Xtreme Ice Skating – Flying Forward Roundhouse tutorial

And here you can see they are forward to backward. And then of course as you’re taking off they
come to your hips. So… Arms than swing to your hips during take-off. So you’ll see here how they’re straight, and
they automatically come down to your hips to level-off. They come UP to shoulder height, and so on. Now there’s two ways of doing this: you can, ..after your arms are straight, you can NOT
think about your arms as you’re taking off, which is what I do, and that is probably the
easier method. Or, you can think about your arms coming down
to your hips. It’s up to you. Either way, you must be guiding your arms
balance from your skates. You see how my eyes are fixated looking forward? This must ALWAYS be the condition. You can
never look down or up especially on this trick. You can not hold back on this trick. You must
just go for it. You have to bring THAT leg up as fast as possible, and, you’ll see I’m bringing my knee to the
side a little bit during take-off. See that left knee? And… it’s UP. And that’s what this jump
might look like at first. It’s not a full leg extension. However, when you bring this foot UP, you
want to make sure you feel balanced in the air. So the flying kick is really a Crescent Kick, where you swing it from one side to the other. And you can see I’m swinging it from.. my
right side of my body across to the left side of my body. And I’m leaning forward in the air because
it is natural to do that. You don’t want to lean backwards or you will
fall on your head. So be careful with that. And after that, the only other thing is, this
is a very high adrenaline jump. It is scary and you must NEVER hold back.
You have to go full energy in this, and your heart WILL be pumping when you’re finished
with this trick.

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