Yabusame! Tournament Day (Part 2)

Yabusame!  Tournament Day (Part 2)

Tournament day and my team is hard at work… on their uniforms. Behind every yabusame man I find a woman making sure he knows which half of his shirt to put on and how to navigate his many-layered pants. The costume seems about as
comfortable as a Victorian corset. And from a certain angle looks a little… odd. The Yabusame tournament dates back 1500 years though in the olden days if you missed, it could cost you your head. Everyone’s been waiting patiently for hours. And there’s the signal to begin. Each archer must hit three targets in a single run twelve seconds long. And if you should miss Kaneko-san is watching. As if that isn’t hard enough the next target is tiny eight inches wide Good thing it’s not the olden days. At last. A fitting tribute to the Master and his team. See you next time! And if you enjoyed this video, please subscribe to Our Human Planet.

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