Yoga For Skaters | Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Skaters  |  Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up dudes and dudettes?
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene and this is Benji
and today we have an awesome yoga for skaters or
yoga for skateboarders. So this is obviously great for
anyone who skates professionally or just for fun but this can
also be wonderful for anyone who’s wanting to balance out the
left and right side of the body and connect to their center and
of course find what feels good. So hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (gentle music) Alright, what’s up? Let’s begin lying
on our backs today. Yay! So come on down to the ground. Take your time getting there. Maybe you bones feel creaky
and your body feels tired and if that’s the case,
(thumps head), ow. Just slammed my
head into the ground. If that’s the case,
I got your back. Don’t worry. That’s why we’re here. You’re gonna come on to the back
and you’re gonna actually bring your feet to the ground
and then you’re gonna walk them as wide as your mat. If you have a mat and then allow
your knees to come in so that maybe the outer edges of your
feet come up off the ground. But you want to get it to where
you can relax and pretty much chill throughout
the whole lower body. So you’re not
holding your legs up. Peek at me if you need to and then when you
feel like you have it, you’re just gonna bring your
hands to rest gently on the ribs or the belly and again you’re just gonna allow
the legs to relax. You’re not holding or gripping
in the toes, the ankles. Allow the bowl of the pelvis
to really soften here and then you’re gonna tuck
your chin into your chest. Just to make sure your chin’s
not lifted here in the back of your neck is nice and long. So lengthen and then last but
not least take a deep breath in and allow your
shoulders to just let go, soften here, make any
adjustments that you need to so that you can come into a
nice still shape to tune in. When you feel settled, close your eyes if
you haven’t already. And you have this awesome little
inner rotation in the hips and the chest nice and open. Soften through your jaw. And let’s breathe. Take a big inhale,
in through your nose. That’s the ticket,
even bigger, bigger breath, bigger breath and
then exhale, release. Again, close your eyes. Inhale, breathe deep. And exhale nice and slow. And for today you
can breathe in and out through the nose or mouth. So just whatever’s
coming natural. Just want to tap into
your breath, slow it down. And take one more cycle here. Awesome, then
slowly we’ll open the eyes. Stay connected to your breath. Try to keep that
depth of breath going and try to keep
it nice and slow. So you’re trying to slow and
control your breath throughout this whole practice. Cool? Alright, opening up
through the chest and pecs. You’re gonna bring the backs of
the hands to the earth and the elbows can either stay
hugged into the side body if that feels best for you. Kind of in a W or go ahead and
bring them all the way out like Cactus Arms so that
the elbows are in line with the shoulders
or slightly above. So either hugging
in or coming out here, your body will tell
you what feels best. And then take another deep
breath in and as you exhale, you’re gonna slowly walk your
feet in towards the middle. And then nice and easy
extend the left leg out long and connecting to your
core here, right, we’re gonna hug the
right knee up into the chest. So keep the arms where they are. Awesome, take a deep breath
in here and then exhale. Connecting to the core,
scoop your tailbone up, draw your navel
down nice and slow. You’re gonna bring the left knee
in and kick the right leg out. Ooh yeah. Beautiful, inhale. Exhale, lower ribs get heavy. Connect to your core and switch. Big breath in. Exhale legs, not legs,
lower ribs get heavy and we connect to
the core and switch. Now just a couple more
nice and easy on your own. This is a really gentle way
to light up the abdominal wall while also
strengthening the back body. So instead of being
in Plank here today, we’re doing this on the back
so you’re not putting any undue pressure on the
lower back hopefully. Scooping tailbone up. Anchoring through the core. Keep it going. You can keep it nice and slow
or if you want a little more for this next couple
cycles of breath, you can speed up
the rhythm a bit. You want to keep lower back
flush with the mat so again, lower ribs really heavy
connecting to your core. We’re here for three, two, and on the one
bring both knees in and then wrap your
arms around your knees and squeeze them in tight. Close your eyes here,
take a breath or two. And whatever
feels good maybe soft, gentle, rock side to side. Maybe you draw a couple gentle
circles with the knees one way and then the other or maybe it’s
just straight up stillness using your breath to move you here. Nice, now release
left foot to the ground, kick the right leg up high. Right leg doesn’t have
to straighten but in time, through regular practice, here
you’ll be able to create length in the back of
the leg to straighten. Okay, but if you’re here,
no worries, totally normal. So one more breath here. Then on an exhale, connect to
your center again and you’re gonna cross right ankle over the
top of the left thigh and then we’re gonna thread
the needle here, peel up. Right arm goes through the
hole here and you can interlace behind the back of
the leg or on the shin. If you have any
sensitivity in the knee, I suggest interlacing
behind the back of the leg instead of on the shin. Now, bring some energy through
to the feet, to your toes. Spread the toes, keep
the chest nice and open here. Again, if it feels good to rock
gently side to side do that. Or if it feels best to be still
and use your breath to really move you in
the posture, do that. Close your eyes
or soften your gaze and let’s breathe deep here. Awesome, for the last cycle of
