Young Blood: Fatal Breakdowns of Juvenile Racehorses

Young Blood: Fatal Breakdowns of Juvenile Racehorses

Every spring, at the Two Year Olds in Training
Auction, young thoroughbreds are whipped into sprinting, at excessive speeds to impress
potential buyers. These events are called “under tack shows.” Here, buyers are hoping
to identify the next Kentucky Derby winner. The juvenile race horses are forced to run
one-eighth of a mile in times faster than they will ever run in their future racing
careers. Many of the horses at these under tack shows are still yearlings. They are physically
immature with underdeveloped bones and muscles. Sprinting at these dangerous speeds, especially
at such a young age, generates immense force and a catastrophic breakdown. Doctor Sheila
Lyons, a prominent equine veterinarian, who has been featured on the Blood Horse magazine,
wrote “Pushing these immature two-year old horses for speed before they have reached
physical and mental maturity is recklessly dangerous and systematically damaging for
the animal while also proving to be unreliable for the prospective buyers as a predictor
of future racing ability.” At an under tack show in May 2011, this Philly suffered a gruesome
breakdown on a sloppy track. Witnesses describe the breaking of her cannon-bone as sounding
like a rifle shot. In slow motion, you can see bone fragments explode out of her lower
leg, leaving her foot to dangle. At an under tack show in June 2011, this colt,
named Merciless Cat, suffered a fatal burst aorta. The temperature on the track was over
one-hundred degrees. Dennis Brida, a former trainer and past executive director of New
York Thoroughbred Breeders called these “idiotic speed tests.” And said “we are butchering
these horses.” Conducting intense speed trials with vulnerable and erratic juveniles
puts the lives of both horses and jockeys in jeopardy. Please go to to send
an email demanding that the four major thoroughbred auction companies end this carnage. Thank

100 thoughts on “Young Blood: Fatal Breakdowns of Juvenile Racehorses

  1. What a terrible waste how can people be so cruel poor beautiful horses literally running their hearts out for stupid greedy people

  2. Some people dont understand how SAD this is.. STOP THE RACING, POLO, AND RODEO INDUSTRY! WE NEED TO TAKE A STAND!

  3. They should stop putting up the curtains when putting the horses down. Let the people see it if they feel like it.

  4. Omg 😭😭😭😭😭😒😒😒😒 these poor babies 😒😭😭😭😭😭 rest easy young ones πŸ˜­πŸ˜’πŸ’—πŸ™

  5. How is this legal …the first dead horse should have sent up red flags are we as humanity so lost we do not see evil anymore …

  6. I can’t believe people put horses through this. Fuck the Kentucky derby go watch some football or baseball and stop promoting this disgusting shit.

    Don’t @ me πŸ™‚

  7. 1:30
    My dad once showed me a video just like that. Where these dumbasses took this poor young horse and made him run so fast that ALL yes I said ALL of his legs just snapped, and they had to kill him. The track was so sloppy and the horse was so young, I just wish his owner wasn’t ever so stupid. If I could’ve, I would’ve helped him, and if they kept him alive, he would just be a torso, he was immobile, and was in so much pain 😒😭

  8. My dad once drove a horse and he was way too fast, the horse got fractured as well. Poor horse. I never riden my horse that fast…

  9. Even more sad seeing when that poor horse kept running even when her cannon bone buckled and the fragments ejecting from her foot πŸ™

  10. Fucking rich ass people only racing horses for the money. Every thing in this video is horse abuse. I feel bad for these pour animals put through these things that kill them because humans are so damn selfish and idiotic. I'm ashamed to be a human if that's how were looked at. I would give anything to break the nose of the sacs of shit beting on there 'new' horse from the stands. There new horse because the old one got to slow or old. Damn I'm pissed.

  11. From someone who actually read equine studies and have been over some equine anatomy. I can agree that this sport is one of the cruelest ones. As any other sport actually consider the animal, mental health and physical health. A horse is still a baby at the age of 2. Since they're already racing then and having riders on them, they most likely begin the training at one. The reason why that horses leg broke off, was because their bones aren't strong enough to do any kind of work like that. If any work at all. Horses do not loved getting slapped to shit every second either to run faster. (Whip scars can often be seen on racehorses unfortunately).
    I used to think this positive about it because of Seabiscuit and all that. But then learning all I've learned, I realized that everything here is abuse.
    Horses aren't maturely ready for any kind of work under saddle until 3, and still then it's not fully mature. 4 you can start harder tasks as long as you don't ride for an hours, and that you give them time off as they are STILL growing at this point. A horse is actually not done growing until age of 6-8 depending on the breed.
    This is just some of the problems with horse race. I would love to say not all are cruel, like there is abusers in other equine sports too.
    But the fact that this is the only sport that ride horses at 2, and threw logic out the window I can't.
    In other sports riders actually get banned for abuse and police investigated and punished. Exactly because abusers have no business being around animals.
    People could figure out dog race is abuse, then why the fuck can people not realize that this is the same just with a bigger animal.

