World’s Fastest Mustang Power Wheels Toy Car

that thing launches like nobody’s business yeah first year is hard the rest of the gears that doesn’t accelerate super quick but I’ll fast you go I hit 65 or maybe I hit 68 I don’t remember but it I think it just I think this wasn’t breathing well and it was just ran out of gas [Music] dude that was scary asian 65 miles an hour yikes I hit zero to 60 in nine point four seconds this time that’s pretty good quarter quarter mile was 16 that’s I mean Jesus not bad right I think I could probably get it down a hair if I I also don’t know if it’s running right with that pipe if we if we solve a fuelling issue and get a fresh pipe on it it might might go better I think we’re blocking somebody’s road here [Music] just said I got a go-kart up here if you wanna race nice [Music]

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