Okay, well let’s just keep the vlogs going shall we and so as you can see since my last Video that I did I’ve got so many Roses and I’ll try to flip it around and give you a show of how much It’s actually there now look at the purple ones though Are you just freaking loving that purple loving that purple I’m bring them into the house and make bouquets sweet peas Alright, so this is really huge now. And so we’re gonna go ahead and cut this back because it’s getting into the pathway And so we’re gonna make some nice arrangements Anyway, so here we are got some work to do so I’m gonna get to it tripod is broken So I really can not just pop it up and have you guys sitting here with me? So sorry supposed to get on and order today I didn’t But they’re still tonight, right? So Just giving you guys a little glimpse here of what’s growing up in the bed I’m gonna post another video before I post this one. And so you guys will see us putting some of these Tomatoes and all that in so this will be like a continuation. I’m trying to catch up y’all. It’s go time yeah, so here is where behind me where all those favas were and if you can see we have cut it down to Really small pieces there. And so that’s gonna break down in the soil. We’ve added some more compost manure and Laid the irrigation back down and so we’re gonna put corn in that bed. Holla at your girl so Thank you, if you’re new to my channel, thank you so much for subscribing If you haven’t already subscribed go ahead and do so below go ahead and get your bell so that every time I release a video you’ll be notified and then You can do what’s prudent from there. You know what I’m saying? Alright he to gardening No I’m playing okay next is clearing out all of this arugula right here They’re purple Hey That neat. they’re good too. Anyway, um We’ll have to fix that trellis . It’s hella hanging down um So I’m gonna try to pop the phone up so I can do like a speed threw of me me pulling through arugula, I don’t know Oh My god gardening hair Alright I’m a film this side. Okay, that’s hilarious. Okay, so As you’ve seen I’ve ripped all that up and there’s probably spiders crawling all over me ya’ll Uh, I never really notice them on me. But I do definitely feel like I get like a little bites and stuff but Becoming a gardener will help you overcome. Your fear of bugs if you one because truly indeed they’re not even thinking about you Anyway, oh, I’m not supposed to be showing that side of my hair look crazy And now what I’m gonna do is harvest these dark Peas behind me because they were only like two vines two or three vines and I inadvertently ripped up a couple so You know what just just gonna harvest them and we have all that area now to go ahead and plant some over thingies so yaaaay Ooo drop the shoulders ya’ll my shoulders be up in here like uh, ooo drop the shoulders need to do some yoga Alright y’all see ya in a bit Yeah, yeah, yeah That’s right I will be in Iceland next week Vacation me and my fiance Yeah, we went a couple years ago. We loved it. I will I got a YouTube channel and as a matter of fact You are in it this last video right over there. Oh, yeah, you didn’t go down neither About a month ago. Oh, yeah, you should check it out look at this camera does it look like it’s recording? is it on? I’m going to try to go backwards yeah Trying not to die. I’m just trying to not die trying not to Die , trying not to die. Trying not to die, I’m just trying not to die Girl you just went down so smooth Is this like decent lighting? anyway Hiiieeee! I’m getting ready to roll out Getting my nails done Listen, I have been in this house for the past two and a half hours Shelling some fava beans, you know, they come in that long strip you got to open that up and get the fava beans out and then after that you have to Blanch them in some hot water. So before I do all of that I need to run and do something for me which is to get my nails done real quick So I’m gonna do that my head out to Berkeley CA, Berkeley, California. Shout out to you B town Coming to you right now to handle that. So safety first safety, does anybody even care about this stuff ooo I’m in a mood that’s why I was like You know what you need to get out of the house because you’re sitting in a house and you’re getting in a mood So, how am I holding this camera? Nothing. Oh, I don’t like anything right now. Well, all right see you in a bit That’s pretty neat huh? Selfies pictures. Oh, there’s Vanessa and Jay She really got extra beautiful, look. ooo cleave, your’e welcome We never hold or look So guys I’m absolutely really really Excited because we’re in a box and I’ve never been in a box before so I just leave you a little bit of you That’s our little private door I’m so excited. Anyway, I’ve got some energy and they have really delicious coffee. That’s pretty Okay, this is so high That’s a good copy, okay, so our friends are here and we’re watching this Tiffany And so yeah nervous because I feel like people are listening to me vlog Ha ha wait till you watch it on my channel. Don’t listen right now Directly across from us and up right here. Those are the best seats why? So let me show you guys where we usually are matter of fact You can even see our seats usually because they’re so far back. So Anyway the smells great in here You


  1. I haven't roller skated in probably 10 years… I took my daughter roller skating for her birthday on January she absolutely loved it.
    You have a beautiful family.

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