out of the box, and with all the sizes, you can get a custom fit. And to complete the look, I’m wearing the
Ariat Heritage III Zip Paddock Boots. They’re really durable and also have a nice sleek
profile. Everything you see here is available at,
and remember, as always, we have free return shipping on all sized items. Have a great ride!

2 thoughts on “Winter #ROOTD – SmartPaker Emily

  1. This is a really awesome outfit! I would love to wear those, except I don’t like to wear much leather. But still very awesome!

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