You are swimming backstroke wrong! (probably) Faster technique

This is my friend Daniel Torres. He has broken several mexican backstroke records. We recently went to film his stroke and realized
that he has been swimming backstroke wrong! Chances are a lot of us are doing the same
mistakes. So stick around to see how you can improve
your backstroke technique. We shared some of these tips on our instagram
page before this video and we had a great response. So make sure you follow us there if you don’t
want to miss anything. Backstroke is not an easy stroke, specially
because you don’t see how you are pulling water. On the other three stroke at least you see
part of your stroke. Because of this you could go years and years
pulling water wrong. This is what happened to Dan. See at the beginning of the stroke he was
pulling water outwards, then extending his arm to far out giving him little leverage. At the end of his stroke he was pulling water
inwards. Now even with those mistakes he could swim
a 25.9 in the 50 backstroke long course and 55.9 in the 100 backstroke long course. That is because he does a lot of things right,
but in order to go faster he has to perfect his technique. After 3 hours of us filming and swimming drills,
we made a little bit of progress. We mainly worked on bending the elbow a little
bit more. This seemingly small change gave him a better
initial angle to pull water and better leverage in the middle and main part of the pull. One of the things he noticed is that it is
way easier to swim this way, but it didn’t feel right. That is because he has spent 20 years applying
wasted effort while swimming backstroke. One of the things to note here is that he
corrected a little bit his technique while going slow! Chances are that if he were to swim fast he
would go back to his old inefficient stroke technique. But he knows that and that is why he will
put in the work to fix that. So we will have to wait and see if he brakes
those records again in the future. If you want to follow his progress follow
him on instagram @danitorressama Today’s featured product is one of our favorites
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