breath there’s an option here to draw your left
foot up towards the sky. Again, it may not straighten
right away today but through regular practice you’ll
create more length in those hammies to do just that. Trust with regular
practice anything is possible. Take one more breath. And then slowly release. Both feet come to the ground and
when you’re ready we’ll switch. Inhale, lift the
left leg up high. Exhale, navel draws down to the
earth to support your lower back and then you’ll cross left ankle
over the top of the right thigh. Sweet, when
you’re ready lift off. We’re gonna reach
through the hole here. Interlace behind the right
hamstring or maybe the right shin but again if you have any
sensitivity in the knee joint, let’s go behind the right hammy. And then
brighten through the feet. Lots of energy in the toes. And then close your eyes, keep the neck nice and
long and breathe deep. Pulling your legs
in towards the chest. Again seeing if you
can create depth with your breath and slow it down. This breath control so good for
your practice on the board or just in life in general. Great tool for managing stress,
keeping your mind right. Awesome, stay here for
the last cycle of breath. Got relaxed. Or extend right
foot up towards the sky. Just see where you’re at.
Check in today. Essentially that’s
what we’re doing here. Just checkin’ in. Mmmmm. And then here we go, slowly
releasing down with control. Nice. Both feet are
gonna come to the earth. Then we’re gonna
lift the heels up, press the toes into the ground. Just activating through
the calves and the achilles, breathing deep here. Lift your heels, lift your heels
and then release the heels to the ground, flex the feet. Spread the toes.
Breathe, breathe, breathe. Lift your toes
towards your shins. One more breath. Woo! Awesome, now, walk the
soles of the feet together. Bring the hands
back the rib cage. We’re just gonna let gravity do
a little bit of the work here. So Supta Baddakanasana,
Reclined Cobbler’s Pose. You should feel your
lower back kind of lifting here. Sacrum, top of the tailbone
pressing into the earth. Let the thigh bones
get really heavy here. Your strong quads nice and
heavy and then when you feel comfortable, close
your eyes and breathe. Opening through the hips. You might walk your shoulder
blades just snuggle them a little more underneath
your chest if that feels good, open up through the pecs. And you job is to
find that slow deep breath. (rhythmic breathing) Beautiful,take one
more big inhale in here. And then as you exhale,
connect to your center, bring the feet together,
press the feet together, excuse me, and then
slowly draw the knees all the way up
towards the chest. Great. Slide the hands
behind the thighs. We’re gonna rock up and
down the length of the spine. Take your time,
massage through your back body. Do it as many
times as feels awesome. And then check it out, we’re
gonna come from this rock and roll position all the
way up to a Forward Fold. So you get a little momentum. If you have to use
your hands, no biggie. But you find that momentum and rock all the way
up to a Forward Fold. Feet hip width apart,
toes pointing forward. And then clasp
opposite elbows here. Shake the head loose. Bend your knees super generously
so that you can get a nice awesome release
in the lower back. Yeah, then start to
breathe like you love yourself. Soften through the
skin of the forehead, relax your jaw. Breathe into the lower back. And then breathe
into that mid-back. And then breathe
into the upper back. And then shake the head a loose. Neck nice and loose and then
release the arms whenever you’re ready to the
earth and nice and slow, with a connection
to your center, your core stability,
begin to roll it up. Tuck your chin into the chest, stack up through the spine,
take your time. Come to stand nice and tall,
Mountain Pose. And best you can,
whatever this means to you, just really try to spread
awareness throughout all four sides of your feet. So we, a lot of us, tend to stand a certain way
on the feet, right? You can see it in
the soles of your shoes. So a little helpful tool
actually is to lift all of your toes up and try to spread
awareness through the ball joint of your big toe, ball joint of
your pinky toe and then the back two corners of the heel. And even if you don’t
notice a super big change, you will bring more awareness to
the soles of the feet which is gonna be great as we connect to our
full body, lifting up. Standing up super tall
and then when you’re ready, slowly sending the
fingertips forward, up and back to stand in Volcano. Now lengthen tailbone down
and draw your navel in and up. So you’re finding
that connection to your center, your balance. Connecting,
hugging to the midline. Take a deep breath in here. Lengthening through all
four sides of the torso. And then here we go,
on an exhale, just the left arm we’re
gonna bend the left elbow coming through that Cactus Arm. And then all the way
in towards the side body. We call this gecko so it’s
kind of like a gecko arm coming through and you’re spreading
through the fingertips. You’re pressing down through the
heels and we squeeze that left elbow into the side body and
then as you do this reach the right arm up and over. Press into your heels. Big side body stretch. Great, and then
we’re gonna slowly, careful not to rush here,
come all the way back through. Reach both arms up and then just
same thing on the other side. Hug the lower
ribs in just a bit, stay connected to your center. And then here we go,
bending through the right elbow. Keep breathing. Go through that Cactus Arm. Then find gecko here. First really squeezing
right shoulder blade. Connecting to that lat,
that rhomboid. Squeezing right elbow in, in,
in and then after you find your gecko you can find big
side body stretch here. Inhale, feeling’ it. Exhale, maybe more
of a tilt to the right. Oh yes. Awesome, then slowly
press into your feet, come back up, inhale. Exhale, let it all go.