  12. If you support horse racing you also support animal abuse and horse slaughter. That’s the truth, whether you like it or not.

  13. Yet trainers and owners say that they love their horses . Bullshit if that's the way they treat babies too young to even race. It's disgusting

  14. More Animal Abuse at the hands of MANKIND…don't be an enabler, by going Vegan you are NO longer TAKING PART in the vicious ABUSE of ANY animal…these beautiful horses are bred so that the most GREEDIEST people get richer. These people don't know the meaning of the word HUMANE, they'd whip you down if you got in their way. These horses are one of the most gentlest and sentient Beings on this Earth and just LOOK what we've allowed happen to them…you decide…don't be SAD take action, be their voice…GO VEGAN…liberate all Animals…

  15. I am working on a green horse that was a race horse for 4 years till he was seven we have to be extra careful when we give him his yearly shots it really hard because of how he was drugged and got many painful shots while racing also he doesn’t like to load with fear of going back and whips are his most fear he will gallop and jump to get away form them but we keep him safe and people make him scared so when we first got him he would be aggressive because people made him aggressive But to find out who is the most loving and caring animal that knows more about jumping by the day

  16. And people question me on why I will never go to horse racing events or anything horse/sport related. Just show them this video and hope itll change their mind

  17. Ok, let’s begin racing with the people that are torturing and pushing these horses to their deaths and see what they would do if they broke their leg πŸ™‚

  18. to everyone says "this is okay" you just care about the money of winning and not the horses…… this event needs to be banned like if you think so please get to at least 1million likes so i know your care about horse lives

  19. Horse racing is STUPID PAINFULL AND HORRIBLE i wish horse racing would be banned its so stupid i just hate it god help these poor horses plz! Im just going crazy i cant even anymore animals have feelings and can feel pain there are so many reason why animals should not be raced! 😫😫😫😫😫😩😩. Screw you horse racing 😑😑😑😠

  20. Why won't anyone leave the horses live there own life we can only use them just to run and be free with them not just force them to run faster and u just wanna win bc of the money it's not fucking right to do that to there lives just how zoo animals are treated to be feed and to have love and people loving them not just those animals even horses too I know some horses are rude or they bite u but it's just bc they don't want people to abuse them that's why I will vote for that to stop!… Stop forcing or hurting horses bc I love horses I know how ride and feed and treat them well not like the people in the video horses have the right to do what they want it's like… No other animal is gonna be treated the same way bc horses they want to be free and have a life with them being with other horses too and running free with their family I just wanna say we can be with horses but we don't need to force them like that in the video we can be with horses just to pet them or ride them but just walk and not run bc it's what the horses don't wish to not they do when they are alone and when the feel free like if the could run on there own and be free and feel the air hit there body's but.. Not like hitting them just to go faster and they hurting there self's just because!.. The fucking people in the damn video are more stupid then ever if only the people in the video could die… It should've have been the person… Not the horse….

  21. Honestly fuck the majority of the racing industry, no respect for the horses as they are treated and pushed to their limits like machines. Many backed and ridden before their bones and ligaments have even properly fused πŸ™

  22. You have these horses who are too young running at speeds that a horse would never run at in it's life because of a stupid sport that shouldn't even be called a sport because it's nothing but f**king animals abuse. These horses are scared, exhausted, and are only babies and you have these f**king idiots who will whip and beat the horses to run at these challenging speeds until their bones break, then it's like 'oh, well we can't use this horse anymore, let's throw them away and have them be sent to slaughter'.

  23. ☁😞☁☁☁☁😞☁
    I feel so sad

  24. I don’t get why those freaking idiots whoever it is think it’s ok to go and carry on with those stupid absolute crap races for no reason your just killing innocents horses!!!!!!!

  25. We should kill the owners and make sure their bones explode so they can feel the pain. Who's with me?! πŸ˜…πŸ΄

  26. In the old days, a knight would take 2-3 horses into battle because it was expected that they would be felled under him


  28. The sad part is that horses, along with dogs can form such a strong bond with human beings, and to see these gentle and beautiful creatures pushed to such extremes is quite frankly hard to watch.

  29. How about we try to band horse racing period and this is just a portion of what these horses go through

  30. This is horrifying, this made me cry. I love horses & I've always been very conflicted about horse racing. They're pushed too hard & nobody cares!

  31. Stop doing this dumb shit. Wtf is wrong with people. You wanna impress people? Do it your fucking self. Lazy cunts. You reckless cocktail smokers. Why does an animal have to suffer from your mistakes? This is slavery.

  32. It's the madness for money…these morons race for money and what they earni bet you they don't even give a shit about the horse they enjoy the money horses still suffer

  33. I am not against the concept of horse racing but the whole system needs overhauled. Horses do not fully mature untill 2 or 3 years old. This age shouldn't even be asked to carry a load yet and they ask them to run so hard at that age.

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