Should feel good. Wiggle the fingertips,
come all the way down to a standing Forward Fold. Awesome, take a
deep breath in here. Bend your knees as
generously as you need. Finding that
release in the back body, the waistline, the legs. Yes! Then we’re gonna slowly
bring the palms to the earth, walk the right foot back,
then the left foot back. And then yay,
slowly lower the knees. Come to Tabletop Position. Wrists underneath the shoulders, knees directly
underneath the hips. Press into the
tops of the feet here. Engage through the calves. And then spread
the palms super wide. Upper arm bones rotating out. Inhale, reach the
right fingertips forward, press away from the
mat with your left hand. And then same thing as before, we’re gonna
bend the right elbow, squeeze it in, going
through that Cactus Arm and then squeeze it in gecko. Great, now keep it going. You’re gonna turn to look
past your right shoulders. Squeeze, squeeze,
squeeze and then inhale, right fingertips reach
all the way up and out. And then exhale,
right hand down. Let’s do that same
little dance on the other side. Inhale, left
fingertips reach forward. You’re pressing away
with your right hand. Here we go, bending
with the left elbow. Trying to keep it lifted. Squeezing, squeezing, squeezing. Then coming into gecko. Squeeze left elbow into the side
body and then turn to gaze past your left shoulder. Squeeze, squeeze, squeeze. Nice, hugging into
the midline all the way. Great, inhale all the way back. Left fingertips forward
and exhale all the way down. Awesome, bring
the big toes to touch. Knees as wide as the mat. Inhale, reach the
right fingertips up high, open through
the chest, the pecs. Lengthen tailbone
back and then exhale, thread the needle. Right fingertips in
and underneath the bridge of the left arm. Pause here, use your left hand. Really press, press,
press into the earth. Left elbow up towards the sky. Now find that relaxing chill,
spa-like breath here. Nice and then slowly pressing
into the left palm to come back up right on to the other side. So right hand
comes to the earth, left fingertips
sweep up to the sky. You find that nice, open chest. Upper back body’s activated. And then navel comes
in connect to your center, your core as you round
coming through underneath the bridge of the right arm.
Same thing, using left palm to really press into
the ground here. Right elbow towards the sky. Now close your eyes and breathe. And then from your center,
press into your right palm. Come back and
we’ll walk the knees in. Great, curl the toes under. As you’re ready,
peel up from the tail, Downward Facing Dog. Benji and I nailing
this today together. Wearing my Benji shirt
too so I’m a super nerd. From here you’re gonna
dial the toes in just a bit and bend your knees just a bit. Tick-tock the hips
just a little left to right. And then when you’re ready,
inhale look forward and exhale, baby steps to
the top of your mat. So you don’t want to bypass
this awesome journey here. Just stretch through the fascia
of your foot to stretch through the Achilles, the calf,
the back of the knee, and then eventually when you get
to the top of your mat into the meaty part of that hamstring. Forward Fold, take your
time getting there. No rush. Great, as you’re ready dig into
all four corners of the feet. Careful not to crunch through
the toes so let the toes be soft while you spread
awareness through all four corners of your foot. And then when you’re
ready bend the knees, we’ll sweep the arms
all the way up towards the sky back to
that Volcano Pose. And then exhale
hands to your heart. Ah. Great, pause here. Take a nice deep
inhale in through the nose. And out through
the nose or mouth. Good, now keep
your gaze forward, strong focus
out like the fierce, awesome person that you are. Don’t look down as you
bring your feet together, really together, arch to arch. Zip up through the legs. Beautiful. And then nice and
slow you’re gonna shift your weight to your left foot. Oh yeah, inhale, fingertips
reach up high and as you do this bring yoru right
knee up with you. Standing One-Legged Tadasana. My voice is so low today.
(laughs) Here we go, inhale in, exhale. You’re gonna cross the
right ankle over the left, challenging here but we’ve
already done this on out backs. So we’re opening
up through the hip. We find the figure four. Strong focus, you got it. Keep awareness through
your right toes, breathing. Then stay here or option to deepen the bend
in the left knee. Send the hips back,
try to keep the chest open, heart open as you
send the hips back. You’re doing great,
press into that standing leg. One more breath here. And then exhale,
dig into your left heel. Bring the right
knee all the way up, fingertips all the way up. Back to that
Standing One-Legged Tadasana. And then hands come
together as you release, right foot to the ground.
Feet together, really together. Trust the ground is there.
You don’t need to look down. If you did, it’s okay.
Completely normal. Lot of benefits to
practicing without the eyeballs. Keep your
eyeballs if you have them. But, okay. Shifting to the right side. Find your breath, inhale. And exhale. Next inhale to
connect to your center. Shift your weight and send
the fingertips all the way up towards the sky. Lift left knee all
the way up with you. Press into your
right heel firmly. Keep your center underneath you,
super important, right? So, lengthen tailbone down,
navel draws in, squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift. We’re also strengthening the
front of that left hip crease. Breathing deep here. So lots of isometric movement
here and then when you’re ready crossing left ankle over
the top of the right thigh. Hands come to the heart and we find the figure
four on this side. Option to sink a little
bit deeper into the shape. Breathe deep here. Keep the neck nice and long,
chest open. One more breath,
press into that standing foot. Your foundation. Great, and then digging into
that right heel even more. We’re gonna come all the way
back up the way we went in, lifting left knee,
lifting fingertips to the skies. Squeeze and lift,
squeeze and lift, press into that standing leg and
then bring the palms together and with control best you can
both feet now firmly planted hands at the heart. Close your eyes
here for a moment. Soften through
the skin of the face. Observe your breath. Awesome work. Now we’ll swim
the fingertips around to interlace behind the back body. You’re gonna come to stand
sideways on your mat and then nice and slow you can hop
or step the feet super wide. This is our last little
jig here today together so breathe deep,
give it your all. Give it your attention. Try not to get
distracted with other thoughts. Just stay present with
the sound of your breath. As you’re ready, you’re
gonna turn the big toes in and light up through the arches. So draw energy
up from the arches. Press into the
outer edges of your feet. Work, in time
through repetition, to bring the
palms together here. But if thye’re not
coming close, don’t worry. And then here we go,
inhale to dig into the heels, look forward. Exhale, soft micro-bend in the
knees as you send your heart forward and your bum,
your hips back. Nice flat back here. Pause here, hug
the lower ribs in. Peek at me if you need to. Then when you
feel like you have it, lengthen through
the back of the neck. Send your gaze straight down. One more breath, you got it. Now with control
release the fingers, release the hands. Bring them to the earth. If they don’t come to the earth
you can bring hands to the tops of the thighs here. Pressing into the
outer edges of the feet. One more breath and then connect
to your center to slowly come all the way back up. Bring the hands to the waistline
everyone, nice and easy. Feel that flush, that rush of
blood and fresh energy flowing up and down the spine. Yes! And then slowly hop or
step the feet together, back at the center of your mat. Inhale in. And exhale out. Nice work, bring the
palms together at your heart. Bring the feet together,
really together. Take one more moment
as we finish up here to just connect to your breath. Listen to the
sound of your breath. And after you’ve taken a
moment to connect to yourself, take a moment to just
give thanks for your body, for your life. And if you want, you can drop
down into a Shavasana after this or come into a nice, comfortable
seat for a little meditation. But if you’re
ready to close it out, we’re gonna bring the
thumbs up to the third eye. Take a deep breath in. And exhale to bow,
head to heart. And we say, Namaste. (gentle music)

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  42. ahh man i always did your videos before going skating and just did this one and i had such a great skate session. we need a part 2 !!!

  43. Winters coming up and so is ski season! Can we please get a ski/snowboard oriented practice this year? Thanks!

  44. Continuing on with my daily yoga. Who else doing creativity. Love all your videos Adriene you are a very special person. 🙏💕

  45. I've been skating for about 20 years and I've been doing yoga on and off for around 3 or 4 years and I have to say this practice is absolutely working wonders on my body. Thank you so so so much. This is magical for skaters or probably any human being! 🥰

  46. Thank you Adriene! I skateboard, wasnt expecting any videos like this. I tried your session and even after just one,
    my body feels more balanced and loose.

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